Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 231 – 240

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 231 – Butler wants to quit- Part 3

With the way, Lady Maggie had spoken to her before leaving the table it didn’t feel pleasant but rather like a

hidden taunt. Which was why Penny didn’t understand what she must have done to have her react towards her like this when all these days she had been polite.

“Don’t mind Maggie,” hitting at the nail which made her look at him doubtfully, “She is slightly upset that I wasn’t

scaring Grace but really did what I had to do to set the girl. I pulled her fangs out of her mouth,” his voice was

calm as he said it, “Don’t show or feel pity for someone who none of it for you. People like that are foolish.”

With the atmosphere that had been heavy, it appeared that the matter of him plucking out her fangs was of grave importance. Taking in a deep breath, she let it out softly through her lips and said,

“I am not happy about what happened and I definitely don’t want to go through it. What happened yesterday…”

she didn’t know how to continue it, “It happened and I would hate her for what she did but the matter could

have been resolved by talking,” with the way Grace looked bleak and expressionless, staring into space, there was

a stark difference from how she behaved usually. Full of pride, arrogance, her eyes taunting everyone to show that they were beneath her.

But today the vampiress looked lost.

Damien’s expression flipped like the light that was coming from the candle had been blown out suddenly. His

eyes narrowed to slits, the color of his iris bright where she came to see the freckles of black in them. The

infected heart was showing up in his eyes, “See from eyes and you will see how your wounds look. Do you

understand that you have been hurt first by a rusted pitchfork to only have the wound open again? Wounds take

time to heal but if you keep playing with it over and over again, and if she had kicked and done something more.

A pinch of bad luck would be enough to have you dead and throw somewhere where you would never be found.

My younger sister has done it before,” this caught her attention, “Grace has killed two servants before out of

sheer arrogance for the bodies to be thrown into the sea or in the lake of bones. To say she wouldn’t do it again out of pure spite, it is hard for me to believe.”

“It is not that I didn’t speak to her but the girl had no ounce of regret. People can call me cruel and names as

they did with my mother. I care less about what people have to say. I did what I had to do and I somewhere understand why mother did what she did.”

How was she supposed to react? What was she supposed to say to it? Penny didn’t know and therefore she said,

“Do you want the bread?” she asked him this time, shifting the conversation to a lighter topic.

But instead of replying to her question, Damien asked, “Do you need to take a bath?”

“I will take one at noon,” she took the apple that he had cut and handed it over to her.

“These are special apples. Make sure you relish the taste with every bite,” after the breakfast, she stood up along

with him. Standing and waiting for him, when she heard him say, “You are free from the slave life. You are a free

soul but,” he said when a delighted expression appeared on her face, “You will continue to sleep and share my

bed. I need to go meet the Lord on what happened to Falcon and the switchers. Will you be alright?” he asked her.

Would she be alright? With Grace who had been defanged and the others who didn’t want to talk to her, she should be fine right? asked Penny to herself, “I should be okay. I will stay in the room.”

“Better,” he pulled his pocket watch from his coat. Flipping and reading the time, “Let me see you back to the

room. I will have the new butler to get your food to the room. You should be fine,” saying that Damien saw her to

his room as spoken before having a small talk with the butler and leaving the mansion to see Lord Rune.

During the time of noon, the butler was done providing the meals to all the family members in the mansion where everyone wanted to have their lunch at the room. How strange, thought the butler who went by the name Durik.

It had been Durik’s dream to work in such a large mansion that felt like the ceilings reached the sky. The windows

felt like doors as they were large and the decorative items were oh so-maybe beautiful was not the word but

what was wrong this morning? Was this how the greetings went by? He couldn’t imagine how many plates were destroyed if that were so.

Wanting to familiarize himself with the mansion, he walked around the halls and the corridors where the endless

carpet was laid down. Taking his time right now as he had assigned the work to the servants. The clouds were

dark here, for someone who came from Wovile in the hope of making more money, he was not used to the dull

atmosphere the land of Bonelake provided them. There was barely any light but gloominess in the air which

made one tired and lazy. But it was not the time to be lazy! said Durek to himself. With that thought, he just

stared outside the window when he heard footsteps approaching from the other corner of the corridor.

He wondered if it was Lady Fleurance until the sound of the footsteps disappeared. Small drops of water pitter-pattering on the window panes of the mansion softly.

Remembering he had to check on the next meal which would be in four to five hours, he turned around. He was

about to walk when he heard the footsteps again but this time they were so much clearer. So clear that…

Durik’s eyes widened like never before while looking down where the carpet stopped to allow the marble to be

bare. He could see glistening footsteps on the floor that continued in the lonely corridor making his heart slip.

His head snapped back and forth. He was the only one who had been standing there for more than ten minutes now. Was the mansion perhaps haunted?

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 232 – Butler wants to quit- Part 4

Durik couldn’t believe what he just saw. He blinked his eyes a couple of times, rubbing one of his eyes with the

heel of his hand to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. His eyes moved left and right, looking at the empty

corridor where there was no one around. With the rain that continued to fall down on the grounds as well as the

mansion, pittering on the large windows a loud growl of thunder shook the windows as well as the half-vampire butler.

He was definitely sure that no one had passed by. At least his newly acquired vampire ears would have picked on

something but then it did pick on the sounds of the footsteps that walked on the floor. What had been soft

turned heavy as the intensity of the footsteps had reduced to walk to the other side of the corridor. His heart

started to thud at the thought that there was a ghost living in this mansion. How else could he explain the watery

footprints on the marble floor? Gulping down the fear, he started to follow the footsteps that trailed in front of him.

