How To Become A Bartender And Make A Living 2022

How To Become A Bartender – Bartenders are paid for their work, not for what they say. Despite the fact that bartenders have been serving beverages for thousands of years, the vocation has only just started to gain acceptance as a legitimate choice. Early in the 20th century, bartending was regarded as a “luxury career” that could only be pursued by those with money and connections.

Previously regarded as a “lower class” occupation with little job security and expensive training and equipment, bartending has evolved into a respectable career where people may earn well and support their families. You can find inspiration on How To Become A Bartender in this post.

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How To Become A Bartender

Most customers of bars believe that bartenders just arrive, serve drinks, and collect huge tips, but in reality, their jobs entail much more than that. To make a living, the typical bartender puts in long hours, frequently seven days a week. However, there are a few methods to work in bars:

Work As A Barback

Being a barback is an excellent way to get started in bartending, much like getting a job as a waiter and working your way up. A barback, however, has a closer connection to serving alcohol than a waiter does. Alongside the pros, you’ll learn all the necessary skills, which could speed up your advancement. Having bartending expertise is not necessary either to work as a barback.

Earn A High School Diploma

High school graduation or GED is necessary to work as a bartender, however, a college degree is not. In the state where you plan to work, you should also be old enough to manage bars and offer alcohol. Depending on the state, the minimum age to sell alcohol is 16 years old, while the minimum age to work the bar in a licensed institution is 18. How To Become A Bartender

 Gain Experience And Work Your Way Up

A job as a bartender is not a guarantee after you graduate from bartending school. Getting real-world experience working in a bar or restaurant will still be necessary. Before moving into bartending positions, many bartenders start their careers as waiters or runners.

Attend Bartending School

Although it is not necessary, the bartending school can teach you the fundamentals of responsibly serving alcoholic beverages to customers and mixing drinks. For those interested in this career path, many hospitality colleges offer bartending training. How To Become A Bartender

What Is A Bartender?

Behind the bar of a bar or restaurant, a bartender prepares and serves drinks to customers. Bartenders come in a variety of forms, including cocktail, mixologist, drink, barista, beer, and wine. The majority of bartenders are multi-talented. They must understand how to make and serve drinks, handle challenging customers, manage inventory and financial flow, and more. Some bartenders additionally have administrative duties, such as hiring and supervising employees, allocating shifts, and compiling financial reports.

The Perks Of Being A Bartender

How To Become A Bartender
How To Become A Bartender

Mixing Drinks

Who doesn’t enjoy visiting bars and testing out different beverages? It’s nice to be able to experiment and come up with novel drink ideas.


The job of a bartender is fairly flexible. You won’t ever get tired of it because you won’t repeat any actions. You’ll gain knowledge of a wide range of beverages, increasing your marketability to other jobs in the future. Additionally, working with a variety of people will broaden your perspective.


The freedom that bartending offers is among its best qualities. You can choose weekends or weekdays, establish your own hours, and put in as much or as little time as you like. Even whatever hours you want to work are up to you! How To Become A Bartender


While not everyone who works as a bartender earns a lot of money, it is highly easy to do so. You can earn more money by putting in more hours at work. Many bartenders make enough money to support themselves.

Meeting People

Being among people all the time is a requirement in the bartending profession. This implies that you’ll have lots of opportunities to network, meet new people, and establish relationships. How To Become A Bartender

Downsides Of Being A Bartender

Long Hours

Since bartending is typically a full-time position, the working hours are longer. Many bartenders put in lengthy shifts or work seven days a week. This can become tiresome.

Bad Customers

While the majority of consumers are pleasant, a few can be impatient or nasty. Some patrons enjoy drinking alcohol, and when they consume too much, they may become hostile or violent. How To Become A Bartender


Bartenders don’t have one of the riskiest occupations in the world, but standing for long periods of time can be exhausting. Some bartenders get foot or back issues as a result of their work.


The average salary for a bartender in the U.S.: is $11.70 per hour

Some salaries range from $7.25–$28.30 per hour.


We trust that you gained a lot of knowledge from this essay. Although there are many myths about being a bartender, it is a fantastic way to make money. Learning how to create drinks is the best path to becoming a bartender. In order to become the best bartender, you can be, make sure you practice and conduct your study. If you’re still debating whether to work as a bartender, keep in mind that it’s one of the few professions where you may become wealthy by simply showing up. Yes, the employment market is extremely competitive, but there are methods to stand out. How To Become A Bartender


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