Romantic Good Morning Prayer For My Husband Copy & Paste

Good Morning Prayer For My Husband – As a wife, it is your duty to pray earnestly for your husband in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed. Praying for your husband opens doors of favor for the family and not just yourself or your husband as the both of you are now one.

When praying to God for your husband, it is important you pray for wisdom, open doors, and protection as he goes out and comes in on daily basis. Below is a list of good morning prayers for your husband copy and paste.

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Good Morning Prayer For My Husband

Good morning my love. You make me so happy each day. I can’t wait for the rest of my life to be spent with you by my side. I love you more than ever!

Each morning before you leave for work, I thank God for giving me such a wonderful man in my life. You have made my life complete, and I love you beyond all measure.

Good morning baby. I am so thankful to have you in my life. I don’t know where I would be without you. You love me like no other and show me every day with actions, not just words. Thank you for being you because I wouldn’t want any other man by my side.

As you start your day, I pray that the Lord blesses you and fills you with love, joy, and peace. That He allows you to forget about your worries, fears, and pain. That He smiles on you as you work today and sends his angels to watch over every step gently. I pray that as the angels follow your every move, they send my love along with them to envelop you in the warmest of hugs.

Good morning!!! I hope that you wake up to the best day possible. I know life has its struggles, but you have to keep faith alive and hope alive, or it is all pointless. Keep positive energy flowing and understand that everything happens for a reason. Have a good day, and don’t get down!

May the goodness of God follow you today and for the rest of your life. I pray that only good news shall you bring to your family and loved ones. You shall be the reason why a million people smile and glorify the name of God now and forever.

Good morning, hubby. May you melt the hearts of angels until they decide to do you good. You shall not come back home empty-handed but be known for victories and successes. Your going out is blessed.

Good morning, hubby. May the beginning of today bring you good blessings from above. May the end of today make you glorify God’s name. I pray that you shall get closer to your dreams today and in the end, your accomplishments shall marvel the whole world.

It’s a lovely morning, darling. No evil shall come your way. You shall know joy alone. The devil shall not defeat you, but you shall remain strong and indomitable. I pray that only the will of God shall be accomplished in your life. Your going out is safe, likewise you coming in.

Morning Prayer For Husband

Good morning my love. The first person I want to say good morning to is you. You have made this day so beautiful for me. There is no one else I would rather wake up to than you.

Each morning I wake up to look into your loving eyes; I pray that when I wake up there with you every morning, there will be a long, long time of waking up together in our future—wishing you a joyful day.

You make me feel safe and secure every day, and I want you to know that I am so thankful for that. You are such a great husband and will do anything for me, even if it means sacrificing your time or even your comfort. Thank you!

Today, may the Lord season the work of your hands and decorate it with excellence. May all you do today meet with favor in the sight of men and angels. You shall go forth in joy and return with songs of praise. Good morning, sugarplum.

Thank God for my hubby, bless his heart, and surround him with love and peace. Like a leaf on the wind, hold him in your arms, for goodness sake! I pray that he rests well, eats healthily, and drinks plenty of water. I send greetings again to your day to keep you safe, warm, and happy.

You are my world, my everything; I love you and want you to know I’m always grateful for you. My love for you will never fade or end. I want you to have the best day ever and know that when we are together, it is even better. Have a great day before work and don’t forget to call me!

Good morning to the man that is my world. I couldn’t imagine my life without your loving touch, sweet hugs, and smiles. Saying I love you is not enough, so I say it with all my heart and soul because I genuinely mean it from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head. God bless you.

May the Lord shed light on every hidden thing before you. You will no longer operate under a cloud of gloom. I rebuke every spirit of confusion and frustration plaguing you at work. I pray that the Lord shall grant you understanding like men of Issachar and cause His light to shine on you. Good morning, sweetie buns.

The joy of the Lord shall be your strength, His glory shall be your rear guard. As you go out today, your miracle job will locate you in Jesus’ name. An appointment of unusual benefits shall be handed over to you without a struggle. You shall return home rejoicing in Jesus’ awesome name. Good morning, my treasure.

Good morning my sweet husband; as I roll over to kiss you for the first time today, I tell you that I love you, and that is the truth. Without a doubt, I know in my heart that I love you more than anything in this world. You make me happy and complete. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. May Almighty God brighten your day with his light.

Good Morning Prayer For My Love

Peace and love of God be with you as you step out today. Blessings follow you now and forever my love. Have a beautiful day honey.

