Young Master Damien’s Pet Volume 1 Chapter 241 – 250

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 241 – Concerned- Part 1

On their way back to the mansion, Penny asked, “Do you think the higher-ups are aware of the alignment of the

stars? I mean the council,” she saw Damien looking at the box as if someone had gifted him an early Christmas present.

“They don’t. If they did I would have heard it but not everyone is jobless to do nothing but sit and gaze at the

stars like a fool until they find out they are the ones who are a fool,” pushing the box below his feet where there

was some space for one to stretch their feet behind, he looked at Penny, “The dog who howled looking at the

moon wasn’t an idiot. It howled because it saw the oncoming danger which was approaching up in the sky,” witches, thought Penny to herself.

She wondered if that was why Damien had placed his hand on her. Though his words had got her nerves frisky.

There was no politeness in the way he spoke. The way he walked, talking and looked at people and things it was

as if he owned the entire world to himself. Making her think how far it was true or false.

He said, “In this world, a lot of things are not shared and are left midway without any answers or explanations.

Because ignorance is bliss,” he picked the hand that was resting on her lap, “I will be dropping by next week once

you start getting the necessary information from father Antonio. And once your back is alright, you will receive

the necessary skills from me. I cannot always be around you as work will call me more often than what it does now.”

Penny nodded her head in agreement. After listening to sister Jera who has the knowledge of weapons, the bullets that were being made, it had got her intrigued.

When she was young and before she even came to this side of the world, her only goal was to make through the

days, weeks and months without her mother. To live and thrive to have a roof of her own and a family she could have who would be loved and to be loved in return.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t have it. She could still have it and something told her that she already had it. Maybe it was more extravagant than what she had imagined it to be.

She looked at Damien who was playing with her fingers whilst looking at her.

“Let’s go out Penny. You and me, somewhere nice,” it wasn’t a suggestion but an idea which Damien was letting her know with what he was going to do.

“Do I have a choice?” she asked to see him grin.

The grin was wide enough to have one have a peek of his sharp fang, “Are you looking for one?” the way he

asked her, there was no arrogance in there but something very boyish which Penny couldn’t refuse. With time

that was passing between them, Penny could feel her mind and her heart-changing. The more she thought about it, the more she felt her heart race against her chest.

“Let me give you the choices,” said Damien, surprising her that he had turned around her own question to his

own advantage. When she had asked for a choice, it was to opt out of what he said. It was something that came

automatically due to the resistance she often carried around her but Damien being the pureblooded vampire he

was, he had turned it in a way as if he was giving her the options to choose, “A picnic like the humans where we

can have lunch together, ride a horse together or watch a theatrical play which has been put up in the theater which is located somewhere near the border village of Bonelake and Valeria.”

“Isn’t it far?” questioned Penny before closing her mouth. She shook her head as if meaning to tell him to ignore

it. Time was nothing when it came to Damien. With his ability, they would reach there in a blink of an eye unless they met with the black witches who would try to inject him with the poison.

“We can visit a place of your choice,” he offered but Penny couldn’t pick one, “Or how about we go to that theater you once used to work in? A visit to a place you once worked in.”

Damien could see the little spark of excitement that ignited in those jade green eyes of Penelope. She was still

opening up to him slowly which was why he found it necessary to take her out so that they could spend time together without any third person to disturb them.

He knew what excited her, the way her eyes sparkled when she replied, “Can we go to the old theater I worked in?”

“Sure,” he agreed, “But as a viewer and not as an artist,” Penny was quick to agree to it, “Simpleton mouse.

As a minute passed, a grin appeared on Penny’s lips, like a minion who was up to no good.

Damien didn’t mind that and instead let her be. Turning his face to look at the little houses of the village they

passed by before the forest appeared with trees passing by in a green rush, he wondered where Bathsheba was right now.

If there was any black witch he had a little trust in, it was the one who went missing. Finding black witches wasn’t

difficult but with the hunters on their trail, it would be troublesome. If water was not Penelope’s element then they would need to redo the ritual to confirm to know what was her element.

With the white witches who were of no use when it came to finding the elements, one could only rely on the

black witches who were not trustworthy. With her hand still in his, he ran a finger over the top of her hand to hear the skip of beat making him smile as he continued to look outside the window.

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 242 – Concerned- Part 2

By the time Damien and Penny reached the mansion, it had started to rain again. The sound of the rain numbing

every other sound in the surroundings. The rain hitting the roof of the carriage continuously. Stepping down,

they walked inside the mansion. Both of them making their way through the halls when Penny found Lady

Maggie and Lady Fleurance who stood there as if they had only returned home a few moments ago.

Lady Fleurance and Lady Grace didn’t sit at the table since Damien had defanged Grace. And though Lady

Maggie sat at the table she was more than quiet. Keeping her thoughts and words to herself, finishing her meal and then leaving the dining room. Right now she offered a smile to both of them.

“I will be here with Grace. You can take your father and the rest there,” said Lady Fleurance, sending a glare to

Penny more than Damien as she was the reason her daughter had lost her fangs. The vampiress didn’t stay there long and left the hall.

“To Adam’s?” Damien inquired. Maggie nodded her head,

“She doesn’t want to leave Grace alone here while we go to visit them. She hasn’t been doing well and has locked herself in the room, refusing to see anyone. Will you talk to her?” asked Maggie, her voice hopeful.

“She will be alright. What is the given time for tomorrow?” Damien switched back to the subject. Penny caught on how Maggie’s shoulder slumped which was very subtle but was notable at the same time.

“Past noon.”

