Best Cheap Online Clothing Stores Like Shein And Romwe

Sites Like Shein – If you’ve been shopping at Shein for a while, like me, you’ve probably been spoiled by the low prices and high quality of the clothing you can get there. If you’re seeking a website that’s comparable to Shein but offers cheaper clothing, keep reading to learn about and locate your new Shein alternative.

What Is Shein Clothing

Chris Xu launched Shein, an economical online apparel company in Guangzhou, China, in 2008. Shein now has a global presence in over 220 countries. The brand is known for its low-cost, high-quality clothing that is manufactured in China.

Is Shein Legit

YES!, Shein is legit.

Is Shein Safe

Shein is as secure as you can imagine. You can confidently share your debit/credit card info with shein and not have to panic.

Where Is Shein Located?

Shein’s corporate headquarters are in Guangzhou, China. Outside of China, they serve more than 220 countries.

How Long Does Shein Take To Ship

If you’re new to Shein, you may be wondering how long it takes for your order to arrive. Standard shipping normally takes 6-8 working days after you place an order with Shein.

How Long Does Shein Express Shipping Take

Sites Like Shein
Sites Like Shein

Express shipping takes 2-4 business days to arrive after your transaction has been completed.

Where Does Shein Ship From

Shein is a Chinese shipper. If your order totals more than $100, you may be eligible for free Express Shipping.

Does Shein Use Child Labor

They addressed the issue of child labor somewhere on their website. Here’s their official statement:

“We strictly abide by child labor laws in each of the countries that we operate in. Neither we nor any of our partners are allowed to hire underage children. Any partners or vendors found to have violated these laws are terminated immediately and reported to the authorities.”

How To Change Email On Shein

Changing or updating your email on Shein is as simple as A B C; simply follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your profile.
  2. Delete the email address listed in both the “Email Address” and “Verify Email” fields.
  3. Type in your new email address.
  4. Click “Save.”
  5. And Verify

How To Delete Shein Account

Not just you, but I used to wonder whether there was a way to deactivate my Shein account. Send an email to ‘’ if you want to delete your Shein account.

This request must be sent from the same email address that was used to register on the website. The topic of the request must also be ‘Delete my Shein account.

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9 Stores And Apps Like Shein 2021

If you enjoy shopping on Shein and want to try something new, the Stores Like Shein listed below are a good choice.

1. Romwe – Online Stores Like Shein

Romwe’s position as the fifth store on this list of similar stores to Shein may be a little biased on my part. Because they work for the same company, it’s possible.

However, romwe is the most worthy mention when it comes to clothing sites like shein plus size and trending outfits. They have comparable apparel styles and are both reasonably priced. In fact, you’ll see that they sometimes stock the same things.

Romwe has an advantage because they sell affordable home decor, economical household items, pet supplies, and party supplies. Shein, on the other hand, is solely concerned with apparel.

Both have similar shipping times and deliver within 1-2 weeks. They also offer flat-rate delivery; make sure to order more to take advantage of this!


2. MissGuided – Shein Alternative

Hearing this name for the first time gives the sense of “MIS-GUIDED,” but it’s actually “MISS-GUIDED.” From the name alone, you can tell what they’re all about.

Missguided, like Shein and Romwe, offers a diverse choice of fashionable clothing in sizes ranging from tall and plus to petite and maternity. The price is equal to Shein’s, and they frequently provide discounts, making it a must-visit store for cheap clothing consumers.


3. Boohoo – Websites Like Shein

Boohoo is a UK-based online retailer similar to Shein that provides affordable trendy clothing and accessories. They cater to both women and men in their early teens to early thirties.

The other sections like Suits & Tailoring, Oversized, and Co-Ord Sets that you won’t find on other sites similar to shein are what set them apart. You may also shop by size, whether it’s tiny, tall, plus-size, or maternity.

Although Shein’s clothing isn’t cheap, the quality of it speaks for itself. I’m disappointed that they don’t currently provide free shipping, however the flat rate is $9.99 and takes eight days.


4. DressLily – Shein Alternative

DressLily is a website similar to SheIn that sells appealing high-fashion-inspired attire for men and women. You’ll love their dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers if you go with this SheIn alternative.

Their free shipping on orders above $45 is what appeals to me the most, since it implies that “the more you shop, the more free shipping you get.” When you join their mailing list as a new user, you will receive 15% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER, as well as weekly exclusive deals, new arrivals, and more.


5. Chic Me – Online Stores Like Shein

Chic Me is another shein alternative site, similar to shein and romwe, selling affordable yet stylish clothing. Chic Me focuses mostly on women’s apparel, including dresses, lingerie, party dresses, tops, and other items.

Every time you browse or shop their website, you will find more than 500 new and popular fashion styles. If you’re on the site and aren’t sure what to buy, check out their Trending Page to see what other girls are purchasing.


6. Zaful – Clothing Sites Like Shein

Zaful may have a different design than Shein, but when it comes to fabric quality and fashion trends, Zaful is a store you can trust, just like Shein. Zaful’s cheapest tops are $4.99, compared to Shein’s $2.99, and the most expensive dress is over $40. As a result, it is slightly more expensive than shein.

I like that every item on the website has a product photograph and customer feedback, which could be a deciding factor in whether or not to order the item. Delivery costs are a little less, and shipping days can take up to ten days, but not more than ten.

Want to shop at a store like Shein, where they have a lot of similar items with the same high quality and low prices. Then you must go to Zaful today.


7. PrettyLittleThing – Other Stores Like Shein

PrettyLittleThing is a clothing site similar to Shein that is based in Manchester, UK, but operates globally, and offers an appealing variety of affordable women’s fashion, swimwear, and plus-size items. If you want to see what’s new in fashion, go to their New In Fashion Trends section.

The website design of Prettylittlething is great, and the homepage is well-organized into categories. Their customer care is quick to respond, and they have a straightforward refund and return policy.

I recommend that you check out their store, just like Shein, and let me know what you think of their clothing.


8. RoseGal – Clothing Sites Like Shein

Rose Gal is a plus-size clothing site comparable to Shein. Apart from being the best in plus size clothing, their swimwear assortment is extensive and enticing. They also have men’s and women’s apparel, as well as shoes and purses in a variety of sizes.

From sunglasses, watches, rings, jewelry, and make-up brushes to furniture, home furnishings, and decorative things, there is no end to what you may buy on this website like shein.

Despite this, they are still much behind Shein when it comes to Trending Clothes. RoseGal is a little more expensive than Shein, shipping takes up to 14 days, and shipping is free for orders of $59 and up.


9. ASOS – Websites Like Shein

If you’re looking for a store that compares to Shein in terms of quality and price, ASOS is the place to go. I’m sure you were unaware of the ASOS wholesale price, which you won’t find anywhere else? Okay, I’ll tell you a little more.

With over 800+ brands available on ASOS, including Mango, Levi’s, Topshop, AllSaints, and DKNY, there’s no way I could have browsed through their whole inventory if it hadn’t being my free day/day off work.

When you utilize the filter, you can make things easier for yourself. You can also take advantage of the price lowering situation, where you don’t have to wait long for the price to drop before purchasing the product.

If you want to get dressed up and show off your personal style. You should head to ASOS if you want a shein alternative.


Conclusion On Online Stores Like Shein

We’ve reached the end of our list of the top 10 clothing retailers similar to Shein that are both inexpensive and provide high-quality clothing. I’ve purchased 70% of the shein substitutes listed above, and my experience is what I’ve just described.

If you know of any additional websites similar to Shein that you think should be added to the list of apparel sites similar to Shein, please let us know in the comments section below.

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