Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For Girl And Boy

Happy 4th Birthday – Birthdays are one of the most memorable events in our lives and that of little children but for those children, it is indeed the most important part of their lives and as parents or guardians, it is your duty to make sure their birthday is as special as they fantasize it to be.

Celebrating your 4 years old kid’s birthday might come in handy as they are still little and can’t reason as you do but not to panic, below is a list of birthday wishes for kids of four years that they can look back to after many years and still feel as special as they could ever be.

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Happy 4th Birthday

Congratulations on your birthday. May this year’s birthday cake be four times the size of your previous three.

My only wish is for you on your 4th birthday to have the happiest birthday any 4-year-old kid will ever have! Happy 4th birthday honey!

Four incredible years have gone since you entered our life. I hope there are many more interesting years ahead. Congratulations on your fourth birthday.

Your brilliance exceeds that of a four-year-old boy. I’m not sure where you acquire all of these. It is clearly from God. Have fun with your lovely existence.

In this life, you are certainly my pride and joy. When you have a child who is as precious as you, who wants wealth! Happy 4th birthday little boy of mine!

You are the coolest kid in town indeed! I’m so lucky to have you in my life, and it makes me the greatest mother of all! Happy birthday handsome baby boy!

Dear baby, you are the finest thing that has ever happened to me, and I wish you enjoy every moment of your day, my love. Have fun, live large largely, and live long, and may all your fortunate stars shine brightly.

Today, we’re going to celebrate your 4th birthday by singing and dancing as much as you want my first and loveliest cousin to be. I’m so excited that you’re going to start school soon. You’re going to learn fun stuff and get along with other children too. May you have lots of fun! Happy birthday!

I will do whatever I can to find the most perfect cake in the world, four times bigger than the largest cake ever baked. An adorable 4-year-old like you deserves to celebrate a major and fun birthday. Happy birthday!

The entire universe began to get even brighter precisely four years ago when someone so smart was born and that’s my favorite four-year-old! You deserve to blow out four of the most luminous birthday candles. Happy 4th birthday lovely boy!

Happy 4th Birthday Girl

Happy 4th Birthday
                                                      Happy 4th Birthday

This year your fourth birthday will be filled with friends, fun, and gifts! Happy 4th birthday!

Something magical is happening today. Do you want to know what it is? It’s your 4th birthday sweetheart! This day is going to be amazing!

To my sweet little angel, happy 4th birthday to you. I hope this day showers you with countless presents and may you receive the best birthday gift there is!

You have entered into your life and we have given you a lot of pleasure. We will always wear you like the jewel that you are. Happy 4th birthday girl. Enjoy your day.

You’re so amazing, you’re so funny and funny, even at this tender age. Whenever I remember your little tricks, I laugh so much. You look like your mother. Happy 4th birthday girl.

To my 4-year-old little princess, happy birthday and congratulations on turning 4! I will be treating you like a queen today and I will let your wishes come true like playing for hours with your friends and having all the fun in the world.

My dearest 4-year-old princess, please do not grow up so fast. I’m still enjoying your cuteness and I do not want to stop playing with you yet. May you have the happiest 4th birthday ever. I hope you’ll get all the desires of your heart.

Today is a very special day especially to you for you are turning 4 years old now! We will celebrate it the way you want it to – balloons, cake, chocolates, and lots of presents. Happy 4th birthday to you!

There is no other doll in this world that can be compared to your cuteness and not even the world’s most delicious cake can be compared to your sweetness, my little child. You just turned 4 and you’re one step closer to creating a huge impact in this world. Happy 4th birthday darling!

Happy 4th Birthday Son

I’ll love to share everything with you, son. I pray you never lack the good things of life. Happy 4th birthday to my phenomenal son.

I have you in my life and it feels like I lack nothing. Happy 4th birthday to my son. May your new age usher you into happiness and prosperity.

I’ll always send all my love to you. Today, I include a basket of kisses and warmth as you celebrate your 4th birthday. Wishing you a phenomenal new age.

I love to see you happy, son. So today on your birth anniversary, I wish you many happy returns. May your stars continue to shine brighter than diamonds.

Thank you for making me a mom and allowing me to call you my son. May this new age make you happier than ever before. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

My baby boy is 4 years old, today. I wish him growth in all things. May your life never be cut short by the travails of life. You shall live long to fulfill your dreams, son.

I feel so alive whenever I see you cause you are the reason for my happiness. Happy 4th birthday, my handsome son. You give me the pleasure of having a son I can be proud of.

Use these birthday wishes for baby boy 4th birthday to celebrate your son or nephew: I will always love you my 4-year-old bundle of joy. Happy birthday to you, darling. You are like a shining star in our sky. You have made our lives more colorful. Keep on exuding such a beautiful aura.

