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FIRE 🔥🔥 AND ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️
✨Episode 21✨
Skylar’s POV
I’m about to sleep now but Andrian still isn’t here, I kind of miss him though even if he’s arrogant.
I picked up my phone and called Audrey. I missed her call thirty times, I’m sure she must be really worried.
Ella too must be worried, I hope Andrian explained things to her already.
“Hey girlfriend! I’ve been calling you for like forever, where did you put your phone? How have you been? I hope you are fine wherever you are?” she asked at once
“Like seriously Audrey? I don’t even remember one among the questions you asked so how am I supposed to answer them?”
“Okay. Firstly, where have you been because you don’t pick my calls anytime I call”
“You remember Mason from highschool right?”
“Of course! Who will forget a big time playboy like him?”
“Good! He kidnapped me ever since the day you told me you felt something was wrong”
“Really? That’s like two days ago now”
“Yeah, I’m still in the hospital now. The doctor said I will be discharged after a week”
“I’m so sorry Skylar. I should have found a way to visit you in Andrian’s company but I’ve been really busy lately, I’m the worst friend ever”
“You and I know that’s not true Audrey. You’re the best among the best and you will always remain my most cherished friend”
“Thank you Skylar. I promise to be there first thing tomorrow morning. What’s the name of the hospital?”
“Katherine C. hospital. I wonder what the C stands for though.”
“Alright! You have a lot of explanation to do tomorrow like how you ended up in that bug hospital. For now, sleep tight. I love you”
“Thanks Audrey. 😘😘
I can never stop loving her.
*Next day*
I woke up in the morning and stretched my body in bed. Audrey told me she’ll be coming today, I just hope she doesn’t panic when she sees my stomach.
I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my bath. That nurse is a blessing in disguise, I wonder what would have happened if she didn’t bring those clothes for me.
I should probably tell Audrey to come along with some clothes for me.
“Good morning girlfriend” I said into the phone
“Morning babe. I will soon be there, just relax, I know you miss me” she said proudly
“Keep fooling yourself, I didn’t miss you at all. Have you left home?”
“Uhhm… Yeah. Why did you ask?”
“It’s nothing, I was thinking you were still at home”
“Come on, tell me. I know you too well”
“I wanted to tell you to bring some of my clothes that are with you”
“So that your jerk of a boss couldn’t bring clothes for you”
“He’s not a jerk” I defended him
It was not until Audrey gasped that I realized what I said.
“I… I mean…”
“Save your breath. I need the full gist when I get there. Bye” she said and ended the call
What have I gotten myself into?
Mason’s POV
I got to the hospital I was told Skylar is and the nurses were really busy.
Hmmph! What should I do?
Should I pretend to be her friend or should I just wear a doctor’s coat and go into her ward pretending to be a doctor?
I thought deeply for a while before going for the first option. I will just pretend to be her close friend who came to sympathize with her after hearing about the ill fate that befell her.
“Good day ma’am” I greeted the receptionist after wearing a dark shade to keep my identity hidden
“Good day sir, how may I help you?” she asked politely
“I’m here to see one Skylar Brandon, she was brought here two days ago” I explained
“A minute please” she said and went through the names of the patients that were probably brought in two days ago
“You’re right, she’s in ward 108. One of our staffs will direct you there”
“Thanks” I said and followed the nurse that was to take me there
“Sorry sir, but only one person is allowed to go at once” the nurse said when we got to Skylar’s ward
“But why?” I asked through gritted teeth trying to calm my nerves
“She doesn’t need noise sir. The wound was really deep so she needs an environment that is really quiet” the nurse explained
“Okay then. You guys should stay back for now, let me go in first” I said to my men
The nurse opened the door and I met Skylar on the bed staring outside through the window.
I smirked when I saw her flawless skin and fortunately for me, the nurse made it known that she’s vulnerable because of the depth of the wound.
I was hoping she won’t notice anyone in the room until the nurse leaves but it looks like things didn’t go that way.
She stared at me in confusion before turning to the nurse.
“Who is he and why is he here?” she asked and I instantly became nervous
“Ohh… He said he’s your friend and he came to check up on you after hearing what happened”
“But I don’t have a male friend” she said looking confused. Can’t she just keep her stupid mouth shut?
“You don’t have a male friend, then how….?” the nurse asked also looking lost
“It looks like there is a misunderstanding somewhere. Let’s go back to the receptionist” I said and walked out leaving them in a confused state.
I tried to change my voice but Skylar was almost catching on with it and if I stayed there a bit longer, she will know I’m the one.
“Let’s go” I said to my men
I will make sure I have a taste of Skylar even if it’s the last thing I do on earth.
Skylar’s POV
I don’t understand what just happened. What was that guy and why did his voice sounded so familiar?
“Are you okay?” the nurse asked snapping me out of my thought
“Y.. yeah I’m fine. Just a slight headache”
“Just lie on the bed, you’ll be fine. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything” she said and left
That voice! I’ve definitely heard it before but where?
I gasped as realization dawned on me. That was Mason! So he came to finish what he started or what?
I swear I’m going to kill that guy with my bare hands the next time I set my eyes on him.
FIRE 🔥🔥 AND ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖
♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️
✨Episode 22✨
Skylar’s POV
Almost immediately Mason left, Audrey came into my ward and I sighed in relief.
“Did something happen?” she asked rushing to my side. One of the reasons why she’s my best friend is because she’s really observant.
“Mason was here” I said with a sigh
“Which Mason is that?” she asked looking lost
“The Mason that kidnapped me of course” I answered with an eye roll
“Really? Where is the bastard? He had the guts to come here? Take me to him now” Audrey rasped already on her feet
“Uhhmm….. he must have left already”
“Why didn’t you inform the securities?”
“Well, he came in disguise so I didn’t discover it in time. That’s bye gone now, I don’t even want to talk about that imbecile.
To think he almost took the virginity I kept for years, I’m going to kill him the next time I set my eyes on him” I said fuming in anger
“We’re going to do that together, just save your strength and rest for now okay?” she cooed
“Thanks best. So did you bring anything for me?” I asked with pouted lips
“Don’t flirt with me, do that to Andrian” she said still searching for what she bought for me
“Are you sure you’re okay Audrey?”
“Of course, I’m perfectly fine. Does it seem like I’m not okay to you?”
“Yeah. I mean, why will you think there is something going on between I and my boss?”
“Really? Sorry then. Yay! Found it” she exclaimed giving them to me
She brought clothes and snacks for me.
“You got new clothes for me?”
“Of course!”
“Thanks best” I said with tears almost dropping
“Cry baby. You always act tough outside but to the few special people that knows everything about you, we know you’re the most soft-hearted girl on earth”
“That’s not true” I argued wiping my tears
“Yes your highness. Sorry babe, I have to go now”
“Alright, thanks”
“Bye. I will drop by in the evening” she said and left
God bless my bestie for me.
Mason’s POV
I angrily kicked everything I came across when I got home. I had everything planned out already so why did it have to get ruined?
“Calm down sir” one of my men said
“I should calm down? Should I start blowing off your head’s one after the other so you can know how infuriated I am?” I snapped at them
“No sir”
“Just get lost” I ordered and they scurried away
I will make sure I teach Skylar a lesson she will never forget for making me go through this stress.