Damien placed his hand on Penny’s small back, guiding her to start walking which she did.

In Damien’s room after an hour passed, Penny looked at him from the corner of her eyes to see him sleeping with

his eyes closed. Stepping down on the bed and placing her feet on the carpeted floor, she tip-toed and got past

the room door. Clutching the knob of the door tightly while releasing it slowly so that it wouldn’t make a noise.

When the door closed, she turned around to have her heart jump out from her chest and she covered her face using her hand seeing Damien stand right in front of her.

“You didn’t sleep,” she exhaled the air with her heart beating in her chest.

“Were you hoping I was asleep? Where were you going? Not to forget the mouse-like movements,” Damien raised his brow in question. Penny offered him a smile of being caught while trying to hide it.

“Where do you think I was going?” Penny asked in return, taking his approach in handling the conversation which had him smiling that couldn’t be called a smile.

“You don’t have to go seeking people in here. If you aren’t going to rest I have a better job for you,” his threat

being successful, Penny hopped back into the room to hear the door click close. She had been sure to be careful

while stepping out but then what was she thinking? Instead of fooling him, she was the one who was fooled right now.

He already knew what was going on in her mind. She should have known better.

“You should know better to not try to sneak under my nose. You should know better than that,” that’s what she

said too, thought Penny to herself. Her feet took her around the bed and climb on it to settle herself in. She felt like a child that was being reprimanded when she had actually done nothing.

“It is not my place and it is something I shouldn’t interfere-”

“Don’t then-”

“Why won’t you listen to what I am saying?” she asked him frowning to have him exhale.


Now that he did give her the room to speak, Penny gathered the scattered thoughts quickly, “I know we spoke

about it not less than a week ago but you need to know that there are times people change. I haven’t forgiven

her and…neither should you,” because he wanted to protect her. That was right, thought Penny with her thoughts

sinking into her bones. Damien was protecting her and the number of times she repeated it, the deeper it felt

that she stared right into his eyes now, “What she did was wrong but she has been punished. I don’t know how

far the matter goes but seeing the dire environment in the mansion, you should go talk to Grace,” she said to see him staring at her.

“And do what?”

“Master Damien, you might not share the same mother but you do share the same father. She is your sister. The

young one and if Lady Maggie has been worried, there must be something which you could diffuse and bring ease to her mind.”

Damien rolled his eyes, “Maggie gets worried about a lot of things. To my misfortune, the girl fell on the humane

side compared to the three of us,” he fluffed the pillow behind before letting his back settle on it comfortably,

“She took after our father while I took after my mother. Punishments aren’t uncommon, Penelope. It is just that you have never been in the pureblooded mansion before.”

As much as she hated Grace for what she had done, there was a pinch of pity every time she saw Grace. Her

appearance was pitiful. She didn’t raise her head to look at people and looked nothing less to a phantom. Gone was the girl who was rude and cruel, throwing words arrogance.

Having no family or siblings, she often craved for one. To have someone to talk to which had been lost now. Grace had committed the mistake and she had been punished.

“Don’t people deserve atonement?”

“In some cases, you cannot think to give an atonement because people don’t deserve it. Would you forgive me if

I killed an animal right in front of you? An animal that you have loved dearly?” Penny stayed quiet knowing

Damien wasn’t going to budge. Lady Maggie had appeared worried at that time which was why she wanted him

to have one talk. Just one word, “You want me to go and talk?” asked Damien to have her nod her head immediately, “What do I get in return?” he asked.

Did everything have to be in give and take for him?

“Do what I ask and I will go talk to her right away,” he said turning her suspicious yet being curious.

Blinking her eyes twice, she asked, “What do you want?”

“Initiate a kiss.”

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 243 – Eat you- Part 1

Alright,” came Penny’s answer which Damien couldn’t help but raise his brow. Had the matter been so worrisome

that she wanted him to go talk to the sister of his who had kicked and shamed her in public. Just remembering it he could feel his blood begin to boil.

She scrambled on the bed, pushing the pillow which was in the way to hear and see Damien raise his hand,

“Wait,” he said, scooting closer to the center of the bed, he fluffed some more pillows around him. Once he was

seated comfortably, his legs stretched long on the bed without crossing them, he saw her move closer to him. One second at a time.

Penny had agreed to his deal without going through in her head what it actually was. But after processing his

simple words she took in a deep breath and moved towards him. The bed was soft enough to have her knees

deep into it which almost made her stumble to have Damien catch her hand.

“I must say, I haven’t seen this worst way of seducing anyone until now in my lifetime,” he commented to have

her throw a small glare to him, “What an angry mouse we have. Will you eat or be eaten?” he added, a blush coming to form on her cheeks.

“Pardon me for the lack of skill, Master Damien,” Damien couldn’t help but chuckle. He had released her from

being a slave yet she was so used to calling him ‘Master Damien’ which he very much enjoyed and therefore didn’t bother to correct her.

Wondering if she did something to amuse him, she stopped when both her knees stood on either side of his legs.

“Don’t worry. This master of yours is very skilled in the art of seduction. I will teach you until it has sunk deep into

your bones,” still holding her hand, he didn’t pull her for a kiss but let her take her time. Like a fretting mouse,

she looked at him, “Your quick enthusiasm makes me think that you have been wanting to kiss me. All you had to do is ask, darling. My lips are all yours.”

Penny wished Damien would stop talking and let her do what she was supposed to do. His words were throwing her off the balance turning her mind dizzy.

Damien moved forward from his leaning position, making it easier for her where she didn’t have to lean forward and strain her back. She could tell that he knew exactly how his words and actions affected her.

