fully Funded Phd Scholarships In Canada For International Students 2022

Phd Canada Scholarship – Since a Ph.D. typically takes three to four years to complete, it seems sensible that the expenditures can be high. If you are an international student from a nation with lower global purchasing power, your living and travel expenses will also add up.

Fortunately, Canada offers a number of scholarships – both provincial and university-specific – that might help reduce costs. These are granted by both provinces and institutions. In order to assist you in beginning your application for the 2022 academic year, we have compiled a list of six Canadian Ph.D. scholarships.

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Can I Get Phd Without Masters

In Canada, you can obtain a Ph.D. without a master’s degree.

Canada Phd Programs

Here is a list of several Ph.D. programs offered in Canada.











Political sciences

Biological sciences

Fully Funded Phd Scholarships In Canada For International Students 2022 

University of Windsor

The last university on this list of Canadian Ph.D. scholarships is the University of Windsor. The University of Windsor provides its 16,000 students with a broad range of course options as a comprehensive university situated in Canada’s southernmost metropolis with a view of the Detroit River.

Candidates for PhDs are eligible to apply for the Graduate Entrance Scholarship, worth up to CA$ 7,500 over four years. The first day of January, May, and September are the three deadlines for this scholarship, and you also need to have a grade point average of at least 80% to qualify.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is one of the additional grants available to international Ph.D. candidates. The amount of funding you can receive depends on how many months have passed since you finished your PhD studies at the time of application; the deadline for applications is January 12, 2022.

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Ontario Trillium Scholarship – Western University

The Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS) seeks to entice deserving students to pursue their PhDs in Ontario. To be nominated for the OTS, you need specifically indicate your interest to the graduate program chair (Director or Associate Dean) of your admitting program if you want to apply to Western University.

You must be an international student, be willing to be physically present at the university during the course of your studies, be unregistered from any other Canadian institution, have a strong academic record and research experience, and have earned a minimum grade point average of 80% in two of your most recent full-time academic years to be eligible to apply. You might also need to provide proof of your English language ability.

Successful candidates will get 40,000 Canadian dollars to start their PhD programs, which can be extended for up to four years.

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University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge, which is situated in Southern Alberta, is one of the top three research universities in Canada, a distinction they have held for the last four years. For research performance, the university is placed in the top 6% of universities worldwide.

For new graduate applicants in all areas except education, the University of Lethbridge Graduate Research Award has been created. You can combine this Award, which has a maximum value of CA$21,000, with any graduate assistantship or research stipend offered by a faculty member, but not with other scholarships like the Dean’s Scholarship.

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University of Alberta

The University of Alberta Graduate Entrance Scholarship comes next on the list of Canadian PhD awards. The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research of the University of Alberta, which is situated in Alberta, awards over CA$26 million in scholarships each year.

You are qualified for this one-time Graduate Entrance Scholarship of CA$21,000 if you intend to enroll in PhD studies at the University of Alberta. This can start on either January 1 or September 1 and cannot be renewed in any way.

You are permitted to hold this scholarship in addition to any number of University of Alberta prizes, but not Tri-Council Top-up grants. Examples include the President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction, the Graduate Entrance 14 Scholarship tuition fee top-up, and the Walter H. Johns Graduate Fellowship.

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University of British Columbia

Phd Canada Scholarship
Phd Canada Scholarship

The University of British Columbia, one of the top 20 public universities in the world, is ranked 37th by the Times Higher Education rankings in 2022 and is one of only three Canadian universities to reach the top 50. At the university’s two campuses in the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver, more than 56,000 students pursue their education.

The Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) is a fantastic option for students who desire to pursue a PhD at this institution. Your annual income will be CA$18,200, and you’ll have full tuition coverage for as long as four years of your PhD studies.

All PhD aspirants are eligible to apply for this Scholarship, so you can submit an application to the Graduate Program of your choice. The Graduate Programme will notify Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of its decisions after choosing the top applicants.

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University of Montreal

The University of Montreal in Quebec is in charge of administering the third Canadian PhD scholarship program. This institution enrolls about 45,000 students, 8,500 of them from outside Canada, and is ranked 88th in the world (Times Higher Education ranking 2022) and fourth in Canada for the number of research activities.

You can apply for the Mackenzie King Scholarship in addition to the Doctoral Scholarship, which is worth CA$7,000 and is renewable once for students who completed their master’s degree at this institution. The application deadline is February 1, 2022. You can also apply for the University of Montreal exemption award, which has a range of CA$2,078.10 to CA$12,465.60 depending on your academic standing and doesn’t require a separate application.

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Overall, if you are an international student wishing to begin your PhD studies in safe and stable Canada in 2022, these are excellent Canadian PhD scholarships.


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