Zoey’s POV
I dressed professionally and got into my car heading to Andrian’s company.
“Good morning” I kept hearing from different directions and it made me feel like I was on top of the world.
I went straight to Andrian’s office and knocked on the door gently before going in.
Andrian raised his head but when he saw I was the one, he took his eyes back to what he was doing. That’s strange! I shrugged the thoughts off and sat down.
“Good morning Andrian” I greeted
“Morning” he answered coldly
“Is something wrong?”
“O.. Kay. I want to work in your company” I said, and for the first time since I got in, he snapped his head up to look at me and stared at me like I was speaking a different language
“I don’t understand” he finally said after few minutes of silence
“I want to work here Andrian as your PA, secretary or any other work I’m capable of, please”
“But why? You’re a successful model so what do you need this job for?”
“I usually get bored staying alone at home and this is the only thing I could think of, please” I said earning a sigh from him
“Zoey, what you’re asking for is not possible”
“Why? So you mean you can’t do this for your best friend” I asked tearing up a little
I know he doesn’t like seeing me in tears and that’s why I’m using it against him
“N.. no Zoey. Okay, I will do something about it” he said and my face lit up
“Thank you Andrian”
“You’re welcome”
“I need to get clothes from the mall, see you later” I said and pecked his cheeks before running outside.
“You won’t believe it Leah” I said into the phone on my way to the mall
“Believe what?” she asked confused
“Andrian is going to employ me in his company” I said happily
“Yes. I’m heading to the mall to get some work clothes”
“O.. Kay. I actually found out where Andrian was for two days” she said and I stopped the car abruptly
“So…. where was he?” I asked curiously
“I don’t mean to bring this up when you’re I a good mood but I still have to tell you”
“You can tell me”
“Okay. He was in his Mom’s hospital with a lady”
“What? He took a girl to his Mom’s hospital? Do you know who the lady is?”
“Yes. It’s his PA” she said and I felt my heart split into two
“What?” I wanted to scream but my voice of came out in a whisper
“Zoey, are you there?” Leah asked
“Y.. yes. I will call you back later” I said and hanged up
Andrian has never taken me to his Mom’s hospital no matter what happens. He only takes special people there
like Avery but he took his ordinary PA there? What is she to him?
I’m sure going to end that girl if she keeps getting in my way because she’s trying to reap where she did not sow.
Leah’s POV
I won’t sit here and watch Zoey take my Andrian away. I will do everything in my power to make sure they don’t end up together.
The problem I’m having now is that Skylar. Even Zoey doesn’t pose this much threat to me so why her?
I guess I will have to deal with her first before focusing on Zoey.
“Hello Mark, I need you to do a job for me”
“Do it perfectly without mistakes, understood?”
“Yes boss”
Skylar Brandon, you are so going down.

FIRE 🔥🔥 AND ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️
✨Episode 23✨
Skylar’s POV
It was evening already so I just laid on the bed after eating dinner staring at nothing in particular.
I don’t like the way I’m lying helplessly on this goddamn bed. I don’t even know how my sister is doing.
Andrian also stopped checking up on me, I don’t even know what I was expecting in the first place.
I stared at the ceiling lost in thought when the lights suddenly went of. Huh?
I became conscious of my environment and instantly sat up. There have been different attempts on my life lately and this might be one of them.
I don’t even care whether it’s one of them or not. What matters is for me to stay safe until the lights are on again.
I slowly got up from the bed because the wound was yet to heal up and then I crawled under the bed and tried
to be as quiet as I could.
Minutes later, I heard the door open. Oh God, please save me. How am I supposed to know who is at the door?
It might be a nurse and it might be someone sent to take my life but if it’s someone sent you take my life, how many are they?
For how long will I continue to live like this? I haven’t offended anyone so why does it has to be me all the time.
I clamped my mouth shut and swallowed my cries. I heard movement and shortly, I managed to see a leg beside
the bed. Looks like it’s only one person but I don’t know if I will be able to fight in this condition.
“I know you’re in this room Skylar so come out on your own now or you won’t like what I will do to you”
Oh goodness! Why isn’t the light back yet? I can’t stay under this bed forever, I need to do something now that I still have little strength.
I made a sound that distracted him and he left the bed, then I gently crawled out of the bed and went behind him.
I caught him by surprise so it was only a matter of time before I took him down.
“Who sent you?” I asked hovering over him but he kept quiet. Instead of answering, he brought out a dagger and tried stabbing me with it but I was faster than him.
“I spared your life and instead of repaying my favour by answering me truthfully, you tried to kill me? Not to
worry. Just get your worthless self out of here before I lose it” I said lowly because strength was slowly slipping out of me
Fortunately for me, he picked up his dagger and ran out as fast as he could and then I lost consciousness.
Andrian’s POV
I’m so confused right now. Zoey is giving me a problem on one hand and on the other hand is Skylar.
I don’t even know how Skylar is doing. I’m not supposed to care since I dislike ladies but I can’t help it.
I kept the files I was working on, picked up my briefcase and left my office.
“Lock my office for me” I told my secretary without sparing her a glance
“Drive me to Katherine C’s hospital” I ordered my driver and got into the already opened car
I arrived at the hospital and noticed there was power outage but almost immediately, the lights came on.
“What happened?” I asked one of the nurses
“We don’t know sir but I think someone tampered with the light and it went off. We had to call someone to do it”
“Really? Is the security of this place that weak that anyone can just tamper with things and go freely? Why didn’t you tell me you needed more security?
What am I even saying? Call the head doctors and head of securities to my office, I will be joining them in a bit” I said and went to Skylar’s ward
On getting there, I noticed the door was slightly opened and my heart started beating faster.
I took in deep breaths before opening the door and I met her lying on the floor unconscious.
I quickly ring the emergency bell and carried her to the bed gently and few minutes later, doctors and nurses came rushing in.
“I’m going to fire every single one of you buy first, treat her” I said in one breath before leaving the ward
Leah’s POV
The stupid fool I sent to get rid of Skylar told me he couldn’t do it. He said she’s a really strong girl and he will never think of going there again.
Can you just hear that? Imagine the rubbish that dimwit sputtered! How can a man open his mouth to say a girl is too strong for him?
Not just any girl, a girl on the sick bed at that! He should just thank his stars that he told me on phone.
Does this mean I have to send someone else to do the job? I don’t think that would be possible again.
Andrian would have doubled the security so it will be really difficult for another assassin to go in.
I guess I will have to wait until she leaves the hospital and this time around, I will come up with a better plan that will end her for good.
Skylar’s POV
I woke up in the morning to see Andrian staring at me. The event of last night came rushing in and I just sighed.
Is that guy from Mason or is someone else also trying to kill me? Thinking about that alone made me weak.
“How are you feeling now?” Andrian asked
I don’t even know how I feel when I heard his voice, it would have been better if he didn’t say anything.
He left me for how many days and now that he heard something happened to me, he came rushing here.
I know I’m not supposed to feel this way because he is just my boss but then, I can’t help it.
I faced the other side of the room and pretended not to hear what he said.