May this morning light make your worries disappear and your wishes come true. You will not labor in vain from today henceforth. Have a wonderful day dear.

Whatever it is that has been hindering your long-awaited blessings from getting to you shall be rolled away today. And you will possess your possessions.

Every good thing you have lost will start to find their ways back to you today. And everything you hate in your life shall disappear. Have a wonderful day ahead.

When they see the blood, they shall pass over. The blood of Jesus covers you from head to toe today. Nothing shall by any means harm you. Amen. Good morning to you.

The brightness of each morning has its own glory. Get out of that bed and start making things happen as you already have the authority. Good morning bad have a fulfilling day my love.

I pray that as you rise today and go about your activities, the Lord will fight for you and you will hold your peace. His joy will be your strength. And you will know no lack. Hope you had a wonderful night’s rest sweetheart.

Every evil eye set to monitor your steps today shall become blind. Every so set to do you evil today shall be destroyed and condemned. For you bear on your body, the marks of God. Good morning my love.

Long Good Morning Prayer For Him

Today, my prayer for you is that God will dry up every source of discomfort, sorrow, limitation, and failure in your life. He will grant you fresh insight into His divine plans. He will guide and guard you to your next level.

You are God’s chosen vessel: a carrier of His grace and explosive anointing, you are blessed beyond every imagination. Today shall be a very special one for you. The grace of God upon your life shall be activated for great blessings today, in Jesus’ name. Enjoy your day to the full, my darling. Good morning!

Good morning, Honeypie. As you step out today, you shall step out of frustration and obscurity. Miracle shall locate you. Men and angels shall vie to favor you. Among your contemporaries, you shall be preferred. Today, you shall be overwhelmed with good tidings, as the Lord restores all your lost glory. Have a memorable day, my love!

As the dawn breaks today, may you experience a powerful breakthrough. May the Lord, my God anoint you with the oil of gladness. Your cup of miracle, testimony, and joy shall overflow. All you need to be a responsible husband and father, the Lord will shower you with them in abundance. Your helper of destiny shall locate you speedily, in Jesus’ name. Good morning, my husband.

Good morning, love of my life. As you set out today, you’ll step into unlimited favor, extravagant joy, and extraordinary grace. Men and angels shall favor you. Everything that has been working against you, will start working in your favor from today. May the desires of the heart receive express attention before the throne of grace. The Lord will clothe you with honor and dignity; you shall not be put to shame, in Jesus’ awesome name.

Good morning, my dearest husband. As you go into today, may you enjoy the dew of favor from heaven? Every confusing matter before you shall become clear. In the name of Jesus, you shall receive unusual insight, understanding and wisdom to solve the problem. Instead of being ridiculed or threatened, you shall be greatly honored and revered before your colleagues and superiors. Shame and disaster shall be far from you. You will come back home with testimonies, by God’s special grace. Have an awesome day!

This morning and beyond, you will experience more miraculous turnarounds beyond your expectation. The power of prayers that worked wonders in the lives of Paul and Silas that liberated them from the hands of their tormentors shall break every invisible shackle and fetter of the wicked people in your life. All the blessings that God has promised you shall not elude you in the name of Jesus. There shall be no more delays neither shall the enemy withhold from you all the blessings the Lord has released to you, henceforth. Good morning, my dearest husband. Have a victorious day!

God, the unchanging changer, will visit your foundation and heal everything affecting your peace and progress in Jesus powerful name. As you go out today, I prophesy to your life: go and possess all your heavenly ordained possessions. You will be favored. I pray that you will achieve your dreams and reach your deepest desires and potential in life. May God transform every lack into abundance. God will see you through all your challenges, in Jesus’ name. Good morning, my heart is delighted!

Dear Father, I commit my husband to you this morning. Please, clothe him with strength, grace, and favor. Help him to carry all his burdens and put a smile on his face, today. Encourage him in every way and increase him on every side in Jesus’ name. Darling husband, the Lord will go ahead of you today and smoothen every crooked path in your way. That crushing obstacle before you shall turn into overwhelming testimony. It shall be well with you. Good morning, my sweet. Have a blessed day!

Good morning, my Crown. This morning, the Lord shall intervene in your affairs. He will defeat, disappoint, disgrace, and destroy all unpleasant experiences in your life. All satanic opposition to the position you desire to attain shall be bulldozed out of your way. The God of grace will give you the power to overcome disgrace. Today, the floodgate of heaven shall open for you, and you will experience positive changes in every area of your life. Instead of shame, you’ll be honored. Instead of dismissal, you shall be promoted. You shall sing for joy and rejoice. God’s immeasurable blessings will be rained upon you, in Jesus’ name! You are blessed!