Son, may the rest of your life be far more beautiful than the celestial bodies in the sky. You shall live your 4th year in happiness and peace of mind. Wishing you, dear son, a happy birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For Girl 

Today marks the 4th birthday of a lovely person. She’s my kid, and I’m so pleased to be her mother. I wish you the best of luck.

God has protected your life, and it will bring you benefits, accolades, and regrets. Everything prospers because of you and in you.

On your fourth birthday, four words define you: wonderful, bright, creative, and caring. Happy birthday, love, to the wonderful child of the previous four years!

Above and beyond anything that we, your parents, can ask or think, we hope that God would provide for you and provide a path for you today. Always remember that you are adored. Congratulations on your birthday.

It’s the big four! A new era that you will never experience again, but the memories will live on. I want you to remember this day and know that I and your father will always adore you.

Today, I join the rest of the World and Angels in wishing you a very happy 4th birthday. I wish that your day is fruitful and that your years bring benefits and favor to the family.

What we battled with as your parents, I pray that it would come easily to you and that everything we need to take care of you will come quickly. Congratulations on your birthday.

We’ve brought you the four biggest and brightest candles to light this year because you’ve made the world a better place to live over the previous four years, and it’s fantastic. I wish you a very happy 4th birthday.

4th Birthday Boy

Congratulations on your fourth birthday. You are the brilliant light in my sky, and your presence brightens my world.

Don’t overindulge in the cake; you’re already too sweet. I want to wish you a very happy 4th birthday. I wish you a lovely day.

Because you don’t know what to wish for, I’d like to make four wishes for you today in honor of your four-year anniversary: health, happiness, wealth, and loads of love. Congratulations on your fourth birthday.

What a fantastic week it’s been; I was 44 yesterday and you’re 4 today. May our entire lives be filled with pleasure and life forever and for real. Take advantage of your most lovely moments.

Congratulations on your fourth birthday, sweet son. I want to grant all of your wishes and make you the happiest child on the planet. When I see you pleased, my heart grins.

Since the day you were born, we have never been without joy. You are a lucky charm that only a few people have. I’m glad to be one of them. Congratulations on your birthday.

I know you love sweet treats, so on your birthday, I wish your cake to be four times sweeter than your last party because that’s how this special day should be celebrated – fun and sweet! Happy birthday to the most adorable 4-year-old in the universe.

Kiddo, good job for turning 4 years old today! You will soon find yourself in school, with new friends, new knowledge, new toys, and new experiences. So make the most out of it while you’re still full of energy before you get old and grumpy like your mommy and daddy! Happy 4th birthday from the coolest uncle you have!

Of all the kids I know who are the same age as you are right now, I can say that you are the one who creates the least trouble and the most special too! May you have a fun-filled birthday and may your dreams be granted. Happy 4th birthday to you!

Happy 4th Birthday Princess

As you develop, may you build a name for yourself? Happy birthday, sweetheart.

You are quite intelligent. I grant you extraordinary insight that will set you apart. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

I used to fantasize about you as a four-year-old baby girl. Thank you for being a part of my life. Love, have a wonderful cake day.

May you never have nightmares and instead develop into a lovely person. Enjoy the happiness of your day, my lovely four-year-old.

You will be picked out for benefits wherever you go. May this fourth year of your existence bring you more joy than you’ve ever known, darling daughter.

My princess recently turned four, and I’m in awe of her beauty. We had you in our arms just like yesterday. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart. You’ll always be my little princess, no matter how old you get. I absolutely adore you.

You are a gift to the entire world, my princess, and you should feel so proud of yourself. With your smile and attitude, you have touched the hearts of countless people. Your family wishes you all the best in life on this special day. Princess, happy fourth birthday!

On this auspicious occasion of your fourth birthday, I wish you all the joy in the world. May you be surrounded by love, smiles, and laughter no matter where you go!

My dearest daughter, I’d want to express my gratitude for being a part of my life. You are the finest kid your age. I’m always grateful and glad to have you in my life; happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

You are the finest present I have ever received, and I will be eternally thankful to the Almighty for bringing you into my life. We began to have everything great in our lives following your arrival there; happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

My dearest daughter, you are going to turn 4 today and it’s going to be one of the best days in your life as we are preparing a big birthday party and your mom prepared some surprises for you, happy 4th birthday to you, dear.

Happy 4th Birthday Boy

As you enter a new decade today, son, I wish you lovely memories that will make you happy for the rest of your life. My first son turns four today.

Happy birthday, my beloved. I am overjoyed that you are turning four today. Your four years in our lives have provided us with a great deal of joy.