“Is she okay now?” he asked
He’s probably referring to the nurses and doctors in the room
“She’s better now. Just few more days and she will be discharged” a doctor answered
“Alright. Excuse us”
“Yes sir” they responded
I heard the door open and close and I concluded they had left already.
“You have every reason to be mad at me Skylar and I know, but I’m really sorry.”
“I have no reason to be mad at you because you’re just my boss. You shouldn’t care about me” I said still not facing him
“No Skylar, don’t talk that way. I’ve been busy with a lot of things and I promise to make it up to you”
“Don’t make it up to me. I’m just your PA and nothing more so please stop trying to make things difficult for me.
I want to be alone” I said with my voice breaking
“I… I should leave?”
“Yes… Please” I pleaded in a whisper
“Okay, take care of yourself” he said and left
A tear rolled down my cheek after he left.
“Skylar, you’re so stupid. How can you chase away someone that cares about you?” my subconscious scolded
But why won’t I chase him away? The whole universe is going to be against us if we go into a relationship.
Besides, he dislikes women and I don’t want to be the one to change that. We should just stick to our
professional relationship.
I know it’s going to be hard for me because I have feelings for him and this is the first time I will be feeling this
way towards anyone but I’m willing to endure it to avoid bugger trouble and obstacles ahead.

FIRE 🔥🔥 AND ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️
✨Episode 24✨
Andrian’s POV
I left Skylar’s ward and went to sit in my car, thinking about how much I’ve changed.
This isn’t me. Since when did I become this soft hearted?
I took someone I barely know to my moms hospital, put her in a special ward and kept checking up on her. It’s
not just even anyone, a female at that.
I have to return to my old self because I don’t like this new me one bit.
I shouldn’t care about Skylar because she’s just my PA and also a female. I need to become that strict and arrogant boss.
I ignited my car and drove off to my company.
I got there with my stiff face and went straight to my office. Getting inside, I met Zoey waiting for me in the
reception. I totally forgot about our discussion yesterday.
“Good morning Andrian” she greeted with a smile
I noticed she’s looking different (in a good way) this morning but I don’t really care.
“Morning” I replied with a straight face before going to my office.
“What’s wrong Andrian?” Zoey asked taking a sit
“When we’re in the office Zoey, you keep our friendly relationship aside and switch to professional mode. Is that understood?”
“Y… Yes” she stuttered
I know she must be surprised but I care less.
“For now, there’s no vacancy but considering how we are, I’m going to give you a job for the main time.
You will work with the administrative department but first you will have to undergo a 2 months training here in
the company, then you can resume work fully after that” I concluded without sparing her a glance.
“O.. Kay”
“Come and take Khloe to the administrative department. She’s to train with them for 2 months” I said into the phone and hanged up
Almost immediately, my secretary came in and took Khloe to the department like k instructed.
Skylar’s POV
After minutes of sniffing, I pulled myself together and decided to take a nap.
I should also return to my old self because I’ve been letting my guard down a lot ever since I met Andrian and that has to stop.
It was evening already when I woke up. I feel a lot better now and I wish they could just discharge me now.
I miss Ella so much and I’m dying to know how she’s doing.
A nurse came into my ward almost immediately.
“Please when am I going to get discharged?” I asked politely
“When you’re fit”
“But I’m completely fine now. Please just let me go home”
“That’s for the doctor to decide, not me”
“Okay” I sighed dejectedly
*Next day*
“Miss Skylar, you are physically fit now so you can get discharged. Mr Andrian has taken care of the bills so you
don’t have to worry about it” the doctor told me and I was really happy
I took my bath and had breakfast before leaving the hospital.
Ahh! Finally I can breathe in fresh air after a week of being in the hospital. I can’t remember the last time I saw the sky, it feels like it’s been ages already.
I boarded a cab and went straight to Andrian’s mansion.
When I got in, everywhere was quiet like a graveyard. Andria must have gone to work, Avery and Ella must have gone to school too so I’m left alone in this big house.
I need to cook something for Avery and Ella before they return from school.
I went to my room and put some things in order before heading to the kitchen to cook a light food.
I will be resuming work next week, I wonder if things will still remain the same at work.
Zoey’s POV
Andrian has changed a lot! He doesn’t even treat me like I’m his friend anymore.
He always busies himself with work and it’s really annoying. He wasn’t this arrogant before.
I finished my work for the day and went to his office. I was wearing a skimpy gown and he hasn’t seen me since I came to work.
I want to try to seduce him. It might not work but I still have to try my luck.
“Inform him” I said to his secretary when I got to his office
His secretary put a call through to him informing him I was there.
“You can go in now”
“Alright” I said and went in
As usual, he was working on many files. Something is definitely wrong with Andrian for him to behave this way
Anyway, that’s not why I’m here so I guess I should focus on the mission at hand.
“Good evening Andrian” I greeted causing him to look up
“Shit!” he cursed under his breath and took his eyes back to the files he was working on.
The dress I wore was extremely skimpy. The gown managed to cover my butt and it clung to my body tightly.
“How is work going?” I asked seductively
“F.. fine” he stuttered
Beads of sweat were beginning to form on his forehead and I couldn’t help but smirk. Just what I needed.
I dropped my bag on the table and walked sexily towards him.
“Don’t punish yourself Andrian. You need a woman’s touch and you know it. Just let me be that woman that will satisfy you”
“N . No. I don’t need a woman to s… atisfy me, I’m okay” he stuttered nervously
I walked over to him and caressed his body. After a while, I moved my hands downward and felt the bulge in his trousers.
He was as hard as rock and I know there’s no way he would be able to resist me now.
“Let’s just have a quickie Andrian” I said closing the files on the table before pushing them farther away.
He couldn’t control himself anymore so he took over and pushed me on the table.
He kissed my lips fiercely and caressed every inch of my body. I never knew he would be this good because as far
as I know, he has only had sex once but whatever. Let me enjoy this moment while it lasts.
He pushed my skimpy gown up and tried taking my pant off but it was difficult so he just ripped it off and thrust his finger into my V.
“Hmm…..” I moaned
He continued with the hot romance and not long after, he looked his zip and his dick came bouncing out. We are really doing this!
He thrust his dick into me without warning and I moaned in a little pain and pleasure. The ride went on until he finally cummed.
That was the best sex I’ve ever had. I looked at Andrian’s face and noticed he had a look of regret on his face.
Whatever! The did has been done and there’s no going back.

FIRE 🔥🔥 AND ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️
✨Episode 25✨
Andrian’s POV
What have I done? Did I just have sex with my childhood friend? What exactly has gotten into me?
I was never like this before so how did everything suddenly change?
I picked my briefcase and left my office.
“Make sure you lock my office before leaving” I said to my secretary and headed home
Throughout the drive home, all I kept thinking about was the sex I just had. The Andrian I know gets disgusted
just by the sight of women but now, I just had sex with one.
I don’t even know who to blame. Should I blame Zoey for seducing me or should I blame myself for falling cheaply for her trick? This is so frustrating!
The driver got home and parked the car. I didn’t waste a second before taking my briefcase and went inside.
When I got to the sitting room, I noticed everywhere was sparkling and Skylar was sitted with Avery and Ella. So
Skylar has done all these within the few hours she arrived here?
I know she’s a bit hardworking but I never expected her to do this when she’s not completely healed yet.
