Top Best Summer Outfits With Platform Shoes

Summer Outfits With Platform – There are many summer outfits that go amazingly well with platform heels like shorts, tops, miniskirts, mini or midi dresses, and other boho-chic flowy dresses. If you haven’t already invested in a few styles of platforms this article is going to turn you over and have you spend a good amount of money on platform heels.

In this article, I’ll show you a few summer outfits that pair perfectly with various types of platform heels. Keep these summer essential outfits in mind, and pair them with chunky platform heels to make a powerful style statement.

All of the platform shoes mentioned in this article can be worn from morning to evening, adding height, confidence, style, and chicness to your outfits. Continue reading to be inspired by our summer outfit picks with platform heels to make a strong style statement.

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Summer Outfits With Platform Heels

1. Cord sets go well with chunky platform heels.

The magical outfits that improve everything, make your life appear organized, and give off the impression that you have everything under control and are unquestionably at the top of your fashion game are matching cord sets. I’m talking about how matching cord sets raise the bar for your sense of style. No matter the season—summer, winter, spring, or fall—you can never go wrong with them.

There are a ton of options available now, and the bralette top paired with matching short or wide-legged pants makes the ideal summer matching set. Another choice is a printed or embellished tube top and coordinating skirt, or you can opt for a formal shirt and matching bright-colored straight pants to make a bold statement.

But how can you make this hit song even sexier than it already is? Add some thick-platform heels to it, then! To create a formal look, I advise wearing platform wedges or heels.

2. Wide Legged pants with Rib-Knit tops

Summer Outfits with Platform
                                                                  Summer Outfits with Platform

With flared jeans, culottes, or wide-legged pants, platform heels look super stylish and adorable. The platform heels are necessary because these wide-legged pants are typically a little longer than your usual length. When wide-leg pants are worn underneath platform heels, the hem of the pants will fall naturally onto the heels, giving them a stylish, graceful, and cozy appearance. I like to wear these cotton wide-legged pants with fitted or body-hugging rib-knit tops because the flare is at the bottom.

You can choose to wear the tops with a scarf-style neck in soft neutral colors like taupe, tan, off-white, or pastels or with a simple vest style for a sexier look. The always fashionable summer platform sandals or sneakers will be the platform heels that are the ideal match for this outfit.

3. Maxi or Midi Dresses in Platform Sneakers

We can all agree that wearing light, airy clothing in the summer makes you feel free of sweat and easy. Tiered maxi dresses with prints are very popular right now. They come in prints, cotton, chiffons, georgettes, eyelet fabric, and prints.

Platform sneakers will give these cozy, flowy outfits a nice weight. We all know that when it comes to footwear, sneakers are second only to comfort, so wear platform sneakers to make this already casual ensemble even cooler and simpler.

Platform sandals or platform loafers will also work if you don’t think platform sneakers are for you. If there is too much skin showing, I advise trying to wear shoes that are more covered; however, if the dress is a maxi, sandals will be the best choice.

4. Wear a Mini Skort with Printed Top

Even though your closet is full of shorts and miniskirts in every color, you should buy a few skorts for the year 2022. (a cross between shorts and a skirt). This design resembles a skirt from the top down due to a flap, but it is actually a skort.

To draw attention, you can wear it with a sexy sheer organza skirt or a button-down skirt tucked in with a loose fit from the top. You can also choose a printed boho-chic style skirt to add some fun colors and contrast.

But platform heels, specifically a platform mule in this instance, are what will really make your outfit sparkle. Like the skort, a platform mule is the ideal combination of chic formal and carefree casual. The platform mule is available in solid white, tan, or black.


These days, every kind of platform is in style, so get your hands on some! Although there are countless more variations and pairings of platforms and summer clothing, the aforementioned are a few tried-and-true selections that never go wrong.

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