When he did stop talking, she could feel goosebumps forming on her skin. Silence filled up, his eyes staring up at

her while she hovered in front of him. His own words invited doubt in her mind. Had she been subconsciously

willing to kiss him? His sharp jaws were set firmly, his lips that were pink and sealed right now. Black disheveled hair, where one side of it fell on his forehead.

Damien let her hand go, not knowing what to do with it, she placed it on his shoulder. Taking support she leaned

forward to see his eyes lower at her lips. Unsure why it had suddenly turned hot, she gulped and breathed not wanting to faint right now. Damien would have a ball over it if she fainted right now.

He had told her to initiate a kiss and she would do it. A kiss on the cheek! That was what Penelope was aiming for.

Marking her target, all she had to do was swoop in, leave a kiss and pull back. With that thought, Penny quickly leaned forward and pressed her lips on Damien’s cheek.

But Damien wasn’t having any of her trickery. He pulled her by her hand and pressing her back towards him, he caught her lips with his in time. This time leaning forward, he had her back fall right on the bed while he was on top of her.

She felt herself gasp with the sudden push on her back. Thankfully her back had started to heal as it had finally

gotten the break it needed from the kick and push she had received. But that didn’t stop the surprise and shock

of Damien’s unexpected movements. Before Damien even closed the gap between their lips, she saw the glint in his eyes which made her shudder.

The amount of s.e.x.u.a.l allure this man had could put the men to shame, he carried it with confidence knowing it already which only turned him that much charming.

With her hands on either side of her as if in a raised position, he leaned forward not giving a moment of a gap

for her to catch her breath. His lips moved against hers, the movements were nowhere gentle but rough and

needy. One of his hands wrapped around her waist, having her back arched towards him. The other hand went to play with her reaching to her slender neck which had been bare and inviting in his eyes.

She felt him suck and bite, each bite making her cry which followed with a sigh when he sucked and licked it. She could feel something building up, her body turning her hot with every rough movement.

He continued to kiss her, the hand on her neck trailing down to feel her collar bone which went further to touch

the side of her b.r.e.a.s.ts which made her eyes go wide. About to place her hand on his shoulder, she heard him say,

“Don’t,” he whispered the words to her, like a witch who had put a spell on her, Penny found it hard to move. Like

she had been caught under the gaze of a predator, “Let me eat you a little today,” he said making her heart slip

down her chest, “Or is it that you deny acknowledging your growing attraction and feelings for me?”

He looked at her waiting for her to speak. Penny couldn’t lie that he wasn’t wrong. Even if she lied, he would know because of the bond they shared between them

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Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 244 – Eat you- Part 2

I can hear your heartbeat,” Damien ran his finger back up to her neck to have her breath hitch in reaction.

Leaning back close to her ear, “My sweet girl, I can feel your emotions. Tell me the truth and I will grant the wish that your skin so seeks right now.”

Penny closed her eyes, wincing when Damien bit on the upper lobe of her ear. With the pain came pleasure when she felt his warm mouth which sucked on it. A sigh escaped her mouth.

“Do you like me?” he asked her

“I don’t know,” Penny looked away to hide the blush that was creeping in.

“Is that another form of yes?” he asked, biting her ear harder this time which made her whimper. When an

inaudible whisper of yes came, a smile formed on Damien’s lips. His lips pulling on either side, “That’s what I thought,” he said, his lips suddenly turning gentle where he kissed her ear.

Trailing back his lips to her own soft ones, he kissed them to pry them open. Penny could feel her body and her

mind turning light. Her thoughts turning fuzzy with his hands and lips ministrations. The fire that had been lit, Damien was only blazing it more where she could hardly think right now.

His tongue slipped into her mouth, rubbing his tongue against hers which probed and sucked hard. Tasting her one lick after another and not getting enough of the girl who now laid beneath him on his bed.

His hands had a mind of their own, one hand of his trailed down again this time instead of placing it on her waist,

he placed it on the side of her bosom which made her gasp when he used his hand, gauging the size of it with his hand which felt full and soft.

This only gave him more access to her beautiful mouth that often had a mind of its own. Though he enjoyed her

remarks and her little expressions as if she were talking to herself in her mind, he couldn’t deny that this was one of the things he enjoyed. Kissing her like there was no tomorrow.

Just as he squeezed her b.r.e.a.s.ts, he pulled away from her lips to hear a whimper escape her sweet little mouth

that was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. He could feel himself turning hard. Her eyes looking dazed

and her lips parted as she tried to breathe in and out with her cheeks that had turned pinker than ever.

Penny felt utterly embarrassed right now with Damien’s hand that was holding her b.r.e.a.s.t. Unable to look at

him, she looked at the top of the bed to notice the way he held her right now which only turned her already warm body even warmer if it was possible.

Damien, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of what was there in front of him. His eyes burned with need. He

wanted to consume her to the very bone until there would be nothing to keep him apart from her. Leaning back

down, he kissed the corner of her lips, his lips sweet on her skin as if it were whispering the words which hadn’t been mentioned yet but what it was looking forward to doing with her.

His lips traveled down to her neck, giving out little bites that felt like a cat that was gnawing on the skin that had Penny’s body turning putty under Damien’s lips.

Just as his lips were being gentle on her skin, Damien bit right into her neck which had her clutching his shoulder

tightly. She could feel him suck on her skin to draw the blood into his mouth. The movement of his lips tried to the sooth the quick prick of her skin by his fangs.