“Good evening” she greeted with her head bowed. Is she shy or what? Whatever!
“Welcome home brother” Avery greeted with a straight face and focused her gaze on her book. She’s probably still upset with me.
“Thanks. Evening” I responded to their greetings after which I headed straight to my room to get rid of the sex smell on my body by taking a long bath.
Skylar’s POV
After I finished cooking lunch, I swept everywhere and mopped the floor. It’s not my duty because I’m just a cook but seeing how everywhere looks dusty, I have no choice.
When I was done with that, I went to the bathroom to wash the sweats off my body.
I was still in the bathroom when I heard the door open. Ella and Avery are probably back. I hurriedly finished bathing and came out to dress up so I can attend to them.
I wonder what I’m going to say to Ella after disappearing from the house for a week.
When I was done, I went to the sitting room and their faces were filled with shock. I was expecting that too.
“Sis Skylar!!” Ella screamed and rushed to hug me when she finally regained herself
I hugged her really tight too, I’ve missed her so much!
“Where have you been?” she asked pulling away from the hug
What am I going to say to her now? That I was kidnapped and I’ve been in the hospital for a week now? No, I can’t tell her that.
“Sir Andrian said you went on a business trip but I don’t believe him. Why would you go on a business trip without saying anything to me?”
So Andrian lied to her? I guess I have no choice but to continue with the lie
“It was an impromptu trip Ella and that was why I wasn’t able to inform you before leaving” I finally found something to say.
“So you really went on a business trip?” she asked again to be sure
“Yes darling”
“Okay then. I believe you since it’s coming from you. I missed you”
“I missed you more”
“Enough of the drama please. I’m hungry” Avery spoke up for the first time since they came in
“I’ve prepared lunch already so all you have to do now is bath and come for your food.” I said with a sweet smile
“Yes big sis” Ella answered while Avery just rolled her eyes.
I, Ella and Avery sat in the sitting room while I taught them their assignments. Although, Avery is arrogant just like a brother, she’s still fun to be with.
We were almost done with the work when I heard a car drive into the parking lot. I need no one to tell me it’s Andrian and I suddenly felt nervous.
“Good evening” I greeted when he came in
He responded to our greetings with a straight face before going inside. Mean jerk!
I rounded up the assignments and we went to our rooms. I prepared dinner already but I don’t know if Andrian will love to eat.
After few minutes of laying on the bed, I drifted to sleep.
Mason’s POV
I heard Skylar has been discharged from the office but I don’t even know where she lives. This is really annoying?
How am I supposed to carry out my plans if I don’t know where she lives? Geez!
Should I team up with someone powerful so it will be easier for me? But then again, why am I stressing myself because of Skylar?
There are many girls out there that are willing to go any length just to have a one night stand with me but here I
am going crazy over Skylar. I guess it’s because I get turned on just staring at her alone.
Andrian’s POV
“What’s up man?” Michael said into the phone
He actually called when I was about sleeping and I had no choice but to answer the call because he’s too
“I’m good. You?”
“I’m good too. Is your PA back from the hospital?” he asked making me glare hard like I could see him
“What’s your business with that?”
“Chill man, okay? I was only asking after her. Besides, you said there’s nothing between you too and you don’t
feel a thing for her so why getting all worked up over her? Is she back?”
“I don’t know. You can come see for yourself tomorrow” I said and ended the call
Why did I even ask him to come tomorrow? I’m a big fool!
Skylar’s POV
I woke up in the morning at exactly 7:00 am. Ahh! Did I sleep this much? Ohh… I’m late for work!
I quickly ran into the bathroom to take my bath but stopped in my track when I something struck me.
Ella is still asleep which only means one thing. Today is Saturday so I don’t need to go to work. How could I have forgotten?
I slowly walked to the kitchen to prepare breakfast after which I tidied everywhere and mopped the floor before going to take my bath.
Ella already swept our room and took her bath before I got in.
“Good morning big sis” she greeted
“Morning. How was your night?”
“It was fine”
“Alright. I will come and dish out your food now, just give me few minutes to take my bath”
Everyone of us ate to our fill and I packed the plates and washed them.
Avery and Andrian went to their respective rooms while I and Ella stayed in the sitting room watching TV.
Shortly, we heard a knock on the door. Is Andrian expecting a visitor or what?
I sluggishly stood up to open the door and I was surprised when I found a young guy around Andrian’s age standing by the door.
“Good day! How can I help you?” I asked sounding as polite as I could
“I actually came to see you” he said shocking me
“I don’t know you”
“Yeah, I know. You don’t know me but Andrian and your sister knows me”
He came inside after he said that and I turned to look at Ella for an explanation.
“He’s Andrian’s friend” she mouthed
Ohh…that explains it all.
“What of Andrian?”
“He’s upstairs”
“Okay. So how are you doing?”
“Okay. Sorry to ask but is there a kind of relationship between you and Andrian? I know we’re just meeting but I’m dying of curiosity”
“There’s no sort of relationship between us. I’m just his PA”
“Okay. I’ve always admired you from the first time Andrian told me about you, so will you be my girlfriend?” he asked leaving me speechless
I was about giving him an answer when I noticed a figure on the staircase. I turned to have a look and found
Andrian throwing murderous glares at both of us. Tell me he didn’t hear a thing.
Leah’s POV
Since my first plan to get rid of Skylar didn’t work, I will have to try something else. I will join hands with Mason and bring her down.
Mason wants Skylar while I want Andrian but I won’t let Mason know I want Andrian. I’m going to lie to me that I just want to do it for Zoey’s sake.
“Good day” I said into the phone after dialing Mason’s number
“Good day! Please how may I help you?” Mason said into the phone. I’m sure he doesn’t know I’m the one.
“Meet me at MC Donald’s restaurant in thirty minutes”
“And why should I do that?”
“Let’s just say because you want Skylar and I also want something. You have just thirty minutes” I said and
hanged up without listening to whatever he had to say
Let the game begin!

FIRE 🔥🔥 AND  ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️
✨Episode 26✨
Skylar’s POV
I stared from Andrian to Michael not knowing what to do. Why should I even be like this because of Andrian?
“Uhhm…. I will need time to think about it” I said facing him
“Sure, you can do just that”
“Alright. Which drink do you prefer? I will still cook but you should at least take something before then”
“I think I will take whiskey” he answered with a shrug taking a seat at the same time.
“Okay” I headed to the mini bar to take a bottle of whiskey and a glass cup. I gently placed the bottle and glass cup on the table before him.
“What would you like to eat?” I asked politely
“Macaroni and cheese with fried chicken” he answered
“Alright. It will be done in few minutes” I said and left for the kitchen
*45 minutes later*
I dished out the food and took it to Andrian’s friend in the sitting room.
“Enjoy your meal” I said and walked away before he could say anything else
*In the evening*
I left my room and headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I’ve been in my room since because I’m trying to avoid Andrian and Michael.
I prepared a light food for dinner and went back in to call the kids.
Avery is not arrogant to I and Ella anymore. It’s a good change though but I don’t completely trust her to have
changed. The same blood flows through her and Andrian’s vein so it’s hard to believe her.