Morning Prayer Quotes For Husband

Good Morning Prayer For My Husband
Good Morning Prayer For My Husband

Good morning to the sweetest hubby in the world. I pray that the Lord gladdens your heart so you could see a brighter day and never have to experience a bad one. Frustrations and every negative feeling shall be far away from you. You shall bear great fruits today and forevermore.

May the heavens prove their undying love for you. I decree, go out and prosper, and as you do so, may your health never fail. You shall never be fragile, and your spirit shall never grow weary. You shall blossom like a beautiful plant beside the water. Stay happy cause the angelic ones are protecting you.

May your life be as bright as the morning shine coming from the sun. As you inhale the fresh air of the day, your life is filled with motivation, energy, and hopes to do something exceptional in life.

I pray that whichever road you choose to travel on the journey of your life, that road may lead you to success.

This morning, don’t give up your dreams and take every step in a hurry that leads you towards your destination.

May this morning brings you nothing but satisfaction and a pure form of happiness with laughter.

Good morning my love, today we will start out our day by saying Thank You to God. I wake up next to you every morning and know that I have the best life ever! I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world. You are a gift to me and I thank God daily for you. I can’t wait to just sit and hold your hand as we watch those sunrises and sunsets together. I love you baby, have a great day!

Success is sunshine. As you wake up to the light of a new day, I beseech the Lord to continue to protect you in all you do.. You are the best husband in the world and I pray you to find your way out of every distress. Good morning my dear husband.

I pray that the spirit that never gives up falls upon you, today. May the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding reside in you. You shall never fail, and whatever you lay your hands on shall be successful. Good morning my husband.

Morning Prayer For My Husband

Dear Father, I commit my husband to you this morning. Please, clothe him with strength, grace, and favor. Help him to carry all his burdens and put a smile on his face, today. Encourage him in every way and increase him on every side in Jesus’ name.

My dear husband! I love you because you are my destiny. May God bless you with eternal happiness. May He purify your life. Lots of love from me.

My love! May this morning take you to the peak of success. May you have everything you ever wanted.

Dear love! I know that your biggest happiness and satisfaction is mine. May God keep us together till heaven’s call.

My sweet love! May you never wander or astray in your life and May God rectifies your path whenever you commit any mistake unknowingly.

Darling husband, the Lord will go ahead of you today and smoothen every crooked path in your way. That crushing obstacle before you shall turn into overwhelming testimony. It shall be well with you. Good morning, my sweet. Have a blessed day!

Good morning my love. I pray that you have a good day at work and come home refreshed. I am sending you my love and blessings with every prayer that I do, and I hope it will improve your day. I love you so much, baby; please know that every single moment of each day.

Good morning my lovely husband, it’s another wonderful day that the Lord has made, May today be a day of great success in your life and all you do in Jesus’ name.

Father, you who brought us together will see to it that we have all we need. Thank you for always guiding and protecting my husband and being his light at the end of the tunnel. Teach him your ways constantly, and let your blessings fill his life. Amen.

Putting up with me is not easy, I appreciate all your efforts and pray to Lord to give me more patience so that you don’t leave me. Good morning!

Love makes you believe in yourself, thank you, my love, for believing in me. I pray our love grows more every day. Good morning!

People think the elixir of life is love, to me you are the elixir of my life. You are the meaning of life to me. I pray for us to love each other more. Good morning!

Good Morning Prayer Love Message To My Husband

May I prophesy to your life this morning that there shall be no more delays neither shall the enemy withhold from you all the blessings the Lord has released to you, henceforth. Good morning, my dearest husband. Have a victorious day!

Dear Lord, may you give my husband clarity and discernment, and good stewardship in his finances. I trust that you will remove all the snares along his way and that money will never be a source of discord in our family.

I pray that today shall see to your success. Your past shall remain in the past. You’ll live victoriously and be a testifier of many victories. You shall grow in all aspects as you go about your day.

Wherever you go, the Lord shall go with you; accident shall never be your portion. Wisdom from above shall reside in you. You shall be singled out for numerous miracles. The breakthrough you await shall catch up with you today. Say a big amen, my love.

In this morning, keep your vision ahead of time and never joke with your determination to achieve it. Good morning.

I wish you a great fulfillment of your dreams and vision. Always remember that how disciplined your life is in relation to your dream and vision really matters. Good morning.