He didn’t drink too much, retracing his fangs back, he licked her skin. His coarse tongue lapping on the remnants

of the blood which was there on her neck. Running it in the direction from down to up where he took a large bite on her skin playfully before letting his teeth graze on her skin.

When he palmed her b.r.e.a.s.t in his hand, feeling the softness of it every time his hand contracted and released. A hitch erupted from her throat and she gulped it down.

Leaning forward, Damien captured her lips again. To taste and tug on them, pulling her bottom lip with his teeth

while biting it before letting it go. He continued doing it to finally let go, leaving her lips sore and tender where

she could still feel his lips on her even after he had withdrawn his head away from her. He let his hand slide down to fall on her waist, pulling her towards him.

Her jade green eyes looking bright and alive with her lips parted as she looked at him.

“Was that a good start to learn how to kiss and seduce?” he asked her. It was more than that, thought Penny to herself.

She nodded her head, averting her eyes from him. The kiss was really something. Her lips felt numb right now.

To change the topic, she asked, “Will you go talk to her now?”

“How unromantic,” he commented, not exactly chirpy with his sister brought between them, “I will go,” he agreed which brought a smile on her face. She saw him pull away from her and helping her sit up.

Before he would leave the room, he took the coat that was hanging on the stand, wearing it he found Penny

sitting on the bed the way he had left her who had a dazed look since he had kissed her. Her pale skin had caught some color of red. Her hands holding each other on her lap as if she were shy.

His mouse.

Before leaving the room, he said, “This was just the start of it, mouse. I will soon have you in every possible way,” he walked out of the room, leaving Penny with her mouth open.

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 245 – Voodoo- Part 1

Penny was left behind the room and once the door shut close, she couldn’t help but touch her lips which felt

numb even after a few minutes. Remembering his hands on the upper part of her body which had stayed above her waist, she let her body fall down on the bed while covering her face in the pillow.

So embarrassing, said Penny in her mind. Yet, there was something that had kindled in her mind and body. Igniting thoughts in her mind that blew up wider the more she thought about it.

Damien didn’t let go of an opportunity. It made her wonder if he was going to talk to Grace later on only that he

had waged a deal with her to get what he wanted. Unable to find a good reason to deny that the kiss was more

than toe-curling, she turned carefully to let the light fall on her face as she had stuffed in the pillow.

Though she was glad that he did go to talk to Grace now. Relationsh.i.p.s were easy to break but difficult to

mend. With their already messy relation, Penny didn’t want to deal with a bad outcome where Lady Fleurance

would one day refute in the name of her daughter. Rolling in the bed to one side, she got up from the bed to step out of the room and into the patio.

Walking towards the rail where the wind blew over her face. Holding the rails tightly while keeping her feet firmly

on the ground she looked at the vast sea that they were surrounded with. The last time she had taken her time to

admire what nature had to present them, one of the maids had pushed her from here which had her almost dead.

It was still ironic on how Bathsheba had told that she was a water element while the water she had fallen into had

almost drowned. Now that she knew the existence of the elements, she would have assumed that one had to wait

for the water bearer to come and hand over the ability to make use of it. But with the water bearer denying that she was a water element, Penny didn’t know what to make of it.

Remembering the ritual which was performed days ago, Penny came to realize that she couldn’t be the element of land. It was too opposite to the answer that was drawn it. Was it fire or wind then? she asked herself.

Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the chirping of the birds that flew from the corner to the other corner of the land. The sound of the waves that hit the walls of the mansion was soothing which was something she had gotten used to over the days she had spent here.

While she waited in there for Damien to return, someone came up from behind to push her with force where Penny’s eyes snapped open to feel herself sway forward.

Damien who had gone to see his older sister and not his younger sister was only returning back to the room

when he opened the door to see Penny who began to fall forward. Her feet had lost balance and she started to sway to the front, her body topping out of the rail as the rail wasn’t built too high.

Penny, on the other hand, couldn’t believe this was happening again. With her body oo the rail, she almost

started to fall down with gravity pulling her down when Damien quickly appeared to catch hold of her wrist. Her

heart was beating loudly with the sudden panic than coursed through her veins of what just happened. Dangling out of the patio with the only thing that kept her from falling back into the sea below her.

He pulled her up with his strength, grasping her by her waist and then taking her back inside the patio to take

her quickly in his arms, “Are you trying to kill yourself?” she heard him ask. There was silver of anger in his calm

voice which could have alerted her if it weren’t for her heart which she could hear beating in her ears right now.

“I wouldn’t do that to myself,” she spoke hurriedly.

“Were you practicing how to swim?” Damien had seen her almost drown and die last time. For her to test it out, he could barely contain his anger right now.

Pulling back she shook her head, her face worried, she said, “I felt like someone pushed me,” hearing this Damien frowned.

“There is no one in the room, Penny. There was no one when I opened the door,” he said to have her shake her head in denial.

“I really did feel someone push me,” she looked up at him, wanting him to believe while it was also true that

there was no one in the room as her eyes tried searching for the person who had pushed her. Had the kiss made

her dizzy that her body had started to sway and fall out of the rails? No that couldn’t be it. It was true that there

was no one in the room, at the same time Penny was sure that she had felt the push.

Damien’s lips were set in a thin line, staring at Penny for a few seconds before his eyes narrowed sharply, “Stand where you were standing before,” he then asked her, “Where did you feel the push? Which side?”

“On my right,” she touched her shoulder to emphasize it and Damien started to unbutton the back of her dress halfway before pushing the dress that was on her shoulder away to see the skin red there.

Not knowing what Damien was doing, she asked, “What happened?”

