Forlovetext is a company fueled by revenue generated from advertising. We make all our services free, accessible without any payment or login, we keep the site updated as much as we can and we are constantly working towards re-modifying our website so that you and other visitors can find all you are looking for in the quickest of time.

Why we started using Pop-up Adverts

However, over the years, things went bad for banner adverts and we have heavily relied on pop-up adverts to generate revenue which helps us in paying hosting and storage fees of over 8 servers, tens of staff who keep the website updated daily, developers that maintain the website and other fees.

Why we are stopping Pop-up Adverts

As time went on, we heard all your complaints and have decided to set up a funds collection base to help us facilitate the total closure of all pop-up adverts and other intrusive advertising models but we need your help.

How do I remove Pop-up Adverts?

We know the Pop-up adverts affect you while using this website, and we are seriously working to remove them completely and keep the website as clean as possible. We have come up with a funds collection base to accept and store all donations received while also working towards a more sustainable partnership with banner adverts – with this we will remove pop-up adverts completely.

Don’t we make money now? When will the adverts be removed?

Yes, we make a little amount of money from those adverts, we certainly DO NOT make money from your view, download and data subscription since your experience on this website are of importance to us, we have decided to remove all intrusive adverts as soon as we receive as many donations as possible. It’s a collective effort, so we implore you to donate as little as you can, as soon as we receive as much as possible, we will make a list of everyone who supported us in this course, add them to our hall of fame and remove all intrusive adverts.

How do I donate now?

Use any of the following payment methods. Contact us at, if you need more details.

  1. Paypal →
  2. Bitcoin → 14UpQZWHUU7HZHz39GLcMGtFgc9d4VmuQm
  3. Ethereum →  0x03bee641274d677f5eeb1ffb9f163514da94e311 etc