We sat down round the dining table after I dished out the food and all of us ate to our fill. I packed our plates to
the kitchen and washed them when we were done.
“Meet me downstairs now! You have just two minutes” Sir Andrian ordered through the intercom just when I was about sleeping
What exactly is his problem and who the hell does he think he is to order me around anyhow he pleases? Hmmph!
I wore my slippers and sluggishly went downstairs.
“Within how many minutes did I ask you to come downstairs?” Sir Andrian asked when I got to the sitting room
Why am I even including sir in his name? He’s just too grumpy and arrogant
“There’s no way I could have gotten here within two minutes” I said staring directly at his eyeball
“You don’t look me in the eyes when talking to me” he said making me huff
I took my eyes to the floor to avoid any argument because all I want to do now is sleep. Why did he even call me here in the first place? As if he heard my thoughts, he spoke up
“Why didn’t you dish out my food?”
“You were in your room and I wasn’t sure if you would eat or not”
“Really? Why didn’t you come to my room to ask me? A total stranger came and you prepared a delicious meal
for him without my permission and you’re telling me you were not sure if I your boss would eat or not?” he said and I rolled my eyes
Here we go again. His bossy and arrogant attitude is back. Is he jealous I cooked for his friend or what? Whatever!
When he noticed I wasn’t saying anything, he continued.
“I want to eat Mole Poblano so go to the kitchen and prepare it for me. If you don’t know how it’s done, check your phone. Call me when you’re done” he said and left
He’s got to be kidding me! This is almost 10pm and he’s asking me to cook a meal of about six hours for him? He must be the devil himself.
I angrily stomped to the kitchen to start cooking, not like I have a choice anyway.
I finished cooking the meal at exactly 3am and informed him the food was ready.
“I’m no longer hungry, just dispose the food” he said and hung up
I know he has no human feeling but isn’t this too much?
“You’re stronger than you think Skylar. Don’t think about this night, instead, think about the greater days ahead.
Just go to sleep like nothing happened and you’ll be fine” I kept saying to myself until I finally slept off
Thank goodness tomorrow will be Sunday so I will have time to rest properly.
*Monday morning*
I woke up this morning feeling really nervous like this is going to be my first day at work. It’s probably because I haven’t been there for a week now.
I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast after which I went back to my room to get ready for work.
“Bye Ella. Make sure you focus on your studies and make me proud. I love you” I said and kissed her forehead before releasing her to go.
“Wait up Ella! Let’s make use of my car to school” Avery said shocking everyone of us including Andrian
“Thanks but I prefer taking the bus” Ella said and tried walking away but stopped on her tracks when she heard
the word she never imagined could proceed out of Avery’s mouth
“I’m sorry Ella. I know I’ve never treated you right but can we start over again? I need someone I can call a friend, please” she added making me gobsmacked
Okay, this is weird! It’s either something is wrong with Avery or….I don’t even know. It’s just too much to take in.
Andrian had to sit down on a couch because his feet was wobbling, he didn’t believe his own sister would ever
apologise to anyone.
“It’s okay then, let’s go” Ella said after staring at Avery for a while and they both got into the car heading to school
I left Andrian on the couch and got into the car that is to take me to work. I arrived there not to long after and the familiar feeling washed over me.
The company hasn’t really changed much, I guess I will blend in.
I greeted the few workers I met on the way to my office before finally getting there. I opened the door to see
everywhere sparkling and neatly arranged.
I got in and sat on my swivel chair before going through the things I’ve missed. I have to know when Andrian
arrives so I can give him his morning coffee.
Few minutes later, he finally arrived and I took his coffee to him and headed back to my office.
Andrian’s POV
These few days of Skylar’s return has been hell for me. I’ve been resisting the urge to just grab her and kiss her.
I don’t know if it’s because of what happened between I and Zoey on Friday or it’s something else.
I sat down quietly in my office and shortly, my secretary informed me Skylar was here.
She came in, dropped my coffee and left without saying a word. That has been the usual routine ever since the
night I asked her to prepare mole for me.
I know what I did was wrong but my ego won’t let me apologise. Why should I even apologise? I’m her boss and I pay her so why should I apologise for something like that?
I set out to work and sipped the coffee at interval. Few hours into the work, my secretary called to inform me Zoey wants to see me.
I can’t see her yet, the scene of what we did just keeps replaying in my head.
“I don’t want to see anyone for now” I said and wanted to hang up but my secretary stopped me
“She said she’s going to create a scene here if you don’t let her in”
“Fine, fine, let her in” I said giving up
“Good morning Andrian”
“Morning” I replied coldly without raising my head from the file I was handling
“Please look at me Andrian, I promise not to take much of your time”
“Say whatever you have to say, I’m listening”
“No, I want you to look at me. Please” she pleaded again and I had no choice
“Fine. What is it?”
“I just want us to talk about what happened on Friday. I know this isn’t the right place to talk about it but Avery asked me not to come to your mansion again”
“Let’s just forget whatever happened between us on Friday. Please Zoey”
“Andrian… What are you saying? You mean you just used me?” she stuttered and I was starting to feel guilty
“No Zoey, I didn’t use you. I only want us to forget it because we’re best friends. I wouldn’t want something that will ruin our friendship”
“We can be more than just friends Andrian, we can be lovers. Please Andrian… I’ve always loved you and I still do. Just consider my feelings”
“Zoey, what you’re asking for is impossible. Just let’s forget what happened”
“I should forget that you slept with me Andrian, is that it? Don’t you care about how I feel? Are you this inconsiderate?”
“Zoey… ” I was saying but she cut me off
“I get it. To you, I was just someone you had a quickie with. It’s fine” she said in tears and left my office

What have I gotten myself into?

ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖
♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️
✨Episode 27✨
Andrian’s POV
I sat down dejectedly as Zoey left my office. How could I have let myself loose easily and fall for her seduction?
I know I should be blaming her for seducing me but I can’t just do that. It’s not like she forced herself on me so we’re both at fault here.
“Get me Zoey now” I said into the intercom and sighed tiredly
What the hell am I supposed to tell her when she comes?
“Zoey, I understand your plight and I promise to think about us being lovers. I just need time, that’s all”
How can I think of saying that? That’s absurd! Okay, how about this?
“Zoey, I’m really sorry about what happened and I promise to make it up to you in anyway I can. Ask for anything,
anything at all apart from us being lovers please…. “
Wow! That’s totally cool! I think I will go with that.
“She’s hear sir” my secretary announced and I suddenly became nervous and sweaty.
“Let her in” I said after clearing my voice
She came in with her eyes all puffy and red, she must have been crying all through.
“Zoey, I’m really sorry about what happened and I promise to make it up to you in anyway I can. Ask for anything,
anything at all apart from us being lovers please…. ” I said everything I rehearsed without mincing words
I just hope she accepts my apology this time.
“Don’t you get it Andrian? I want your love and nothing else. I want us to be in a relationship, I want to be in your arms all day long? Is that one thing too much too ask?” she said already in tears again
“Alright, stop crying. I will think about it” I said avoiding her eyes
“Are you sure?”
“Okay, thanks. I will get going” she said and left my office
I’m in a really deep mess!
*Lunch time*
Aubrey came in with my coffee as usual with a cold and emotionless face. She dropped it on the table and turned
around to leave as usual but I stopped her.