May goodness accompany you like a scent wherever you go. Son, you will always live a joyful and serene life. I’d want to wish you a very happy 4th birthday.

Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart. I hope you realize how much we all adore you. You are extremely valuable to us, and our family would be incomplete without you.

You are the ideal son for any parent. You have brought us so much joy, and the only way we can repay you is with sincere love. My kid, I wish you a very happy fourth birthday.

We discovered a new purpose in life as a result of you. Thank you for providing us with a new direction. Congratulations on your fourth birthday, son. You will like your new age.

My beloved son, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. May all of your wishes come true, and I hope you have all you desire in life. May the Lord keep you secure from every negative energy.

The cake on which you are ready to blow out the candle is as delicious as your life. It will offer you joy, nice goods, and new friends. It will be as fantastic as you are. Congratulations on your fourth birthday, kiddo!

Happy 4th birthday, my little prince; may you always have all you desire in life. We adore you and appreciate all you do for us. You are a blessing in our life, and we treasure every time we spend with you.

Happy 4th Birthday Grandson

You are without a doubt the coolest guy I know. You make me feel youthful, and I appreciate that. My beloved grandchild, have a great birthday.

My best wishes go out to my grandchild. I hope this wish finds you in a pleasant mood. You already know how much I adore you. Have a wonderful day.

I knew you would bring us so much joy from the minute we first saw you. Thank you so much for allowing us to be proud grandparents. Enjoy your special day, and keep in mind that your grandparents adore you.

Our lives were completed the minute we were born. I felt as if the love that had been lacking in our lives had now arrived. That affection has grown since the beginning. Thank you for being such a wonderful grandchild. Congratulations on your birthday.

I hope you have a lot of toys, cakes, and sweets for your birthday. And everything else your heart wishes. I am confident that you will mature into a great young man one day. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

I was overjoyed on the day your mother was born. My life has turned out to be lovely. My life, however, was fully finished when you were born. Grandma sends her best wishes for your birthday.

To a grandson who acts, looks, and even speaks in an unusual way. Everything you do is exceptional and one-of-a-kind. We are proud of you, and we hope to see you at many more birthday parties in the future.

I hope this day gives you as much happiness as it has given me. Every day of the year, you make me feel unique and appreciated. I’m glad you’re in my life, and I’m glad you’re in mine. Dear grandchild, happy birthday.

4th Birthday Daughter Quotes 

Happy 4th birthday to the cutest kid in the planet. You are a rock star. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

It’s been four years. Years of fun, tears, smiles, and laughter that you have brought into our lives. Happy birthday, little one.

I remember when you were barely a year old, and now you’re four! What exactly is this sorcery? Wishing you a fantastic and joyful 4th birthday.

I can only wish you a happy birthday with love and affection. I hope you can offer you joy and love throughout your life’s path. Congratulations.

You’ve been around for four years and have taught us more than we ever knew. We adore you to the moon and back. Daughter, happy 4th birthday!

You brought us four years of delight and excitement. Our only desire today is that you continue to contribute these sentiments every day of your life.

I’d want to wish my very adorable child a very happy birthday! Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you and know how well you are doing in pre-school!

It’s been four years since you first opened your eyes. And everything grew even more wonderful after that—many best wishes from the bottom of my heart.

The fourth birthday has arrived, bringing with it a flood of emotions. We wish you a long and prosperous life filled with love and happiness. Many best wishes!

We have told you many times over the last four years that you are a princess. We wish to see you joyful all the time, and that your pleasure shines brightly every day like today! Princess, happy 4th birthday!

To the ancient Greeks, the number four was a perfect number; to your parents, you are a perfect four-year-old. I wish you a good birthday and the opportunity to grow into the person you aspire to be.

Happy 4th Birthday Son

Because it’s your birthday, you’re free to eat as much as you want. Congratulations on your fourth birthday!

I hope your fourth birthday is filled with joy and that your parents do something extra special for you. I wish you a wonderful day.

Get up and get dressed because this is your big day. It’s almost time to throw the largest four-year-old bash ever. Happy 4th birthday, my little darling.

May your luck never end, may you live a happy and fulfilling life, these are my main wishes for you as you turn 4 my dear child, Happy birthday son, I love you!

You are the greatest and most wonderful present I have ever received. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you as a son. Today is your 4th birthday, which is a big deal for all of us. Happy 4th Birthday, my son.

Happy 4th birthday, my little darling! And I know you’ve changed from a newborn to a boy in the last several years. I can’t wait to see you mature into a guy who will make the world a better place to live. I wish you the best in everything!

On a happier note, our little man turned four today. Four! What happened to time? It’s been a frenzy of loving, teaching, and learning since he was born – but now that you’re four years old, you can have more pieces of cake than when you were much younger.