It was the time of noon yet the sky had certain darkness in it that diminished the light from the sky and turning the atmosphere dark and cold.

Picking up one of the lanterns which were burning warmly on the wall, the butler unhooked to take it in his hand.

Carrying it with his hand, he raised it up and placed it down constantly to see if he could catch the person who had intruded the mansion.

If there was a thief, the butler couldn’t wait to catch the person. He would be rewarded for keeping the mansion

safe but then this was not the case. His hand shivered along with the lantern, letting the metals of the handle that

was attached to the bottom of the lantern to make a sound. The clouds in the sky continued to clash against each other and growl with the sight of no one in front of him.

Trying to brave, the butler continued to walk when he felt something in the wind. His footsteps that were

following the trail slowed down in thought while trying to figure out what was poking from his subconscious. His

hand raised, bringing the lantern forward while waving ahead of him. Unfortunately, he lacked the ability to fall unconscious so that he could let whatever that was happening right now pass.

He stopped walking when the sounds of the thunder lowered down and again heard the footsteps. It didn’t

appear to be diminishing. Rather it was increasing with every second that the butler’s head felt fuzzy out of fear.

The sound of the footsteps turned louder and heavier, approaching him and then it stopped leaving him to the

mercy of the rain that was pouring outside. To Durik it felt as if the invisible walk had been approaching him but

like the last time, there was no one would be seen. Turning his upper half of the body along with the lantern he saw no one sight when he heard a breath of air near him.

Gulping down again, he turned back his body to the initial form, lowering the lantern to see footprints in front of him.

Not that there wasn’t a pair of footprints earlier when he was still following it. It was just that the footprint was not in the walking away direction but rather was facing him with no other watermark on the floor.

Snapping his eyes close, he opened his mouth to say, “Oh God, that we pray and know of. The God of Wovi-” he

suddenly stopped realizing this wasn’t Wovile but Bonelake. The land of East, “Bonelake!” he corrected continuing

to recite the words, “Please, drive away from the spirits that haunt us and show us some mercy. Protect your

children from the evilness that is trying to sway us into darkness. I abide by your words and rules and to never stray away from the path. Please, please, please,” he prayed, hearing his heartbeat ringing in his ears.

He repeated a few more lines before standing still and not opening his eyes immediately. Letting a few seconds

pass, he hoped, praying that whatever this spirit or ghost was would be gone. Finally, Durik did open his eyes, a

sigh escaped through his lips when he noticed that the water footprints around him had disappeared. When the

next sound of the thunder shook the lands, the butler bolted from there. Running from the top floor as he had never run before with his feet carrying him away from there, he reached the large stairs to run down.

What had been lurking in Quinn’s mansion, had not left by the meager prayer which as offered in the air.

Whoever it was, the person followed to walk with one step after another until it reached Damien’s room. The footmarks went inside the room without the need to open the door.

It walked, getting closer to the person who was on the bed.

Penny was on the bed with her back resting against the headboard with a stack of pillows as she played with the

comb she had picked from the dressing table. Running her fingers on the tips of it while she daydreamed about what Damien had told her this morning.

When the bed next to her dipped down, she suddenly sat up and forward. Her heart skipping with the sudden

movement which didn’t come from her. The white sheet that covered the bed looked slightly wet and the bed

sprang back making Penny open her mouth at what she saw that was in front of her or who.

A lady stood in front of her as if made of pure and clean glass. It wasn’t glass but water. Her body like water and her hair flowing down but with not a single drop of water that fell down on the ground.

Who was she or what was she?!

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 233 – Elemental bearer- Part 1

With the person who was made of water, it was quite hard to see the woman as her eyes and nose were meshed

into to form crystal colored liquid who stood in front of her who finally turned her body to face Penelope.

“Who are you?” she asked the maiden.

The crystal-like woman answered, “I am the water bearer,” What? thought Penny to herself, “I came in response to the awakening,” it took her some time to realize what the person was speaking about.

“You are the element,” she whispered. She shifted on the bed to have both her legs now hanging from the bed.

When both Damien and Penny had visited Bathsheba, the woman had run a ritual to see what element she belonged to as she was a white witch. With many who were left unaware of it, the white witches never knew what element they belonged to.

Water. Water was her element but who knew that a woman claiming herself to be a water bearer would appear in front of her. She had believed it was an ability that she possessed within herself.

“I am not,” the woman spoke which left Penny confused, “I thought you belonged to the water element but now that I have met you, you don’t have it in you,” the lady spoke like a gentle breeze in the wind.

“I don’t have it in me?”

“Yes, you don’t,” saying this, the lady started to walk towards the open patio of the room. She looked nothing less

to an imaginary haunted phantom. Her footsteps leaving a trail behind her when Penny suddenly stopped her from stepping out.

“Please, wait!” She had questions to ask this person and with the black witch who wasn’t in reach anymore, this person could help her, “Please, lady.”

The lady stopped her steps and turned to look at her, statue-like while waiting for Penny to speak,

“You said you I am not a water element. Why did you come here then?” she asked with her eyebrows furrowed deep in question.

The lady stayed quiet for a few seconds like she was thinking and said, “I thought you were one. It is our bearers who have to come and provide the help that is necessary for the person who so seeks it. As you only acknowledged your ability, I thought you were one.”

Yes, so she heard from this lady, thought Penny to herself, “One of the black witches told me that I was a water element.”