“Skylar, I’m so… Nevermind, you can leave” I said and she left dejectedly without saying a word.
I can’t believe I almost said sorry to Skylar. I’ve only said that word to two people ever since I was born and that’s
Avery and my mom. Ohh…. It’s three now because I said sorry to Zoey also.
Since when did I become this soft man? Saying sorry to just anyone? I’ve really changed a lot.
Once I get out of this mess I’m into with Zoey, I will avoid females like a plague because they are no good.
“You won’t be getting out of the mess with Zoey anytime soon” my subconscious reminded
Damn it! Just why am I getting into trouble?
Zoey came in not too long after. Talk about the devil!
“Won’t you go out for lunch Andrian?” she asked
“No, I’m busy” I answered within gritted teeth
“O.. kay. Can I ask for something?” she asked lowly
“What’s that?” I asked with my gaze focused on her. It’s not everytime you get to see the shy Zoey.
“A.. kiss” she stammered like it was her first time saying it
“Zoey, I’m busy right now. Besides, I told you I will think about us going into a relationship. I haven’t concluded
on that yet”
“I know. I just thought…… Nevermind, I’ll get going” she said and wanted leaving but I called her back out of guilt
“It’s just a kiss and nothing more” I said sternly
She came closer to me and kissed me hungrily like she has been dying to do that. Shortly, I heard the door open.
Who the hell will come into my office without my permission? I took my eyes to the door and the only thing I saw
was a the back view of a woman and the tip of her dress. I need no one to tell me it was Skylar.
I think things just got worse.
Skylar’s POV
I went to Andrian’s office to show him a contract I saw about a company but when I got there, his secretary wasn’t in so I just went in.
I had already opened the door when I remembered I didn’t knock but it was too late so I just raised my head and
met with the greatest shock of my life.
Andrian and Zoey were kissing and smooching. Like seriously? I thought people said Andrian is not interested in
women so what’s this?
I didn’t realize I was crying until a tear dropped down my cheek. Andrian was about raising his head to look at the intruder so I quickly ran away before I get caught.
I went to my office and closed the door fiercely before sliding down the door with tears in my eyes.
Why am I even crying? There’s nothing going on between I and Andrian. Since when did I become this way? How
can I cry over a guy I know little to nothing about?
I wiped my tears and stood up with a stronger determination. I’m not going to let Andrian get to me from now an. I’m a new Skylar!
Mason’s POV
A new contract is out and this time, I have to sit tight. The person that gets to win this huge contract will
undoubtedly become the richest businessman in the world.
The contract consists of billions and I wouldn’t want to lose it for anything in the world.
Sadly, the rules of this contract are really strict so there’s no way I can bribe my way through but I’m going to give it my best and make sure Andrian doesn’t win this contract.
For now, I will have to forget about Skylar. I can always have my way with her later but this contract is different.
Leah’s POV
I still can’t believe that good for nothing Mason didn’t meet with me the day I called him. He isn’t even happy
that someone as special and classy as me is willing to become his accomplice. Rubbish!
Should I call him again? No, I won’t do that! He will think I’m a jobless person, besides, I won’t stoop so low.
Getting rid of Skylar is not really as easy as I think. I’ve been thinking about how to get rid of her but nothing is coming forth.
Should I pay someone in Andrian’s company to poison her or should I just ask someone to finish her off?
Asking someone to get rid of her is not going to be easy. She lives in the same house with Andrian so that is impossible.
Is there any other thing I can try apart from food poisoning? Nothing is coming forth so I will just go with the
poison since I’m left with no other option.
That won’t be a problem because I have friends in Andrian’s company. I just need to pay them handsomely and the job will be done.
Get ready for your doom Skylar. Your life is about to be cut short on earth. Goodbye and R. I. P. in advance.
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♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 28✨

Andrian’s POV
After Khloe left my office, I went outside my office to meet my secretary.
“Where were you fifteen minutes ago?” I asked sternly
“I… I went to eat sir. I didn’t take breakfast this morning, I’m really sorry for leaving my duty post” she explained shakily and I felt bad instantly
Are people this scared of me? That’s what I’ve always wanted and I’ve never felt bad about it before but one person changed it. I shrugged the thoughts off and focus on the matter at hand.
“Alright. But the next time this happens, get ready to stop working in my company” I said coldly and left
“Get me Skylar” I said into the intercom when I got into my office. I forgot to tell her when I went outside
Few minutes later, Skylar came in with a straight face.
“You sent for me sir” she reminded when I didn’t say a word
“Yeah. Why did you just barge into my office earlier on without knocking?”
“I’m sorry about that sir, I promise you it won’t repeat itself”
“It had better not repeat itself. You can leave” I said and she turned around to leave but I stopped her
“What was your reason for coming here before or did you come to spy on me?” I asked glaring at her suspiciously
“No. I was going through some things online when I came across this contract. It’s going to benefit our company
a lot and almost everyone are applying for the contract already but I noticed you’re not interested so I will be on my way. Excuse me!” she said and left
Such guts! How dare her?! Why haven’t I even fired her? None of the PAs I’ve employed have ever tried this with me.
I put a call through to the department responsible for making researches on new contracts.
“I want your manager to meet me in my office now” I said bossily into the phone and hanged up
*Minutes later*
“Good day sir” he greeted when he got into my office
“There’s nothing good about the day so keep your greetings to yourself. Did you come to work in this office or
you just came to while away your time?” I asked still angry about Skylar’s rude behaviour. Sometimes I wonder who the boss is between us
“I don’t get you sir”
“You won’t get me, how will you? Your job is to make researches on contract that will benefit us but a huge contract is going on already and my own company doesn’t even know about it. Isn’t it just great” I asked in sarcasm
“I… I .. I’m sorry sir”
“Get your sorry ass out of my office and bring me detailed information on the contract”
“Y.. yes sir” he answered shakily and left
I think I will be needing a new employee to take over his job.
He came back hours later with the contract and it’s full details.
“This is it sir”
“Drop it and leave” I said without looking at him
After he left, I stopped what I was doing and picked up the contract going through the details carefully.
Skylar was right when she said this contract will benefit our company because it worth billions of dollars.
I searched for the requirements for the contract and found out it was divided into different sections.
Okay, this is the first of it’s kind. Why do I have a feeling that there’s going to be more to this contract?
I checked the first section and saw that to apply for the contract, the CEO must be at least 22 years of age.
Like seriously? If this contract had been out three months ago, I won’t be qualified because I just clocked 22
The second requirement was having two branches apart from the main company. This is ridiculous!
I dropped the contract on the table angrily and continued with what I was doing. Who knows what the third
requirement will be?
But then on a second thought, I will be losing billions just because of my anger. No matter what happens, I will follow this contract to the end. That’s a promise I must fulfil.
I picked up the contract once again and started from where I stopped.
The third requirement was having a fiance within the first week of the contract. Okay, this is the height of it. Like, what the heck?
I wanted to drop the contract again, but then I remembered the promise I made just now about not backing out of the contract.
Where am I supposed to get a fiance within a week when I don’t even have a girlfriend? I even have another problem (Zoey) at hand and it’s complicating things for me.