I believe that your energy is used for good things and your time is spent on relevant things. I wish you sound health and a time filled with lots of dream fulfillment. Good morning.

I wish you all the blessings in life may your doors to a successful and fulfilling life be opened. Have a wonderful morning time.

Today, God will open your ears to His directives. You shall receive divine direction concerning your business. The Lord will lead you to your miracles. Your business shall receive His divine touch for unprecedented success. High net worth customers will rush you from today, as the Lord breathes favor and grace into the work of your hands. Nothing good shall be withheld from you. Men and angels shall favor you in Jesus’ name. Good morning, my sweet husband. You are blessed!

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Good Morning Prayer For Him

Morning prayer to my love, I had a dream last night that I would be with you today. I would love to wake up in your loving arms and tell you ‘I love you. Let me walk down the street with your hand in hand and hold your other hand when we cross a busy road. Will you dance with me in the rain? Or will we go straight home and have our rain dance? Together is not counted by miles but by heartbeats.

Good morning my love. I pray that the morning finds you in good spirits and keeps you smiling throughout the day. I hope that you feel closer to me than ever before and that our hearts may beat as one. Good morning my love. I wish you a happy day!

“My life goal for you is to smile for the rest of our lives together. I pray to God today that your joy knows no bounds and that everyone who comes into contact with you sees the hand of God at work in your life. My love for you, My King, knows no bounds.”

May God open doors for you as you step out today and plan to start your business. Your business will prosper abundantly, and your achievements will be limitless. Amen to that.

I pray for you, and I know you’ll be fantastic in every way: physically, mentally, and intellectually. No evil will come your way, and may you be blessed in all aspects of your life. Amen to that.”

May your eyes never cry, your ears never hear bitter words, and your lips never speak evil until you die. May you be always surrounded by sweetness, my world.”

I’ve never prayed to the good Lord to bless me with anything, but if I did, it would be your love. My wishes are answered every single time that I look into your brilliant blue eyes. There are no stars so bright as they shine when you smile at me. You show me how to live and give meaning to my life. I don’t need any other thing in this world, just your love always!

Good morning. My love! Today I want to tell you how much I feel grateful for you. Life can be so complicated, but it seems so simple and accessible whenever I have you nearby. You are the best boyfriend in the world just because you are always here for me and always take care of me in any way possible. You are the love of my life, and I am glad to have found you, my lovely man!

When my eyes open at the crack of dawn light, I want to see the first thing in my life your eyes. I wake up, and I think how blessed I am to have you.

Oh Lord, I just want to thank you for your love and for the one I love. My soul mate, my everything. Without you in my life, my days would be dark and dreary, with no sunshine in sight. You are the reason I can smile when I wake up each day. You are faithful, honest, and true. You give me hope and faith in a relationship that is sometimes hard to believe could work. Today as I struggle to find the words to express my gratitude.

Good Morning Prayer For Him Long Distance

Good morning my Love, waking you up from bed is a pleasure for me this morning. I thank God because you made it to another day. Certainly, you are doing fine and finer will you be as you step out today. Amen.

Sweetie, you are strengthened in and out of your body. Sickness dries up for you and your family. You don’t spend your finances on frivolities for the rest of your week. You use your money for only productive ventures. Your finances are protected. You don’t run into any messy situations. In the name of Jesus, amen. Good morning, sugar.

As you move out today for your daily adventure, may the Lord go with you and be your companion. May He help you achieve every good thing you’ve always aspired for. Amen! You’re always in my heart, my Sweetest!

Words may not really capture how you make me feel when you are, and when you are away, you leave beautiful traces of your love in my heart, I pray for a lovely moment for you out there.

You are more precious than anything to me; my heart feels joyful when I glance through your photos, no matter how long it takes you to back home, I would always be here waiting for you, wishing for God’s love all the time.

Every moment that we shared is beautiful; you left a large vacuum in my heart that nobody can fill, may the Lord protect and guide you every day, wishing you love, peace, and harmony.

You are the sunrise of my life; wherever you are now, I pray your heart is filled with love and peace. I always think of you.

Everything you come in contact with today will work out for your good. The mercies of God will speak for you much more today. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, everything is working out for your good today, and for the rest of your week. You’re God’s beloved hence; you are going to achieve all you’ve planned to. Good morning, dear.

You and your household will be known for signs and wonders; amen. May the work of your hands prosper beyond your imagination; amen. May you get positive answers to your pending proposals; amen. May your day be filled with all the joy and sweetness there is; amen. Good morning, my king.