“She read it wrong,” answered the water bearer. When she moved, the clothes that were made of water like the

rest of herself glittered due to the water droplets that hung on her, “It is usually the black witches who know what

element a black witch is. They have all the materials that are required to run the acknowledgment,” did that mean a white witch alone could not do it by herself? Pushing the thought away from her mind, Penny asked,

“Might you know what element I might belong to?” there was curiosity and eagerness in her eyes, waiting for the lady to answer who again stayed quiet. This time for a longer time than before.

“You might be the element of land,” Penny wondered what an element of land could do but the lady was only

guessing and not being definite, “You can be the element of wind or the element of fire,” Penny’s shoulders slumped down. It looked like the lady didn’t know any better than her and was only giving her the options where the element of water didn’t fall in it.”

Once Damien would be back, she would have to ask him on this. The water bearer looked at the girl, her eyes

crystal-like, she said, “I wouldn’t have been brought to you if you weren’t an elemental belonging to me. It is

strange. Strange that it hasn’t happened before. Try to have another acknowledgment. If you really belong to water than I shall return for you again,” her voice barely audible and rather feeble.

Leaving no further more words to impart, the water bearer walked towards the patio. Penny couldn’t help herself

but follow the woman not knowing how she even came to get inside the room. She saw the lady step outside and when the raindrops hit her, the lady disappeared as if becoming one with the rain.

The rain continued to fall down, removing the fact that a lady had appeared in front of her claiming to be a water

bearer. Did Bathsheba get the reading wrong? It was a possibility. After all, didn’t she just drown in the sea right

here outside?

So odd to think that there were things or entities that existed on these lands. If the elemental beares existed, that

would mean only the white witches were aware of it and not all of them just some who went through the ritual to find out which triggered the bearer to come seeking them.

There was more to being a white witch than being burnt in the middle of the villages and towns, to be used more

than a sacrifice by the humans in the name of protecting themselves. She wanted to learn more about what it

meant to be a white witch and Damien had something about fixing up a meeting with the church priest in secret so that she could ask what she wanted to learn and what she could from here.

To tell she wasn’t excited would be an understatement but everything came with a price. As unique as the white witches were, their life often hung by a delicate thread that could be cut at any point.

Walking to the dressing room, she looked at herself where the bruises had only come to become more evident

since yesterday. Black and blue markings on the left side of her skin. Curious about her back, Penny undressed.

Removing the cloth that Damien had wrapped around her body which took time before she caught the red spots that became only more evident as she removed it completely.

Turning her back and pushing her hair over her shoulder she looked at herself in the mirror, her back that had similar skin discoloration along with the wound which had only begun to heal.

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Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 234 – Elemental bearer- Part

How was one supposed to know what element they belonged to? It wasn’t like she had a nearby neighbor who

could help her in helping her out. Black witches were never helpful, at least with what she heard and read in the

books that were lying in Quinn’s mansion. It was something she had got her hands on in Lady Maggie’s room.

When Damien finally returned at the hour of the evening which was before the time of dinner. He stepped inside

the mansion to have the butler who appeared stranger and sillier than how he looked in the morning today. For

someone new, Damien had to say he was doing well which meant the butler would stick around longer than the rest but as long as Falcon? That he wasn’t sure.

Durik helped the young master out of his coat, the coat holding little drops of water which had sprinkled with the

help of the wind that came to settle on the material. Worried about what happened earlier, Durik interrupted his master, “M-master Damien?”

“Don’t stutter. It doesn’t look good for a butler to stutter. What is it?” asked Damien, folding the sleeves of his shirt up until his elbow, one hand after another.

The butler cleared his throat, “Master Damien, forgive me,” the man bowed his head deep, “Is the mansion

haunted?” Damien who was looking at the other servants who were working heard the man speak to look back at

him. Staring at him for a few seconds which had the butler wondering if he had been loud enough for the master to hear. In doubt, he raised his head to timely find the man let a laugh with his head thrown back.

“Where did you catch on to that? That is news to me,” admitted Damien, his red pureblooded eyes looking at the

specimen who stood in front of him. Humans were truly a kind who went as far as o amuse him without any

intention. It was only the first day and the man was finding ghosts. Had the poor soul been traumatized?

The butler looked petrified when Damien placed a hand on his arm. Usually, pureblooded vampires never

touched people who were lower than them and if they did, it meant something bad was coming, “What did you see in here?”

“Master, there were these steps and water and then it walked by but returned back,” the butler tried to explain while Damien stared at him.

“Did you see anyone walking by?” asked Damien for the butler to shake his head, “Where were you when that happened? Take me there,” he ordered the butler.

Living in this mansion with his eyes open with the rest of the other family members, it was odd that none of them

or the servants had complained about the mansion being haunted until now. If the ghosts did exist, he was sure

it wouldn’t be one or two of them but a ton of them where most of the skeletons now laid on the water bed that was around the mansion.

Durik took the man up where he had spotted the footsteps, holding the lantern in his hand. He walked in front of

Damien. His eyes vividly looking around him to pick up something like before. Reaching the place, the butler stopped and said,

“This is where I noticed it, Master Damien.”

“What did you see?” inquired Damien looking at the butler and then the surroundings that appeared to look normal.

“Umm, it was the sound of footsteps. Walking. Then there were these water footprints on the floor,” responded

back the butler, realizing himself how stupid it felt to explain this right now. Ghosts were rumored myth and they

didn’t exist but at the same time, the fear of them lingered in the back of the human minds.

But the master didn’t look at him as if he had lost his sanity. Instead, the man took a small walk through the corridor as if he were admiring the walls and the floor.