“You were pushed by someone,” his words appeared grim, helping her back by buttoning up the dress from

behind. He said, “It is voodoo magic. Someone wants to kill you and we need to find who it is now. Wear your coat, we’ll be going out.”

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 246 – Voodoo- Part 2

Penny took hold of her coat, her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to grasp the situation. What was voodoo? She

was unfamiliar with the term as she had lived in a closed society that didn’t know the in and out of what the other side of the world had to offer and damage at the same time.

“What is voodoo?” she asked curiously. Was there something on her back that had caught his attention?

“It is part of the black witch spell that makes use of just normal ingredients when it comes casting black magic,”

Damien answered her, turning the knob and stepping out of the room and getting down the stairs as she trailed behind him.

Seeing the new butler who was carrying an empty tray as if he had serviced one or more of the family members a

few moments ago, he raised his hand for the butler to stop moving, “We’ll be going out for an hour,” he said to

have the butler nodding his head. That wasn’t all that Damien had to say though, he continued with an order,

“The forest that comes after the bridge, I need you to find a plant that has blood-red flowers that look like a little

buttoned flower. At the end of the petals, you will find white linings, try to avoid bringing those ones but get the

ones that don’t have the linings. It needs to be plain. And when you cut the flower, make sure you pull out the whole plant until its root. Not just flowers. We’ll be back soon,” the butler nodded his head diligently.

Taking hold of the carriage which was parked in the shed, Penny was the first to step inside. Damien placed his

feet on the stand of the carriage when he turned around to inform the butler who was dawdling and standing,

waiting for them to go, “It is going to be dark in some time. Go fetch it,” and he stepped inside the carriage.

They could have made use of Damien’s ability to teleport to the place they intended to go, but there were some

eyes that had followed them home after their visit to the church in the morning. Not everyone visited the church

for hours. Unless they had murdered someone and was trying to get rid of the burden and the guilt by speaking to the father of the church for hours.

Though he could pull them out of the shadow he didn’t actually bother with their presence but with what just

happened, it was something that had to be checked on immediately before the event got repeated for a possible third time.

“Tell me more about this voodoo magic,” Penny looked at Damien.

“Voodoo magic is one of the secret weapons of a black witch. Any of them can perform it for their own

advantage. The white witches do not perform the voodoo because it is an abomination, something they don’t believe.”

“Is it something they have preached or is it really meant?” asked Penny making Damien chuckle.

“Who knows. You are one right now, you can always test to see what it does. Voodoo magic is something that a black witch can make any creature do whatever they want. The only disadvantage being that the pureblooded vampires are not affected by it. Have you ever seen dolls that were made of dried twigs and sticks?”

Penny slowly nodded her head. Her toys were made of sticks and twigs which were little ones that were tied at the ends and center to make it look more put together.

Damien’s face turned to a frown, “Your mother made them?” and Penny nodded to his question.

“I thought it was made because we couldn’t afford to buy one in the market or my mother was trying to save

money,” she couldn’t believe that her young life had gone by by playing with the voodoo dolls. She closed her

eyes remembering her mother making one doll after another. In her memory, it was that her mother sold it in the market as the voodoo dolls never returned back home, “How does it work though?”

This made Damien look at her in a grave expression, the frown still hanging on his face, “The voodoo doll though

is made of mere sticks and twigs while having the spell run through, the black witch needs something that

belongs to a person. Something that has been by for a long time that you can call as the attached belonging. It

can be articles of clothing or items that a person has used as his own. The best and the most effective being the human body.”

“You mean hair?” Penny breathed out the words for confirmation to have him lean forward.

“Hair, nails, teeth. Anything that has been attached to the body,” he answered, “The question is which person got hold of you to go to a black witch and make a voodoo doll in your name,” Penny couldn’t place a finger on anyone. The only person she had crossed was his younger sister, Grace Quinn and she doubted Grace would do it.

Was it some maid? her thought went back to the time when she had first fallen into the water.

“The last time I fell,” she said looking at him, “There was a mark on my shoulder at that time. Redness. But you

suspected the maid did it,” Damien exhaled the air out through his lips. His gaze looking not happy and unimpressed with how the day had turned.

Had he got the wrong person? asked Penny to herself.

“She was involved in it,” he stated, his jaw ticking in annoyance as time progressed, “It is possible that she wasn’t

the one who pushed you from the patio but it is possible that she gave an item what belonged to you to a black

witch,” the slaves were monitored closely yet this had happened even under the close surveillance they had on

each and every worked which made him question where did the maid get the time to do so and with whom.

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 247 – Voodoo- Part 3

We need to find out who set you up to the voodoo magic. The maid was only helping but it is the black witch

who is trying to harm you which means…” he turned his face completely towards Penny to ask her, “Did you piss off someone in the past?”

“I am not that kind of person,” she smiled nervously to receive a narrower look from him. Sighing herself, she

said, “I met so many people when I was in the village and traveled back and forth from the theatre. How would I remember?” she answered frankly.
Knowing his mouse, she would have used her pretty mouth to talk back and it was a very possible thing that it would have happened.

“Anyone from the theatre?” she shook her head.

“I was a junior performer who didn’t get enough stage there. I even did my job and leave without standing there to chat unlike others,” she huffed, her cheeks puffing before they were released.

Damien bit the side of his thumbnail. Looked like his mouse was as popular as him. Not enough but somewhere

there. There were plenty of men and women who wanted him dead and he enjoyed the reputation. A small smirk

coming to form when he looked away and towards the side of his window. It was getting darker.
Penny noticed that they were back at the church they had visited earlier this morning. The grey walls looked

darker now with the lack of light in here. Hearing some of the crow’s caw in the nearby trees as the sky turned darker with every five minutes that went by.

