What is Fdown.net? A Full Review Of The Best Facebook Video Downloader 2022

Fdown.net – Have you ever browsed through a video on a social media site like Facebook and immediately wished you could save it directly to your gallery? You are not alone in this; many of us have been in your shoes, which is likely why you are here.

The use of Fdown.net may be pretty simple, but a first-time user may not feel the same way, which is why I wrote this post to inform you of what Fdown is, how it functions, whether using it is safe and legal, and everything else you need to know.

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What Is Fdown.net?

Fdown.net is a user-friendly web-based Facebook video downloader that enables users to download Facebook videos and reels directly from Facebook to a device (PC, LAPTOP, Mobile device) for free without the usage of third-party software or the installation of any apps.

How Does Fdown Work?

Fdown is an easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly and easily download Facebook videos to your gallery for free, allowing you to watch them later without an internet connection or share them with others. It’s quite easy to download videos with Fdown.

Fdown functions flawlessly across all platforms (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), software (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.), and browsers (chrome, firefox, opera mini, Decentr, etc).

Is Fdown.net Safe?

You don’t need to worry about one of those obnoxious popups stealing your personal information or the information on your device without your knowledge.

So far, Fdown.net appears to be a secure environment where you can quickly download Facebook movies without worrying about malware or having your private information stolen.

How Safe Is Fdown.net?

You don’t need to worry about one of those obnoxious popups stealing your personal information or the information on your device without your knowledge.

So far, Fdown.net appears to be a secure environment where you can quickly download Facebook movies without worrying about malware or having your private information stolen.

Is Fdown Legit?

Fdown.net allows users to legally download Facebook videos. All of the videos you download are from Facebook’s CDNs; none of the videos on the website are hosted by it. which makes it entirely legitimate from my perspective.

Does Fdown Give Virus?

There are no viruses on fdown.net. There is very little chance that you will pick up a virus or malware through their website because it is safe and secure. But it’s not a bad idea to browse securely. It’s not a terrible idea to install a firewall and an antivirus on your device. they say, “Better safe than sorry.”

Is Fdown Free To Use?

Yes, Fdown.net is a platform that you may use without having to pay anything or register for an account. The Facebook video downloader is completely free to use.

Does Fdown Store Downloaded Videos?

Sorry, but Fdown does not save downloaded videos. Facebook cannot store such records because all videos are hosted on its servers. Additionally, as Fdown.net doesn’t record any user download histories, usage is entirely anonymous.

How To Download Videos On Fdown?

Its simplistic simplicity makes Fdown incredibly simple and intuitive to use. You have two options for using fdown.net: either you use the browser extension, which is currently only available for Chrome, or you go to their website, fdown.net.

On The Website, Use Fdown As Follows:

Join Facebook by logging in.

To download a video, click on the three dots at the top of the video.

Obtain the video’s URL.

Use a computer or mobile device to access fdown.net.

Copy and paste the link into the online textbox.

Select Download.

Select from the offered (Normal Quality or HD Quality)

Your film would then be downloaded to your device’s gallery in a matter of seconds.

To utilize the Fdown Video Downloader Plus Add-On (fdown.net chrome extension)

Visit the web store for Chrome.

Log in to Chrome and turn on syncing.

Install the download on your Chrome browser.

Click on the extension when you find the Facebook video you want to download.

the video quality option. It might be regular or HD.

To download a video, click.

obtaining video downloads from other websites

Instead of the Facebook tab, select the “Other Websites” tab.
When the video opens, choose “Save As” to download it rather than immediately downloading it.

How To Use Fdown.net Chrome Extension?

A very user-friendly and significant invention of fdown.net is the video downloader plus add-on. It facilitates seamless and simple video downloads.

Follow these steps to use it.

Go to the Chrome Web Store.

Sign in to Chrome and turn on sync.

Download and install Google Chrome.

When you see a video on Facebook that you want to download, click the extension.

Choose the video quality. It could be standard or high definition.

Select Download Video.

To save videos from other websites

Instead of the Facebook tab, use the “Other Websites” tab.

If the video opens instead of downloading, right-click on the video and select “save as” to save the video.

NOTE: The chrome plugin works with Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, and many other video streaming websites! Downloading from YouTube, on the other hand, is not permitted.

This extension is now only available in Chrome browsers, but they are planning to make it available in Firefox shortly.

Can I Download Facebook Reels Using Fdown?


Using the fdown website, it is absolutely possible to download Facebook reels. Reels are brief videos that you typically encounter on Facebook or Instagram. Typically, a specific “Reels” tab would be present on the menu tab along with other shortcuts.

These humorous clips are typically available on the Facebook app. But occasionally you might prefer to watch these videos without having to sign into your Instagram or Facebook account. You can download your own Reels to your personal gallery using Facebook.

The only drawback is that Reels do not download the music or audio that goes along with them from the Facebook or Instagram music library; however, Fdown has found a solution to this issue.

How To Download Facebook Reels Using Fdown?

Simply follow the instructions below to obtain Facebook Reels with audio from fdown:

Join Facebook using your app.

Locate the reel you wish to download under the Facebook app’s “Reels” section.

In the button’s right corner, press the “Ellipsis” button with three dots.

Choose “Copy Link.”

Utilize your web browser to go to fdown.net.

Then click Download after pasting the link into the Facebook video link textbox.

To save the reel, long-press the “Download Video in HD Quality” link and choose “Download Linked File.”

You might view the video in your gallery if it was on your Android phone. After downloading, iPhone users need to do the following.

Go to “Downloads” in the Files app by opening it.

Open the downloaded file, then click the “Share” option.

To save the Facebook reel video to the pictures app, select “Save Video.”

Can I Download Live Facebook Videos Using Fdown?

Yes, you may download Facebook Live videos with Fdown. Keep in mind, though, that this is only feasible once the “live Facebook streaming” has ended.

Why The Video Is Playing Instead Of Downloading?

When using browsers other than Chrome, that is typical. To fix this problem, use Right Click -> Save As instead of Left Clicking the Download Video Link. to save the video, navigate to the desired destination.

Where Is The Default Download Location For Fdown.net?

The location of your downloaded videos from fdown completely depends on the operating system and browser you are using. Videos might be saved in a variety of directories. Typically, on Windows, macOS, and Android, the videos are saved in the “Downloads” folder.

In your browser, hit CTRL+J to display your download history. The video can be found in the downloads folder on Android phones as well.

Can I Download Private Facebook Group Videos With Fdown?

You would need the source code from Facebook’s websites in order to use fdown.net to download private movies from Facebook. Sounds difficult, huh? Well, if you follow these instructions, it’s simple.

Use your web browser to go to fdown.net/private-downloader.php.

Open Facebook in a new tab, sign in, then go to the page of the video you want to save.

Windows users should hit CTRL + U. Press the Command, Option, and U buttons on a Mac. You can view the web page’s source code by using this shortcut.

Fill out the box on fdown.net with the source code.

Select “download”

Noticed: Only when you go to the private video’s specific URL can you download it. If you copy the source code from your news feed, profile page, or any other Facebook page where you can view the video, this technique won’t work.

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Fdown is a simple-to-use Facebook video downloader that enables you to download your preferred Facebook videos and Facebook reels with audio for free without having to have an account and without having to deal with obtrusive pop-up adverts.

You are seriously missing out if you haven’t used Fdown.net to download Facebook videos. Try out the software, and do let us know what you think.

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