It wasn’t that Damien believed or didn’t believe in ghosts. Living in a world where anything was possible there

was always room for more strange things to appear and disappear. His butler looked nervously around, waiting

for something to pop out of the wall or ground. He wasn’t lying which only meant that something had entered the mansion.

Question was, what had entered. His eyes looked at the window, looking through it to see the rain that continued to spill down from the clouds without a stop.

Turning to face the butler, he said, “The mansion is too big and can sometimes get lonely where one starts to

worry about the silence that lingers in the empty corridors. This mansion has stood by for decades and no one

has ever reported having seen anything like spirits or ghosts. I can assure you that the mansion is not haunted

unless,” he drawled to have the butler’s face turn to extreme worry who awaited for Master Damien to complete

his sentence, “Unless there was a ghost that decided to stick by you and has come here,” the man smiled looking down at him leaving the butler in a worrywart state.

So it was possible that it was a ghost that he had seen?! asked the butler to himself in a sense of panic. Maybe,

he should look to work someone else and not here? It hadn’t been more than twenty-four hours since he had started working.

“M-master Damien,” spoke the butler, his head again bowing to offer and accept his plea, “I am not sure but I d-

don’t feel well working here. Could we ask the magistrate to reappoint another butler to serve the mansion?”

“Sure,” answered Master Damien to the butler’s glee who straightened his back and ready to thank him for

understanding until he heard him say, “If you don’t want to turn to a ghost yourself and have your body floating in the sea, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 235 – Church- Part 1

“You can carry on with your work,” said Damien to the butler, dismissing him from there whilst he stood looking

at the butler leave the corridor before his eyes fell on the window pane. If one were to just walk by, no one would

notice the handprint which was on the window. It was a faint mark which could be mistaken to be part of the rainy fog and raindrops but it wasn’t.

“Sprits,” murmured Damien under his breath and walked back to his room.
When the door to the room opened, Penny caught Damien searching something in the room, “Did you have a visitor?” he asked to her surprise.

“How do you know?” she asked baffled.

“Who was it?”

“It was an elemental water bearer. She said she came to help me due to my acknowledgment but it turned out to be false. She said I am not a water element,” Penny replied back.

“Are you sure she was who she claimed to be?” it was the first time Damien was hearing about it. Elemental

bearer? Apart from the witches not many were aware of the concept of elements and to hear there was something stranger, he asked, “What else did she say?”
“She said it was because I acknowledged having elements, that is why she came seeking me but I am not a water element.”

“That can’t be true,” Damien’s eyes narrowed, Bathsheba was a decent black witch who knew what she was doing,

“If you aren’t a water element the bearer as she calls herself, she wouldn’t come looking for you. There must be

something wrong. How did she look like?” he asked curiously that had her thinking about the lady.

“Like water,” Damien gave her a nod.

“I have scheduled a meeting for the day after tomorrow with the church priest so that you and I both can discuss and you can have some guidance.”

Seeing that Damien wasn’t aware of the entity, Penny asked, “How did you know that someone visited me here?”

Hearing this, one side of his lips quirked up, “Someone reported to have seen a ghost.”

When the day arrived to finally meet the local priest in one of the churches of the Bonelake, Penny who had only

stepped down from the carriage raised her hand to look at the tall church that stood at the center of the town.

Looking at the gray walls one could notice that no effort was made to paint the church. The cross was placed at

the tip and front of the Church building. The bells of the church ringing at the back that was enough for a person who was kilometers away could still hear it.

The bell rang once, twice and many more times until it finally quietened down. The walls of the church outside

looked darker because of the rain that had fallen down on it. She followed Damien inside the church to find it

darker in here. It was spacious with the benches that were placed on either side of them as they continued to

walk down. The wood of the benches appeared to be in white and red, the walls having little fired torches that were lit around but not enough to drive away from the darkness that was in there.

And though the bottom part of the church was dark, the upper half of the wall was painted with a yellow and

green hue that came through the lean windows that were built in parallel next to each other. There wasn’t

sunlight but the little amount of brightness that was present came to pass through these windows, allowing certain parts of the church with light.

Walking down further, she caught sight of a man who stood in front of the statue. With his back facing them as

he offered offerings and prayers to the fellow diety in front of him, Penny wondered if this person was a white

witch. His ash-colored hair complimented the clean white clothes that he wore. The cassock appeared to have another coat which fell until the length of his feet.

Hearing their footsteps, the priest turned around to face them, his light blue eyes peering through his glasses.

The man wasn’t tall but he wasn’t short either. He fell two or three inches shorter than Damien. The ends of his

sleeves looked as if they were made of metallic gold cloth that covered his forearms. The white cassock lined with the same golden material that went up and around his collar.

“Mr. Quinn,” the priest greeted Damien, his words quiet and gentle like most of the priests who took home in the church.

“Father Antonio,” Damien greeted the man and introduced him to Penny, “This is Penelope,” father Antonio

appeared to look at Penny keenly, his eyes on her which was set carefully without looking anywhere else but just

her eyes. He held a book in his hand, one of his hand which was wrapped around the beaded chain which held the cross in it.

“No last name?” asked the priest for Penny to shake her head, “You’re the daughter of the abandoned. That’s

alright. Most of us here are the children of abandoned which is why it makes life that much interesting. Would you take something to drink?” he asked them.

“We’re fine,” answered Damien for the man to nod his head. By first glance, it was hard to gauge the age of

father Antonio but on a closer look, one could tell that he was older than the first guess. There were fine lines that marked the corner of his eyes. The color of his eyes blue which wasn’t bright but dull.