To my amazing son, you are such a joy to me. I am so thankful that you came into my life and that I get to be your mom. No words can express what a special time we spend together and how much you make happy; happy 4th birthday baby.

You surprise me every day with your imagination, charm, wit, and intelligence (What other 4-year-old can fully explain telepathy is? And how do you even know what that is?). Right from the start, your sweet face was winning hearts.

Happy 4th Birthday Granddaughter

Happy birthday, my wonderful grandchild! I can’t believe how quickly a small bundle of joy in my arms transformed into the most gorgeous quinceanera I’ve ever seen. I wish that God never abandons you and that you enjoy the finest happiness in the world.

My lovely great-grandchild, In my heart, I admire you and have the purest feelings for you. You light up our lives like stars and warm us like the sun. I adore you and wish you a very happy fourth birthday.

Congratulations on your birthday. I wish you a very happy birthday, great-grandchild! You deserve a special day to play all of your favorite games and eat all of your favorite cake! I love you so very much

You’ve come a long way from being an extremely sensitive and shy young lady to becoming the true face of women’s liberation. You have made us all very proud, and we hope that you will continue to do so. My lively granddaughter wishes you a very happy birthday!

On this great day, may your life be full of surprises, your box full of chocolates, and your cabinet full of laurels and accomplishments. Always have a smile on our faces and send forth positive thoughts throughout our life. Happy birthday, my darling grandchild!

You’ve come a long way from being a delicate and shy young lady to being the true face of women’s liberation. You have made all of us tremendously proud, and we hope you will continue to do so. Happy birthday, my vivacious grandchild!

On your special day, may your life be full of surprises, your box be full of chocolates, and your cabinet is full of honors and successes. Always have a smile on our faces and send out positive energy in our life. Happy birthday, my lovely grandchild!

Happy Birthday 4th Girl

You shall be a great singer cause you have the best voice any child could ever wish for. Enjoy your new age, baby girl.

Thank you for teaching me compassion and empathy. May you never be bereft of true love and peace in your family.

Baby girl, this shall be your best year so far. I promise you that the years to come shall even be greater. Happy birth anniversary.

Words are not enough to express my feelings that how much I am happy on your birthday. May you have a long happy life with exciting events. Happy Birthday.

Giving up my identity as a young woman to become a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me and you made it worthwhile. Happy 4th birthday daughter.

If you don’t exist in my world and I’m told that there’s a four-year-old girl that’s so eloquent and intelligent. I wouldn’t believe it. I hope you’ll keep this till you grow up.

Happy 4th birthday cute daughter. It delights me so much to know that I gave birth to you because to me you look like an angel. Nothing can quantify the love I have for your daughter. Happy 4th birthday.

The world may throw a lot of difficulties your way, but you have always been able to weather the storms. This is what makes you a special girl. I wish you a wonderful birthday and more successful years ahead.

Little Girl Happy 4th Birthday

May the joy you’ve given me return to you in quadruple folds. Enjoy your new age, baby girl.

You had four years today. Do you know what that means? You are four times a little lady! Happy 4th birthday!

This year shall mark the beginning of a beautiful journey in your life. Be ready to live life like a princess. Happy birthday, love.

You are the best gift of my life. For that, I am grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful child. I wish you a very happy 4th birthday.

I have so many things to be thankful for, however, you’re top on the list. May your worth never diminish, my love. Happy birth anniversary.

From the first day, we knew you are something very special. You proved it was true. I wish you a very happy and memorable 4th anniversary.

That your luck never ends, that you live a happy and fulfilling life, these are my main wishes for you when you reach the age of 4, my dear child, I love you!

May your 4th birthday be happier than your third, you are a blessing and we love you so much, continue to give us that beautiful smile forever and forever.

I wish you peace and pleasure for every moment of your life. May GOD give you packages of joy and happiness. I wish you a very happy and prosperous 4th anniversary

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Happy Birthday July 4th Meme 
Happy Birthday July 4th Meme
Happy Birthday July 4th Meme 
Happy Birthday July 4th Meme
Happy Birthday July 4th Meme 
Happy Birthday July 4th Meme
Happy Birthday July 4th Meme 
Happy Birthday July 4th Meme

Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images


Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images
Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images
Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images
Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images
Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images
Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images
Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images
Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images
Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images
Happy 4th Birthday Girl Images

Happy 4th Birthday Images

Happy 4th Birthday Images
Happy 4th Birthday Images
Happy 4th Birthday Images
Happy 4th Birthday Images
Happy 4th Birthday Images
Happy 4th Birthday Images
Happy 4th Birthday Images
Happy 4th Birthday Images
Happy 4th Birthday Images
Happy 4th Birthday Images

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