Fortunately, Michael is here so sure he will be able to pull out something. I guess I will have to go to his mansion
after work because I can’t risk asking him to come to my mansion again. Who knows what will happen between he and Skylar this yime?
“What’s your business with whatever happens between them? Is Skylar your girlfriend?” my subconscious mocked
“Hell no!” I screamed out loud
I quickly covered my mouth with my palm when I did covered what just happened. Thank goodness my office is
Skylar is causing huge problems for me. Ever since I met her, it’s been one problem or the other.
I’ve never being in any mess with a girl before I met her but now, it’s different. I hate to say it but I think she’s the
cause of my misfortunes.
The first time she followed me to sign a contract, I lost it and it had never happened before. She’s probably cursed or something and I regret meeting her.
What I even regret more is paying her sister’s school fee, I wish there was a way I could get the money back. I’m definitely going to make her pay for everything she caused me.
Skylar’s POV
*Lunch time*
I stood up and stretched my body. I’m really tired, today’s work is extremely stressful and thankfully, I will soon be done and I will have time to rest.
I left my office and went to the cafeteria. Along the way, I bumped into someone or should I say she bumped to
me? Either way, we bumped into each other.
“I’m sorry” I apologised and tried leaving but she stopped me.
“Aren’t you sir Andrian’s PA?” she asked making me crease my brows in confusion
How does me being Andrian’s PA have to do with anything?
“Yes, I am” I answered after staring at her for a long time
“Wow! I’ve always wanted to meet the lucky girl that gets to work with Andrian and see him everyday. I’m Mira” she said stretching her hand for an handshake
She’s jovial and nice but I don’t know why I feel somehow. Something tells me she’s an enemy but how can that be possible when we’re meeting for the first time?
I shrugged the thoughts off and took the handshake
“Skylar” I said with a small smile
“Can we have lunch together? Please…” she said with a puppy face that made her look really cute and I couldn’t say no
“Sure, let’s go”
I’ve finally found a new friend!
“So….what should we eat for lunch?” she asked on our way to the cafeteria
“Uhhm… I don’t really know. You should choose”
“Okay. Let’s eat pasta and juice. Which juice do you like best?”
“I think orange juice would do” I said with a shrug
“Okay. So you get the pasta while I get the juice”
Like she said, I went to get pasta for both of us while she got us juice.
“Yeah, let’s eat” she said excitedly like a kid and I couldn’t help the small smile that tugged around my lips
We started eating and she kept rushing the food like someone that hasn’t eaten for years but it was cute though.
“The meal was delicious or what do you think?” she asked
We were done eating already, we just sat under a tree in the company.
“Yeah, it was great. Having to eat with someone made it more delicious, it was nice meeting you”
“Thanks, I hope we meet often” she said with a smile and left
I also stood up and proceeded to my office but I hadn’t gone far when I felt a pain in my stomach. I ignored it at
first but the pain came again with a mighty force that sent me straight to the floor and I muffled a scream.
My vision became blur and slowly, I slipped into unconsciousness.
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♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 29✨

Leah’s POV
I’m sure Skylar must be struggling for her life now but there’s no way she will ever survive that deadly poison.
Mira is my long time friend and she’s just the perfect person for the job. I trust her to do it without mistakes.
Now that Skylar is out of the way, Zoey is the next person I have to get rid of. Because of what we share, I wouldn’t want to hurt her. I will just have to think of the perfect plan to make her stop seeing Andrian.
I wonder why Mira hasn’t called to give me good news. Could it be that she failed? No, of course not!
Almost immediately, her call came in. Wow! Talk of the devil.
“I trust the job has been done” I said into the phone
“Of course! Don’t you trust me?”
“I do. I will send your balance to you after her death has been announced”
I ended the call and smiled triumphantly. I’m the boss lady!
Andrian’s POV
I was in my office contemplating in whether I should go for lunch or just stay back and go through the contract
rules when I heard distant noises. What could have happened?
I moved to my window and saw people gathered around someone lying on the floor. The person looks like a woman but I can’t really see her clearly.
I guess I have to check it out. This is my company and my employers welfare is in my hands.
I got to where they stood and discovered it was Skylar on the floor.
“What happened to her” I asked calmly
“We don’t know sir, we just met her on the floor” someone explained
I wanted to carry her up but on a second thought, I shouldn’t be doing that. I’m her boss!
“Take her to the hospital” I said to one of the workers there
They carried her and took her to a car. I wanted to go back to my office but I changed my mind and decided to go with them.
Who knows what happened to her? It might be that she tried aborting a baby or something worse. I’ve always known she’s not to be trusted, she just pretends to be innocent.
The doctors immediately attended to us when we got there probably because they saw me. They took her to a ward while the rest of us sat in the waiting room.
*1 hour later*
What exactly is happening? We’ve been here for an hour but no one is saying anything to us.
I wanted to leave the hospital and go back to my company but the doctor choose to come at that time. I will just
listen to what happened to her before I leave
“I’m sorry for the delay but it took a lot of time before we flushed it from her system” the doctor explained leaving me in confusion
“What did you flush?” I asked
“So you mean you don’t know what happened to her?” the doctor asked
“No, we don’t”
“Okay. Sir Andrian please meet me in my office” the doctor said and left
“So what happened to her?” I asked
I was seated in the doctor’s office with the doctor himself
“Someone poisoned her and the poison is really deadly. In a nutshell, we don’t know if she’s going to survive it.
Although, we’ve flushed out the poison from her system but it’s late. The only thing we have to do now is hope
for a miracle” he concluded while I just stared at him unable to comprehend what he just said
Skylar was poisoned while I was busy thinking it was something else? But who could have tried to poison her in
that company?
I would have suspected Zoey but she isn’t someone that will try to kill someone. Skylar doesn’t have any friend in that company so who tried to poison her?
“Sir, I have other things to do” the doctor said jolting me out of my thoughts
“Alright, thanks. When should we come back to check her?”
“You can come in the evening”
I shook hands with him and left the hospital heading straight to my company. I’m going to find that culprit no matter what it takes.
Zoey’s POV
I heard from some of Andrian’s workers that Skylar fainted in the afternoon. Why would she faint when it’s not like she’s doing any hard job?
Well, that’s none of my business. I will be really happy if she doesn’t survive whatever happens to her.
But what if she’s pregnant? And what if Andrian is the father of the baby because I heard he followed her to the hospital.
No! I shouldn’t think that way. It’s totally impossible.
Few minutes later, Andrian came back putting on the coldest look ever. I just hope it has nothing to do with Skylar!
“Welcome Andrian, I heard you followed Skylar to the hospital. What happened to her?” I asked pretending to be concerned
“Leave this office this instant” Andrian growled angrily
I turned out and headed for the door but his voice stopped me.
“I’m sorry Zoey, I didn’t mean it that way” he apologised
“It’s okay. Ever since Skylar came into the picture, things have changed between us so you don’t need to apologise because I’m used to it already” I said sniffing
I cast one last glance at him before leaving his office.
Mason’s POV
I checked the requirements for the contract over and over again and I felt I was going to go crazy.
Why the hell did the company ask us to get a fiance first before going into the contract? I’m just tired of
everything and I feel like backing out already, but this is a lifetime opportunity.