A girl wearing a blue cassock with short brown hair walked in from the side door, seeking the priest like there was

something pressing that needed to be informed to him without a second of delay. As if knowing who Damien was, she bowed her head to offer him some respect.

“Father Antonio,” the girl came to his side, stepping closer and whispering something in his ear…


Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 236 – Church- Part 2

After listening to her short words, the smile on the priest’s face fell down, “Add in the mercenary powder which

was bought a week ago. It should complement it fine. Also, Jera,” said Father Antonio to have the girl stop her

footsteps when she had started to walk, “Don’t forget to use the coal that has been kept under the cupboard. It

should be on the last shelf from the right,” the girl nodded before her footsteps turned quick and she disappeared behind the door.

Seeing the intrigued look on the girl whom Mr. Quinn had brought here in the church, he cleared her curiosity to

say, “Most of the church offer services to the public. Offering them guidance, knowledge on what path to walk on

and how to receive forgiveness for the mistakes that has been committed by a person who feels guilty. Some of

the churches though have different things to offer most of them having a common goal that is to keep everyone safe and sound while providing them protection.”
Penny still appeared curious and Damien stepped in to clear her mind, “Some of the churches on the lands here

specialize in making weapons that can be used against the creatures- humans, vampires, witches,” her eyes

slightly widened on this information, her eyes picking up on the walls that looked lonely and isolated. It was odd how there weren’t many visitors to the church.

Father Antonio then said, “I don’t think there is anything to hide where you might already know that I am a white

witch. We make use of what we have, the ability so that we can be of service to the council and its members,” he

smiled before raising his hand, “This way. Please follow me,” with that he started to walk towards the other door of the church which was located in the opposite direction to where the girl had disappeared.

“Did you like the bullets which we last presented to you? I hope they came in handy,” said Father Antonio, leading them through the dark path of the corridor.

“I very much enjoyed them. I was planning to buy six more boxes. Do you still have them or did they get over?”

asked Damien while they continued to walk down with the stone walls that surrounded them which held the torch-like fire burning brightly to let one see the uneven stairs clearly.

“We have two more boxes right now. The last pieces were taken by the Lord himself after they found out about the skin changing creatures. Did you hear about them?” asked the white witch, glancing Damien over his shoulder.

“I encountered them before hearing what they were,” came the dry answer through Damien’s lips.

Father Antonio gave out a surprised look, “Which means you were the first one to identify who the switchers.”

He still couldn’t believe that he had not been fooled but not once but twice in less than a day. The thought about

it still got him annoyed that he didn’t realize it wasn’t Penny whom he had bought home. There were some parts

of the day when he remembered that Falcon had died because he had brought the wrong girl home. If he had

been sharp and calculative enough, this would have never happened but then who knew that there was another

who existed amongst themselves. Talking and breathing like the people who existed and some who died.

Some of the higher council members were trying to figure out the infiltration that had taken place from what he

had heard from the switcher he had killed. With the lack of knowledge, one had when it came to this new creature, it was hard to pick apart on who was real and who was not.

While a lot was not aware of what was going on in the council, some of them were working on getting it fixed

but who were they supposed to trust and whom to not? This time had turned dire, leaving many with questions that had no answers.

“Unfortunately, yes. Once the wind of it is caught there would be many would be buying the silver ash bullets. It works well with the witches as well as the switchers. Right at the center of the head,” said Damien as they ascended down the stairs.

When Penny finally made it to the last stair, she couldn’t believe that the church which was at the top could hold

something so magnificent to what she saw in front of her right now. The atmosphere and the space they were in

were darker than what they had left behind them before the stairs but there was light. Candles that were lit after every tall pillar which stood on the left as they continued to walk.

The ceiling of this place was dark and black which made it look like an endless pit of blackness.

“That they would. Everyone wants to stay safe and make sure that they don’t get caught in the loop. I don’t think

you will have any definite answers on how to identify them until that doctor of yours dissects them out,” said

Father Antonio, taking a turn that led to a narrower hallway this time, “Miss Penelope. I heard from Damien that you tried to find your element and it was water.”

“It isn’t,” Penelope answered to receive a questionable look from the priest.

“Did you find what it was?” she shook her head.

“You should try catching hold of the next black witch to get the answers if that is what you seek. Unfortunately, I

cannot help you in that matter if that is what you came here for, miss Penelope,” Father Antonio came to stand in

front of a door, opening the lock to push it open, “Please step inside,” once they did, the darkroom which suddenly lit up with a snap of someone’s fingers.

Penny’s eyes snapped to look at the white wich who had ash hair, looking at her to say, “I am an elemental fire.”

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 237 – Church- Part 3

Using his already raised hand, he snapped his fingers for another wall to fill up with fire which was previously not

there in the torches, “Handy, isn’t it?” asked Father Antonio, making his way to the center of the table with

candles that were placed at the center of it. Some that were burning while some that were not lit.

As if wanting to give both the witches the space they needed, Damien didn’t bother to take a seat at the table.

Instead, he walked towards the other side of the wall which was filled with books. They were old books which

must have been a mini library down here as the witches weren’t known to travel out of the witches not only

because of the eye that was kept on them by the council but also because some of them feared to what might come upon them with their identity exposed to the outside world.

Penny taking the lead to asked questions asked him, “How long did it take for you to control the fire element?” he waved his hand for her to take one of the seats at the round table.
Father Antonio took a seat in front of her. Placing both his elbows on the surface of the table and giving a

thoughtful look before he replied, “Must have been two years. Close to two years. Some of the white witches

learn to control it sooner while some take longer than two years. It all boils down to if you can really handle the

ability that you have. Just because you know that is your ability and the element bearer has gifted you to seal the

deal, that doesn’t assure that the white witch can be successful at it. The elements aren’t something you play

with, they are part of nature and one needs to keep in mind that using it affects the very power that you use.”