The villagers and the other scarce visitors who used to visit the church had gone back home with the time and the color of the sky that was offered to them, leaving the church quiet and deserted.

A question rose in Penny’s mind once they started to walk inside, the doors of the church which was wide open

for the people who needed a haven but it also made the smart ones wonder if it was only to showcase the

openness when in truth there was much more to the church. The building was built a few decades after the first generation of pureblooded vampires had come to form.

“Doesn’t the church affect you?” she asked him. Looking at the dark walls as they made past through the double doors. Their footsteps entering inside the church. She looked at Damien who did appear to be fine.

The churches that were built in her hometown and the villages, they were made so so that no vampires would

ever step foot inside it. If one ever went berserk, the churches would provide the necessary protection which was required to keep the humans safe.

“It does but it is bearable,” she looked at him closer where Damien appeared to look calm and composed. Every

stride of his being the same as when he walked in his mansion or outside, “All the churches have crosses that is

used to dispel the vampires from there. When the first pureblooded vampires and vampires came into the picture, the humans built the churches not knowing that they were actually being deceived.”

Penny asked in wonderment, “How is that?”

“It is only in their thought to think that anything they believe to be holy will kill us. Harm yes, but killing

pureblooded vampires with mere holy objects isn’t enough. You need to mix it up with other ingredients. Like the

ones where this church produces. Vampires have it tough as they are the ones who are affected. Entering the

church and staying in here continuously as a captive for more than a week can kill them without needing to touch the person.”

Penny could tell by his words that there were pureblooded vampires who needed to be kept in check too and it wasn’t just the humans or the witches.

Walking towards the chapel, they found an apprentice who was in the process of becoming a part of the church

service. He was reading a book in his hand, his back leaned forward and his hand in the front when Damien asked,

“Is Father Antonio in?” hearing the sudden voice, where the boy had immersed himself into the book, he almost stumbled out of his seat to stand up immediately to look at who had arrived at this hour of the night.

The church didn’t have many visitors here and if they did it was only the ones who came looking for either work

or to cause trouble. The boy looked up at Damien, his short height making him crane his neck to realize it was the councilman.

“He is in the bottom chamber. Would you like me to fetch him for you?” asked the boy in a polite tone.

“I will find him,” Damien started to head to the door which they had used. Penny bowed her head. The man was

going to be a priest of the sacred place and she was supposed to respect it. The boy bowed back and she quickly

followed Damien. It was ironic how her mother had taught her the ways of a human’s life while she was a black witch. Did coexistence exist?

They went down the narrow passage of stairs, lanterns burning bright enough for them to step down and walk past the large pillars that looked like giants were the fire in the bowl burned.

Crossing one door after another, she could hear the loud clink and clank of the metals. Whispered voices

increasing as they stepped closer to find themselves in front of at least fifty to sixty people. Some who were

standing in front of the glass tubes which had different liquids in it, some working on the swords in front of the burning coals and many other tasks which raised Penny’s brows.

“You are here, early,” they heard Father Antonio speak as he walked towards them.

Damien didn’t bother to give in the details and went straight to the topic, “I need you to remove an implemented voodoo,” hearing this, Father Antonio’s eyes fell on Penny.

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 248 – Voodoo- Part 4

Hector,” the priest called for a man loudly from the crowd to have a hefty guy who came to him, “Take the lead for the supervision. I will be in my office,” said Father Antonio.

Taking them to an empty room which was different from the one they had visited before, this one appeared to be

emptier except for the glass tubes that adorned one side of the wall. Two torches of fire burnt brightly on either

side of the shelf. At the center stood a round table with four chairs.”Miss Penelope appears to be popular,” Father

Antonio commented with a small smile. Penny returned the smile not knowing if this could be categorized to be called as popular when a person was intent on killing her.
The white witcher walked to one corner of the room to another, carrying things in his hand as he piled them one

over another, “What happened?” he asked, giving a look at Penny as if wanting her to iterate the event as she was the one being targeted.

“I was standing in the patio looking at the sea when I felt someone push me,” before he could cross-question her, she said, “There’s a mark on my shoulder,” he nodded his head.

“Is it only there?” asked father Antonio.

“Yes, this is the second time. The last time Damien wasn’t around to see it,” she answered his question.

“Voodoo magic can be very tricky at times. It is good that it is nowhere else where the mishaps take place. The

black witches who perform the spell can be very cunning and brutal. Death can occur anywhere and at any time.

Every object that you pass by might turn to an invitation to death. Which is why most of them make sure to warn

their children from cutting hair in the open or the nails that are clipped to throw it in the right place. Some black

witches enjoy the hunt and pain, the agony of the others and therefore turn them into their own puppets,”

explained the white witch, walked towards the table, he placed some items on the table while keeping the rest on the empty chair, “Voodoo magic is hard to get rid of but it is doable. Nothing that can’t be fixed.”

“Then she must be a little less lucky,” stated Damien to have Penny give him a look. Is that how a person spoke about who they liked? This man wouldn’t spare her either.

“That can be agreed. Whoever it is, the person wants to drown you. The cause wanting to be you sinking. Might

you have an idea of anyone who doesn’t like you? Even if the ritual is being done by the black witch there is a possibility that there’s someone behind it.”

Damien interjected the man, “She doesn’t know who it might be. How long will it take for the voodoo link to disconnect?”