If I get to win this contract, then I will be getting millions every month. Just that the contract is too demanding.
First, I have to look for a girl that will agree to be my fiance for three months. I know the contract won’t even be
up to three months but just in case something happens, I have to be prepared.
I’m so tired and I think I will need to f**k a good pussy. I wish it was Skylar instead but either way, I just have to be patient.
Skylar is mine alone so I don’t need to panic. I just need to make sure I get this contract first. Once I’m done with
it, fucking Skylar will be the next thing on my to-do list.
Andrian’s POV
I went to Michael’s mansion after I closed from work to discuss the contract with him. I will probably check up on Skylar on my way back.
“Look whom we have here, the almighty Andrian. You’re welcome to my humble abode” Micheal joked with a mock bow
One of the reasons why he’s my best friend and only male friend I have is because there’s no dull moment with him. He’s fun to be with.
“Cut the crap. I’m here for business”
“I thought as much. So which business is that?”
“There’s a contract I want to apply for but it was stated in the requirements that I need to get a fiance first. You should know I’m not even ready for something like that yet so how do I go about it?”
“It’s simple. Just find someone to act as your fiance throughout the period of time the contract will last”
“So I should just go out there and pick any girl?”
“No, that’s not what I meant. Pick someone you know about and both of you can sign a contract so there won’t be any complication at the end of the day”
“Okay. Do you have anyone in mind? Since you brought the idea, you should be able to suggest someone for me”
“You’re too dumb. Skylar and Zoey are just the perfect candidates, all you have to do is choose who you want. Although, I prefer Skylar to Zoey but it’s your choice anyway”
“I don’t want them, suggest someone else”
“Really? Well, I don’t know of anyone else so you can as well go to the street and pick a random lady” he said and left
I should choose between Skylar and Zoey? Goodness! I’m stuck! What do I do?
ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖
♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱
She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 30✨

Andrian’s POV
After contemplating on what to do, I finally decided to choose Skylar.
She’s the perfect match for me. She won’t act clingy and would definitely stick to the rules of the contract.
If I choose Zoey, she will seize the opportunity to give me problems and she wouldn’t want to leave even after the contract ends so Skylar is just the best option.
“I’m leaving man. Good night”
“Alright. So have you decided on who you want or you will just go out and pick a random girl?”
“I will choose Skylar but the problem is, she’s between life and death right now. Someone poisoned her at work
today and there’s a really low possibility that she’s going to survive” I explained to him
“Wow! How did something like that happen in your company? You should get to the bottom of this quickly
because we don’t know who’s next” Michael suggested
“You’re right! I’ve started investigating it already so it’s just a matter of time before I find the culprit. If Skylar doesn’t survive, what will I do?”
“Go for the second option, Zoey”
“I can’t pick Zoey, she will become clingy. I really do hope Skylar survives this”
“Me too. Make sure both of you sign a contract”
“Alright. Bye”
I drove straight to the hospital to check up on Skylar.
“Good day doc, how is she doing?”
“I can’t answer that question yet. She hasn’t woken up since afternoon up till now and her heartbeat is really low. There’s a low possibility that she’s going to survive” the doctor explained
“Doctor please do anything in your power, anything at all to make sure she doesn’t die.”
“We can only try our best here. The rest depends on God and the patients will to live”
“I know. Just please do something”
“I will try my best”
I left the hospital and went home. After taking a cool shower, I drifted off to sleep.
Zoey’s POV
I heard there’s a new contract that Andrian wants to apply for and it is stated in the requirements that he needs to have a fiance before he can go into the contract.
This is a really good opportunity for me. Andrian has no female friend except me so automatically, I’m the only one he can use as his acting fiance.
Luck has been smiling on me recently. First, someone helped me get rid of Skylar and now, I’m going to be
Andrian’s fiance.
Ohh….. And here comes my husband to be. I straightened to my dress before going to meet him in his office. I can’t wait to be called Mrs Carter!
“Good morning” I greeted when I got into his office
“Morning Zoey” he responded without looking up at me
“I heard about the new contract Andrian” I said and paused to see his reaction but when he didn’t say anything, I continued
“You’re going to be needing a fiance for the contract and I’m willing to help you” I said with a small smile on my face
I’m sure he won’t be able to reject my offer.
“I’m sorry Zoey, but I have a fiance already” he said and I felt my heart stopped. Everything around me became still
“W… What did you say?” I managed to stutter
“You heard me Zoey, I have a fiance. I wanted to introduce her to you all this while but I didn’t know what your reaction will be.
We’ve been dating for quite some time now. I’m sorry you just got to know about it” he explained
I had to sit down because I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. He has a fiance that no one knows of?
“So what is going to happen to us now?” I asked
“I don’t understand. Us?”
“Yes, us! You said I should give you time to think about it” I reminded
“I’m sorry Zoey but that won’t be possible. I’m really sorry. You’re one pretty lady and I’m sure your Mr Right is out there. You just have to search for him”
“Really? I said I love you and no one else”
“I don’t feel the same way Zoey, please stop making things hard for us”
“It’s fine then” I said and stomped out of his office angrily. I won’t give up on him, never!
Leah is the master planner. I just need to call her and explain things to her.
Andrian’s POV
I sighed for the umpteenth time after Zoey left my office, I don’t think she will ever stop. The sound of the landphone jolted me out of my thoughts.
“Good day, am I unto sir Andrian?” the caller asked
“Yes, who are you?”
“I’m from the investigation department sir. I just wanted to inform you that the result of what you asked us to do is out”
“Ohh…. That’s quick. Bring it to my office”
“Yes sir” he said and ended the call
*Minutes later*
“So what did the result say?”
“Ma’am Skylar had lunch with Mira from the finance department and she was the one that poisoned her drink.
The evidence to prove that are all here” he said dropping a file on the table
“Okay, thanks. The next thing you guys are going to do for me now is find who Mira worked for. If it’s going to be
a bit difficult, torture Mira until she confesses”
“Alright sir”
Hmm…. So Mira poisoned Skylar? Interesting!
Mason’s POV
This contract is really frustrating. I’ve been searching for someone to act as my fiance but I haven’t found one.
I know Skylar will never agree to do that in her right senses. Besides, my men told me she’s struggling for her life.
I know she can’t die yet because I haven’t had a taste of her, I need to know how good she is in bed.
I guess I have to study about two to three girls so I can know who is still manageable and can serve as my acting fiance pending the time the contract will last.
Skylar’s POV
I opened my eyes but shut them back quickly because of how bright the light shone. I opened it again, slowly this time around and took in my environment.
I was lying on the grass and I was surrounded by beautiful flowers. Everywhere and everything around was white.
Where am I? How did I get here? Wait! I remember having lunch with Mira and then suddenly, I fell to the ground
and let out a loud scream.
What happened after that? Am I dead already or why am I only seeing things that are white?
I walked forward a little and saw a young lady. She looks really beautiful with her long hair.
“Don’t come closer” she warned “Your time on earth is not yet up. Infact, you just started living so go back. Return to earth and fulfill your purpose there”
“I don’t understand”
“You will understand soon. Just go” she said and disappeared
I wonder what she’s talking about. I shrugged the thoughts off and turned around like she ordered.

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