“How does one learn to handle it? How do you make use of it?” asked Penny to see the man reach the candle.

For a moment it looked as if he had scooped the fire from the burning candle like one would with from a large container of water in their palm of their hands.

“You focus. The start is always the hardest. You might think you are on the right path but to realize you were

doing it all wrong. It takes self-realization to fix the ability until you have yourself honed the skill and are able to

handle it with the tip of your finger,” he brought the fire close to her, closing his palm and opening it to see no

fire there, “Mr. Quinn didn’t give me enough details about you. For you to be a white witch, you must have had both or at least one parent to be a white witch. Correct?”

“My father was a white witch,” answered Penny for the priest to nod his head.

“And what about your mother?”

Her mother, thought Penny to herself, “She is a black witch.”

“I see.”

Though the man had shown no reaction to her words, she noticed the slight movement of his eyes after hearing

her reply. It had been many weeks since they had known about her mother’s body that wasn’t in the coffin. An

empty coffin which she had visited to made her feel sick. The only question that often came to at the end was that why would her mother do something like this to her.

Though she was a black witch, they had spent beautiful moments with each other as a whole family even though

her father wasn’t there to shield them from the vile words of the villagers. People spoke a lot about the black

witches but if her mother truly was the vindictive type of witch, then she would have burned the entire village

with the villagers in it. Yet, her mother had continued to hear ill words from the villagers they lived in.

She wondered how many other couples were present who were involved in completely two different sides of the

very same coin. With black witches who were not to be trusted, the chances of them having a family was hard

unless…unless they tricked the white witch in believing that they were humans with no association to another creature.

Could that be what happened?

Sudden flashes came to form in front of her eyes with her body and time standing still. Like a memory, she had

already dreamt of returning back again. She saw her father sending her mother and her away from the house they had been residing in.

“Where are we going, mama?” she had asked to receive the response back from her mother,

“Back to the village.”

Returning back to reality her eyes met the white witcher’s eyes, the light blue having a tinge of orange in it

because of the light emitted from the candles in front of them. Noticing the little change in her moment and expression, the white witch asked,

“Are you alright, miss?”

Damien who had been going through a book, walked to the table to take a seat next to Penny. The pureblooded vampire then said,

“Penelope’s father was killed a few years ago and we don’t know who killed him.”

“Pardon me I might be wrong,” Father Antonio looked at Penny before he spoke, “Was it her mother? If she disappeared by the girl’s side it is only possible-”

“She didn’t disappear, the black witch stayed next to her side. Faking her death just a few months ago,” Damien shed some light over the matter leaving the priest confused, his eyebrows drew together.

“Then that would mean she didn’t kill miss Penelope’s father,” concluded Father Antonio, “Black witches often commit a crime and then leave the spot but it appears that that is not the case here.”

Penny who had been quiet then said, “Life that once appeared to be smooth with memories. I now find some of them empty. I think my memory has been tampered,” her eyes moving up to look at the man.

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 238 – Church- Part 4

Father Antonio was a man who had lived for thirty-five years, and in those years, he had tried to acquire as much

information he could when it came to his own kind, “You do understand that by saying your memory was wiped

not completely but by bits and pieces that there are chances that it might be your mother’s doing.”

Penny nodded her head. It wasn’t that it had never come across her mind. The thought kept revolving until she

would try bringing up one reason after another of why her memory was wiped or when it could have been wiped.”Could you tell me when you found out about this. The missing pieces of memory I mean,” asked Father Antonio,

his eyes set on the girl who had both her hands resting on the table, holding them together.
“It was after we found out that I wasn’t a human but a white witch,” Penny wanted to speak more but she

restricted herself from speaking further. The white witches were good people who didn’t mean harm which was

why when Damien placed his hand on her thigh under the table, she concluded her words without going further to speak on it.

She wondered if it was because Damien didn’t trust the man enough to spill out everything they had known. But then, thought Penny to herself, how would the white witch help her?

“Hmm,” Father Antonio hummed.

“Give me your hand,” he asked her and reluctantly, Penny gave him her hands. Placing them in his where he

grasped. The man didn’t bother to close his eyes but his eyes balls didn’t move. Concentrating on what he was

supposed to do while she looked at Damien who looked at the man unblinkingly. After a few seconds, he let her

hands go so that she could retract it back to her side, “I don’t have the answers, Miss Penelope. But there are two

people who can help you,” Penny looked hopeful until the priest spoke up, “One being you by discovering the

truth yourself in time and the second person who is your mother who might be the person responsible for tampering your memories.”

Yes, that was what Penny feared. That her mother had something to do with her memories which were missing in

her right now. The question then turned to why’s? Why would there be a need to erase or make her forget things

which were part of her? Did something bad happen? Did her mother mean to protect her and had made her

forget so that she would be safe?

Father Antonio looked at the white witch who sat with them. It was often the genes of the white witches that

overwhelmed the black witches genes turning the offspring to a white witch but a relationship between the stark two opposite of the same creatures was not usual.

The man found nothing unusual about her. She was a normal white witch who had come seeking answers. He heard the girl ask,

“Can white witches tamper memories?”