“Should be less than ten minutes,” the priest replied, spreading a chart across the table.

That was fast, thought Penny to herself.

She heard Father Antonio continue to speak, “A lot of them are not aware of things that happen around them.

Not everyone is familiar with the voodoo. The elders forbid it from speaking so that the younger ones do not

misuse what is learned. Which is why some just take it as misfortune and bad luck when in truth your life is a puppet being manipulated.”

“Is there no way to get rid of it? To make sure the black witches don’t make use of it,” asked Penny to see him shake his head.

“Right now none of the white witches have found a way to defy the voodoo, the most we can do is break the link. Keep in mind that once I break the link between you and the doll, the person will get to know.”

Penny nodded her head in understanding, “But they can’t put back the link. Right?”

“Yes, you are right. Used dolls are of no use. They will need to remake which will take time again,” Father

Antonio’s eyes fell on Damien, “That should give you enough time to figure out who is trying to kill you.”

The words didn’t sit well with her but that was the truth. She didn’t know what she did for this person who

wanted to kill her. There were inscriptions on the parchment of cloth, reminding her of the marking which the black witch had used.

“Place your hand on the table,” the man suggested and she did as requested. He placed a candle at the center of

the table. Whispering something under his breath and in less than five minutes, the candle snapped and extinguished itself, “It has been done.”

Damien came to stand to her side, asking her, “How do you feel?”

“Strangely a little light,” she replied not knowing if it was because she had been worried. At the same thought, Penny wondered on what the priest said to her before. Death by drowning.

The link was broken and for now, Penny was safe but that didn’t mean whoever it was wouldn’t harm her again. When Damien’s eyes met the man’s eyes, he said,

“Can you tap into the black magic?” this had Penny’s ears perking up in confusion. White witch making use of black magic?

“Won’t that be against the law?” asked Father Antonio, his hands stopping on the table as he had begun to sort out things to put them back in their own place. This had Damien rolling his eyes,

“You should be one of the last people who should be claiming on following the law. Especially when it was only

three days ago since you killed a human in the church,” on this sudden revelation she heard from Damien,

Penny’s eyes slowly fell on the priest. His white clothes looking clean yet the smile that he offered her didn’t look so pure anymore.

Penny could tell that the church was no more a holy place but a shady place that would need more than a sprinkle of holy water.

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 249

By the words that were exchanged now, Penny gathered that the white witches couldn’t use powers like that of

the black witches. To clarify she asked, “I thought the white witches couldn’t make use of it,” Father Antonio smiled.

“It isn’t that we can’t. Being born the same as twins. One with good and the other with bad qualities, both have

been gifted. It is just that white witches believe in not tapping into the black magic,” he explained to have more curious on her toes.
“Why not?” If it was going to benefit and repel the black witches, wasn’t it good? She looked at Damien who

looked as if he already knew the answer to it. Though he knew quite a few things about the witches, he wanted her to learn things directly from a witch and not himself.

Father Antonio walked towards a plain wall, pulling a folded chart that was at the top with the ring to hook it

below. Picking up the lump of coal which was lying around, he drew two stick figures, “This is the white witch and

this is the black witch,” he drew a moon and a sun to emphasize it more, “We have codes here when we speak so that we don’t have any witch to pick on what we speak.”

Penny knew that, “The moon is the black witch,” she said.

“Correct. The moon represents the black witches and the sun represents the white witch. Here is the black magic

which is made of pure darkness,” he made a scribbled circle on the plane, going to draw as he spoke, “The white

witches know about it. At least a lot of them who have lived in the same coven unless they are orphaned or

haven’t been told their origin on what they are or where they come from, where the information is lost. Leaving

them completely clueless and live the life of a human. Some find out about who they are and are burnt alive because of the very trust they keep with the humans they have grown with.”

Seeing father Antonio look towards Damien, Penny instinctively looked at him where he had been listening to the priest speak with an uninterested face as if he already knew about it. Looking back at the man who had looked at the pureblooded vampire, he said,

“Mr. Quinn has more knowledge about it than I do. He has been walking on these lands for a long time before I even came to existence,” that was taken for granted thought Penny to herself but now that she thought about it, did the witches live as long as the humans or more than that?

Damien spoke from his seat, “The witches came to the existence the same time the pureblooded came to be

known by the humans. The witches were all white in the beginning. Though there are some stories or rumors of

the existence of black witch coming forth to be different, each and every version you hear will be different. The question is which one do you believe?”

Penny waited for him to continue, her attention which was held by both the men who were speaking about the

very first existence of the white witches and black witches which she was sure no one would know for sure as what the truth was.

Leaning back in his chair in a way where the front two legs of the chair were left hanging in the air with the back

legs of it supporting, “Humans, witches, vampires, each have their own version but even witches have their

version mixed which you will find faults in. Like Father Antonio said, both the kinds are gifted equally because

they are part of the same coin,” as Penny heard Damien speak, she saw the priest drawing something more in

terms of lines between the two stick figures, “The black witches when they first arrived, the truth was already

known but the white witches had hid it from most of us. The truth is the black witches were once white witches.”

A deep furrow formed between her brows, taking in what Damien just said on the black witches. The black witches were once white witches?

“How can that be possible?” she asked not able to grasp it. Everyone knew how different the witches were, and though they were different, the witches were burnt after finding them from hiding.

Father Antonio stepped back in the conversation to say, “It is the black magic,” she saw the arrow being pointed

towards the white witch and then the black witch, “The white magic and black magic are things which are not to be tapped.”