Morning Prayer For Him

Finally, a new day has arrived, may the Lord fill up your energy and bless you with intelligence to sail your ship today. Good morning to my queen of life.

Baby, wake up early on another beautiful day and receive your bountiful joy and blessings from the Lord. I keep you in the safe hand of God. Good morning, my sunshine.

Even if you get up unmotivated to begin your day but the strength that is coming from above is available for you. No worry, today will turn out better than your expectations.

God will take away everything that will lead to your failure and place you in a high position. You will rise to the place of glory and may sweetness never end in your life. Good morning dear.

May God makes your ways smooth and easy for you today, in your going and coming you will receive God’s protection and factors. Good morning, love! Have an outstanding day ahead!

It’s a new day, all I need you to do is to step out graciously into your day of glory. Walk like the king that is, you are cut for greatness, and may you fulfill your purpose. Good morning to you dear.

As you step out this morning, all that you wish for will come your way and I pray that God will give you the happiness that will remain with you every time. As I say good morning, may the day be good to you.

On this day God will look at you and bless you abundantly, he will shower you with so much love. May the Lord surround you with angels that will protect and guide you. Good morning and have a great day!

Have a great morning to the love of my life! Your Indescribable advancement and good works have been unnoticed. I declare that Jesus opens up new opportunities and doors for you today as you have kept the faith.

Prayer Message For My Husband

Trials do come but do not let my husband be crushed by them. In the midst of despair, do not let him be downtrodden.

I pray that the activities of caterpillars, locusts, and cankerworms will cease in my husband’s life. I pray that his finances will not be tampered with.

Oh Lord, I pray that you will stretch out your hand against those who plot ways to make my husband trip and fall. Keep him safe from the wish of the wicked and violent one.

Lord, I pray that You would provide encouraging friendships for my husband. That he would know he is never alone because You are with him, but I ask for others to speak into his life and sharpen him as he sharpens them.

God, would You heal the wounds of my husband’s heart? You’ve promised to heal to those who submit to You. Lord, please smooth the scars of past hurts and brokenness. May Your healing permeate his being, inside and out.

Lord, I pray that You would bless my husband’s work. That he would be diligent and prosperous. That You would give him wisdom and discernment. God, I pray You would give him the strength to walk the opportunities you provide. Thank you, Lord.

Lord, You are gracious and merciful, yet You are all-powerful and understanding. This world can be a fearful place and I pray that You would give my husband courage. Lord, infuse his character with courage for daily decisions and the difficult ones as well.

Father, I praise You for my husband, Your unique creation. Please guard his heart and mind, Jesus. Protect him from temptation and fill him up with the good things he needs. You’ve promised to fill his soul with what he needs and I ask You to do just that.

God, You have provided Your Word and I am so grateful. May Your Word guide my husband as the leader of our home. May his leadership skills be empowered by your wisdom. I trust that You will lead in his hand and heart in our relationship, his work, our home, community, and church.

Good Morning Prayer For My Husband At Work

God our Defense, I lift up my husband to You, asking that You keep him safe from physical harm at work. I pray to You to protect him from accidents with equipment and machinery or vehicles. AMEN

Lord our Lamp, please enlighten my husband with godly wisdom as he goes through his day at work. Give him direction as he is planning out his work to meet deadlines. Guide him in the best way to complete projects. AMEN

Lord in your mighty words I put my trust, have mercy on my husband wherever he is and bless him with wisdom and knowledge to carry out his work, let his heart be filled with your love, bring him to be safe and sound in the evening, AMEN

Lord, I commit everything about my husband’s life into your hands, put your blessing in every work that he undertakes, let your divine light guide him, bless him and make him a fulfilled man, and bring him back to me in happiness and joy. AMEN

Lord our Strength, as my husband is working, give him the power to persevere through challenging situations. When the work is dull and monotonous, give him focus and fortitude. When the workload is heavy, help him to press through with endurance and efficiency. AMEN

All-powerful Father, I bring to You my husband’s job. He has worked diligently and taken additional training to broaden his abilities and enhance his current skills. You also know the financial state of his company and his field. I pray that he will not be included among those who are being laid off. I pray that You will grant that he has longevity at this job and continued promotion. AMEN

Lord our Captain, please direct my husband in all his ways while he is working overseas. I pray for traveling safety when he is flying to points abroad, and while commuting in the cities where he’s working. Keep him safe from disease and danger of any kind. May he not be tempted into unfaithfulness while we are apart. Help us find ways to communicate and stay close. Help him find a place to worship and fellowship with believers. AMEN

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