“Tampering doesn’t hold to just the black witches. You will be baffled to know that there are some white witches

out here who have the ability to not just tamper but erase the memories you have built completely. It is how the

white witches have been trying to live with the families they have found. But hardly a few make use of it,” he

raised his hand for the fire to come up in the candles which were not burning previously, “To play with others

emotions is not something with white witches take part in unlike the black witches who meddle around. If your

mother is alive, I am sure she must have come to see you. No mother would be able to resist the bond between her and her child.”

Penny wished she could agree to it. Hoping that she had come to see and the woman had come to see her

without her knowledge when she had gone to visit her uncle and aunt’s house with Damien. But the reason wasn’t the kind Penny thought it would be if she ever came to see her.

“Can you help me fix some of the memories?” she asked him unabashedly. The curiosity of why and what happened was eating her up where she was looking for answers.

“It would be hard,” father Antonio tried to be as frank as he could with her.

Damien who was already aware of this matter spoke on behalf of the priest who pressed his lips together while also confirming with the white witcher, “You aren’t proficient in it.”

Father Antonio smiled, nodding his head in agreement with what Damien just said, “That is right. The mind is a

very delicate subject. If something goes wrong, you will not only lose the tampered ones but also existing ones. It

is one of the reasons why the white witches don’t part take in such activities. But I can help you with other things like guiding that might come in handy.”

“I am sure you know that that is not what we came for, Antonio,” Damien leaned back in the chair he sat. His sharp eyes looking at the blue-eyed man.

“Of course,” there was a small sheen of sweat that formed on the priest’s forehead on the words of Damien, “I

can help her in a few spells but they won’t be as effective as what the black witches make use of. You do need to

understand that what we and they deal with are two completely different things. What we use is white matter,

things that belong to the light and usually, the light has a lesser effect on what we make use of. While the black

witches, make use of the darkness. Like death which is easily available, the energy that comes from the pain,

blood, and things that we consider to be inhumane. But I will help you with what I can. Mr. Quinn, would you mind if I kept her here for a few days?”

“Yes, I would,” Damien deadpanned

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 239 – Bullets- Part 1

Why do you need her here?” asked Damien looking at the priest.

“It would be easier for her to learn from me that waste time back and forth-”
“We have lots of time. Do you have time, Father Antonio?” asked Damien, his head tilting to the side when he posed the question to the priest.

“Okay, then. She can come here from tomorrow-”

“Make it next week,” Damien cut in without an argument, “She is still in the process of healing.”

Father Antonio had been curious about how she had received the bruises and if it were this man’s doing as pureblooded vampires were harsh when it came to treating humans or the white witches.

“I have some ointments that might help with the pain on your back,” on the priest’s words, Penny looked taken

aback to think that he knew about her wounded back. The man appeared to be quiet but she could tell that he

was a knowledgeable one. The way his eyes looked at her through his round glasses which were clean, “Guidance

will be handed down to you but it is you who should thrive and work to achieve what you came looking for here,”

he said looking at her, “Give me a moment,” he said getting up and stepping out of the room to leave them alone in the candle litted room.

“Do you think it will help me?” asked Penny, her voice doubtful.

“May or may not be,” answered Damien, “I am no white witch but if there’s someone we can trust a little in the

circle of the witches, he might be the best shot. And you need someone to tell how things work. Who knows, it

might eventually help you to open up the parts of your mind which have been locked for some years now.”

“Why did you pause me?”

“I did?” he c.o.c.ked his head in question.

“When I was speaking to him, you placed your hand on my thigh,” she said to receive a grin mischievously.

“I couldn’t resist not putting my hands on you, especially with this dim light and warm atmosphere, it turns one’s

mood unable to stay away from their loved ones,” Penny’s cheeks instantly turned red over his words, “I have to

say, as much as you look lean you have some really good meat on your body. Even the last time I hugged you, I could feel the softness-”

“This is a church, Master Damien,” Penny reminded the pureblooded vampire who leaned close to her. He leaned forward for her to see the reflection of the fire in his eyes.

“Are you saying that you would be okay if this weren’t a church. If I ran my hands over your soft skin, gliding

them softly or roughly to hear you gasp and m.o.a.n under me?” his voice turned husky at the end making her shiver and her head dizzy.

Completely embarrassed by his words, she asked, “Have you no shame-”

“I thought we already established on this that I don’t,” his red eyes looking at her challengingly. You considering

it to be a holy place makes it only so much more exciting for me to want to have you,” before he could speak

further, father Antonio returned back to the room to where ever he had been. Carrying a little box in his hand, he handed it to her for her to take.

“This is made of herbs which are specifically made for witches. I hope it can help,” said the priest, his eyes darting to the man and the lady who was seated at the table.

Seeing the way they were seated since the time he had left the room to return back to find them sitting close, he could see the romantic notion in there. Not to forget the way Damien Quinn looked at her and him.

Father Antonio didn’t have to guess the kind of relation the girl and the pureblooded vampire were in. Damien

Quinn was one of the peculiar characters in the land of Bonelake or maybe the rest of the other three lands too.

Cousin of Lord Alexander Dlecrov, Damien was nothing like his cousin. While Alexander was the quieter and

brooding type, Damien liked to live his life by throwing arrows of sarcasm at people while turning them


Poor soul, thought father Antonio.

He did find it strange though. Not the relationship that was brewing between them as there were some cases

where the vampires were involved with the witches. Be it white witch or the black witches they fell in love with the lack of knowledge of who they were.

It was what she said about her elemental ability earlier.