“Not even white magic?” she raised her eyebrows to see the man nod.

“The magic is accessible to us but that doesn’t mean you can take and make use of it. Using white magic in

minute quantities will not harm one. We make use of it here to build the necessarily needed weapons. One of the

white magic is the holy water which the humans very much seek to protect themselves. Just because the water

comes from the church doesn’t make it holy. The prayer that is used is nothing but a spell used by the white witches,” Father Antonio placed two glasses of water for them to drink on the table,

“When a white witch starts to stray from the expected path, tapping into the forbidden magic which is the black

magic, their body composition starts to change before they turn to a black witch. Mr. Quinn is right though.

There are many lores that surround the black witches. Some who call them the Satan’s children while some say they are born that way and maybe they are.”

This meant there was more than one way the black witches came to existence, thought Penny to herself. Still thinking how unexpected it was to have the white witches turning to black witches.

“Let me show you,” said the priest, untying the robe that he wore and then the button which had the cross mark

on his neck. He pulled one side of the dress that he wore to reveal the severe pigmentation that now covered on his skin which looked similar to the black witches’ true form.

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 250 – Forbidden magic- Part 2

A small gasp escaped through her lips, looking at his skin which has turned to dark pigmentation over his fair

and pale skin. That wasn’t all though. There was the formation of the scales which weren’t too thick but enough

to notice that it was an early transformation, “You’re under transformation?” she asked him.

With the theory that was imparted to her and now that she saw his skin, she looked into the man’s blue eyes where he smiled.

“Every time a person dips their hand to make use of the black magic which had been forbidden, every part of

their body starts to transform. One at a time with every use. First comes their body and then comes the mental state. It is nothing less to the corruption the vampires go through.”

“Then you shouldn’t tap into it,” said Penny not wanting to have a thought that she was responsible for turning one of the priests of the church to a black witch.

Father Antonio smiled, with one flick of his finger the wide parchment which was used to explain caught itself in

flames. Burning to the very ends leaving flakes of ash on the ground, “It is alright to use things in moderation up

until you make sure that you do not cross the line where there is no returning back.”

She then heard Damien speak who sitting next to her, “Black magic is nothing less when compared to a drug

which can entice a white witch. There are certain rules that need to be followed, rules that are followed by the white witches else they will have consequences.”

“What kind of rules?” Penny asked hesitantly. For someone like her who had tried to live her life how she wanted until she was thrown into the slave establishment, she was unsure and worried about it.

“No killing, no tapping into the forbidden magic, no killing even if your life is in threat,” Damien replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

Though Penny had no plans to kill anyone, to not do any harm to protect oneself was a stupid rule. Was this why

the white witches were docile and let the other people burn them without putting up a fight? If they did, they would turn to a black witch.

“How many times can a person tap into the black magic or break the rules before crossing over?” she asked Father Antonio who now came back to sit with them. Taking the opposite seat to where she sat.

“Fourteen to fifteen times I think?” upon Father Antonio’s reply, it made Penny wonder how many times he had

broken the rules. Considering that it would be rude to ask him, she kept the question to herself. Seeing the look

of worry she had on her face, the man said, “I still have a lot of tries so it should be okay to use. I am curious

myself to see which person will be facing you and Mr. Quinn,” he gave out an eager smile like he would enjoy the thought of a black witch or the person behind the black witch being killed.

The man pulled out an empty teacup, placing it on the table and then pulling out a knife. Eyeing the knife which

was sharp, its edge that shined under the candlelight, Penny wondered if this was the kind of ritual that

Bathsheba had performed. Thinking on the same matter, she wondered if this person could actually test on her

elements but he had refused it. Saying he didn’t know how to do it and lacked the ingredients which would be needed to complete the whole ritual successfully.

Penny raised her hand just when Father Antonio turned to her about to speak but closed it instinctively looking at

her raised hand, “Most of the black magic requires blood to get it functioning. Body fluid or parts that could be

used. Sometimes using a sacrificial animal or the person itself,” bringing the knife forward he ran it across her palm, to cut the skin and place the cup down so that the blood would be collected in it.

As the ritual began, the candlelight in the room started to dim, flickering every now and then as the man went on

to murmur something under his breath. The teacup suddenly caught fire, pungent smell filling up the room where Penny had to raise her good hand to cover her nose.

She looked at Father Antonio, his expression changing as time went by. With the fire that extinguished itself which was in the teacup.

“Who is it?” asked Damien wanting to know who was targeting Penny and wanted her dead.

Father Antonio, picked the cross which he had placed down before started the ritual. Tying the chain around his

wrist, “You won’t like it,” Penny could already feel the dread that was filling up in her mind. There was an

unsettling feeling which she wished would go away but with the words hanging in the air, she didn’t was worried. The priest turned to look at her, to say, “It is your mother.”

Hearing this, Penny could feel her stomach drop down on the floor.

Damien’s eyes immediately moved to look at Penelope who looked shocked and dumbstruck.

“Are you sure about it?” asked Damien not wanting it to be another misinformation like what Bathsheba had provided for the elemental property.

“I am sure. It was faster to connect because they share the same blood,” Penny had turned deaf, not listening

what they were speaking while she still felt it must be wrong. How could it be true? Her mother had protected

her when the people in the village had tried to pick on her, had given her the love and care.

It just couldn’t be right.

How could the person who gave birth to her want to kill her?

Penny’s eyes moved very slowly to look at father Antonio, “She had all the time if she wanted to kill me before she…before she died,” she saw his lips that were pressed, releasing to only sigh,

“You will have to ask her that.”


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