Like many information which was lost in time, forgotten or made to be forgotten in a way so that it would never

come to be used on anyone, a lot of white witches weren’t aware of their elemental. The concept didn’t exist to

them which left a majority of them ignorant to it. An acknowledgment of the elements was when the witch

wanted to know what ability they belonged to. Each white witch belonged to one element and after the ritual

which was often performed by the black witches, it was to be taken granted that the bearer would arrive.

The elemental bearer carried the gift which was to be bestowed on the individual. It was strange that the water

bearer had come for her to only tell she wasn’t one. Did something happen that had the ability to change?

Walking back to the chapel from where they had come, Penelope saw the girl who had previously come to speak

to the witcher. Her hair brown in color which was the length of her shoulders. She stood with a medium-sized box in her hands which was a red box that looked heavy with the way she held it in her hands.

“Oh, that’s good! You did find it,” exclaimed father Antonio at the sight of the box. Turning to look at Damien, he

said, “There was an extra case of bullets which Jera made by substituting some of the components and

compounds to have a better output than what the silver bullets do. Open the box,” and the girl opened the box on the priest’s word.

Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 240 – Bullets- Part 2

Placing the box on the first bench, she unlocked the little lock and opened to showcase a series of golden bullets

that looked extremely shiny. The placements in the box reminding Penny of eggs that were sorted for sale.

The girl named Jera, opened her mouth to explain, “The bullets aren’t different to what we have in the silver

bullets,” picking one of them she raised her hand so that it could be seen by everyone, “The tip of it is much

sharper, that will pierce the body without damaging the tips, “Apart from it having the composition of lead and

steel, we have used the ashes from the lake. The bones are known to have their own acidic properties which will help in dissolving bodies to be specific the witches.”
Sister Jera continued to explain, “Some of the other special elements that we have made use are the ones which

are in the test phase on the living. We have only tried with woods so far,” Penny who heard about this couldn’t

help but be intrigued about it. This felt like a forbidden church that only played to be of prayer while in truth it

was harvesting weapons to kill creatures who failed to abide by the rules of the council and the law which was placed.

With the same thought, she couldn’t help but wonder about how this could raise hell if every single person

started to use the weapons against each other. Though it was spoken in respect to the black witches, Penny was

sure that the bullets were also made for other creatures which didn’t have to be mentioned.
“Would you like to try it out, Mr. Quinn?” asked Father Antonio to see Damien pick a bullet himself. Running his

finger over the almost sharp tip of the bullet to have his skin turn tender with the way he ran his thumb over it.

“I will take it. Have it placed in the back of the carriage.”

Father Antonio and the girl both appeared to beam hearing this, “Do let us know how you found it after the first use on your victim,” Father Antonio smiled kindly.

“You will be the first to receive the news of it. I hope this one works well and isn’t something like what you gave me once during the prototype,” there was an underlying threat making the priest laugh nervously.

Damien looked at the witcher with narrowed eyes. With Damien’s interest in the bullets and other machines that

were used for creatures who didn’t go by the law, he usually liked to see how well things worked. The first time a

prototype was created, it had gone great. It was the second time where there was a mishap.

Father Antonio was the first one to remember the day with dread…

It was another set of prototypes that were freshly made and Damien had turned out to drop by the church that

day. With the amount of increase in the number of black witches, he had borrowed the bullets. Damien with the

rest of the councilmen headed towards the forest where someone reported that the black witches had made some of the spots as their safe haven.

First, there was spilled magic around the forest grounds. The kind of magic that nullified the abilities the

creatures possessed. Not that he would apparate in front of the others but when one of the black witches

attacked him, the bullets never went far as it got stuck in the gun. It wasn’t the shape or size but the material with which it was made.

In the end, he had to rely on his physical strength both in the forest to kill the black witches while also having Father Antonio’s neck in his hand.

The priest ran his hand around his neck, remembering the day, “We took extra precaution so that it doesn’t fail,” said the white witcher to have Damien place back the bullet from where he had taken.

“That’s reassuring. I forgot to ask you, Father Antonio,” said Damien receiving the attention who was around him.

One of the local women had entered the church to offer her prayers while also wanting to talk to the priest hoping to get some premonition about the future, “Did you have a visitor recently?”

“I didn’t. Did you meet my visitor?” for the very first time, father Antonio’s face turned serious, dropping the smile that was on his face.

Penny caught sight of the two men looking at the woman who walked by them, walking towards the front of the

chapel while they stood to the side. The sister priest had closed the box and taken it out to leave them standing there.

She heard Damien respond with, “I did but I couldn’t be hospitable. The moon offered him tea and cookies. Not too far from the Isle Valley.”

“Let me ask my people to be prepared so that they can show the same courtesy you have shown,” Father Antonio

bowed his head. The man then turned to face Penny who was standing there listening to them, “I look forward to

working with you, Miss Penelope. Bless you,” he gave a nod before going to the woman who had to wait in the confession box.

When they were out, Penny asked Damien, “What do cookies and tea mean?”

It made Damien smile that she was picking on things so quickly without being an airhead like some people who failed to listen carefully.

“Tea is part of the meeting where one gets to talk while cookies mean death. The visitor was the uninvited guest, witch hunter,” how odd, thought Penny as Damien explained.

“What about the moon?” They had stepped out of the church to finally have full light because of what the clouded sky had to offer.

“It is a symbolic representation of black witches. The sun denotes the white witches. Do you know what it means, mouse?”

“What?” Penny asked with furrowed brows, waiting for him to say.

“It means you are my sun. The light in my life.”

“…” Penny stood at the carriage baffled by his cheesy lines, “How do you want me to react to it, Master Damien?”

With a thoughtful expression, he said, “How about a kiss on the cheek?”


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